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Agent Carter was a U.S. Government Agent working for the Department of Domestic Security's Project Starhawk.

Season Seven

He was first seen in a secret lab were he ordered his team of technicians to open the ship. It started to heat up and he ordered the teams to begin extraction. Later after Kara Kent told Clark about the blue crystal she was supposed to protect we saw him holding the crystal and talking with a man on the phone.

Carter paid Lex a visit at LuthorCorp and found out what he knew about the woman he saw at Reeves Dam. Lex told him that he just imagined her and for Carter to concentrate on other things.

Lex visited Carter as he and his workers were working to find the blue crystal. Lex told Carter that whatever he was working on, he would find out. Lex walked out and the workers continued their work as Carter looked on.

Later Carter captured Kara Kent, put meteor rock handcuffs on her, and interrogated her about which planet she came from. After a while, Clark came in to rescue her, but was weakened by the Kryptonite. In the end, Lionel Luthor burst in and shot Carter.