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Throughout the show's run, a variety of vehicles have been featured on Smallville.

Season One

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Pilot3 070.jpg Porsche 911 Lex Luthor Pilot
Season 1- This is the car Lex was driving when he hit Clark in the Pilot episode. The license plate read: LEX. Clark saves Lex, and Lex hired an investigator Roger Nixon and created a room in his house dedicated to investigating the crash. (Leech)
Season 3- Clark discovers that Lex has been obsessing about the crash for years and has the remains of the car in the room. (Covenant)
Season 4- Lex shows Clark he had the room completely cleared out and the wrecked car presumably destroyed. (Devoted)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Pilot342.jpg 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lex Luthor Pilot
Season 1- Lex purchased this truck as a gift to Clark Kent after Clark saved his life in the Pilot episode, even though Clark was only fourteen. However, Jonathan Kent does not let Clark keep it.[1]
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Meta173.jpg Ford Ranger Whitney Fordman Metamorphosis
Season 1- Whitney was driving this pickup when he was attacked by Greg Arkin. His insurance must have replaced it because Lana was driving his red truck during the tornado.
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Meta182.jpg 1989 GMC Sierra Jonathan Kent Metamorphosis
Season 1- Jonathan, Martha, and Clark were in this truck when they encountered Greg Arkin's attempt to kill Whitney Fordman. (Metamorphosis) Jonathan and Clark stop at Miller's Field in it. (Obscura)The truck was blown up by Roger Nixon in an attempt to prove that Clark has super powers.(Tempest)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Nicodemus 119.jpg Porsche Carrera Lex Luthor Nicodemus
Season 1- Lex's new Porsche bears the licence plate LUTHR II and has a front plate that says LEX I. Lex drives it to the Talon to meet Lana to talk about converting the Talon into a coffeeshop in Kinetic. Lex and Roger Nixon ride in it to see Eddie Cole. (Obscura)
Season 2- Lex drives Clark to school in the Porsche but they get there late. (Redux). Lex is driving away from LexCorp in it when he is approached and injected by Rachel Dunleavy. (Lineage)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Tempestcar.jpg 1961 Ford Falcon Chloe Sullivan Nicodemus
Season 1- Chloe drives Lana Lang at night to the sight of a car wreck. (Nicodemus) - Chloe picks up Clark to take him to the spring formal in this car. (Tempest)
Season 2- Chloe picks up one of Ian Randall's copies for their date. (Dichotic)

Season Two

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Perry 300.jpg 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Pete Ross Duplicity
Season 2- Pete is angrily speeding away when Clark demonstrates his super-powers for him for the first time. (Duplicity) A parasite-infected Pete drives while Clark and Chloe makeout in the backseat, then he and Chloe nearly drive it over a cliff. (Rush)
Season 3- Pete uses it to save the lives of Clark and Perry White. (Perry)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Chloebeetle.jpg 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Chloe Sullivan Fever
Season 2- The convertible version of the New Beetle was introduced in 2000. It has a black soft-top. Chloe goes to visit an ailing Clark in her new car. (Fever) She arrives to pick Clark up for school in it just after he burns a Kryptonian symbol into his barn. (Rosetta)
Season 4- Chloe and her cousin Lois Lane attempt to evacuate from the second meteor shower in Chloe's Bug. (Commencement)
Season 5- Chloe takes Clark to LuthorCorp plant to help him save his family. (Mortal). She is packing it to leave for college when she is intercepted by Gabriel Duncan. (Hidden)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Dodgeram.jpg 1986 Dodge Ram Jonathan Kent Fever
Season 2- Sickened from meteor rock dust, Clark drives the truck into a ditch while hauling his ship away from the farm to Pete's shed. (Fever)
Season 3- Clark falls asleep while driving and totals this Kent Farm truck. (Slumber). Insurance must have replaced it because he wrecks it again less than three months later while under the trance of a hypnotic email trying to run down Chloe Sullivan. (Delete)

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Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Lexferarri.jpg 1993 Ferarri 348 Spider Lex Luthor Red
Season 2- Lex lets Kal borrow his red Ferrari, but he doesn't intend to let him get far in it. The license plate says LEX XIV.(Red)

Season Three

Well, Mr. Kent, your family sure has its way of going though vehicles.--Sheriff Adams, Delete

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Lanaliberty.jpg 2002 Jeep Liberty Lana Lang Phoenix
Season 3- Lana drives this to the Kent farm when she encounters Lionel Luthor's thugs holding the Kents hostage. (Phoenix). She is almost killed in it by Nicholas Conroy. (Slumber)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Slumberws 066.jpg Ford F-150 "Clark Kent" Slumber
Season 3- Clark receives a truck like this from his parents in a protracted dream. (Slumber)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Magneticws 172.jpg 2001 Ford Mustang Unknown Magnetic
Season 3- Seth Nelson stole this Mustang on his way out of Smallville with Lana. (Magnetic)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Perry 132.jpg Maserati Spyder Lex Luthor Perry
Season 3- This car bears the license plate LEX XX. It appeared in Perry, Delete, Velocity and Memoria.

Season Four

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Martha'sCar.jpg Martha Hourglass
Season 1- Martha attempted to use this as a get-away but due to Harry Volk, the tires were punctured. (Hourglass)
Season 4- Martha drives up from the Talon to spend time with Jonathan. (Run)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Envoy.jpg GMC Envoy Lana Lang Forever
Season 4- This is Lana's second maroon SUV. Lana is abducted from her car by Brendan Nash. (Forever)
Season 5- She wrecks this vehicle twice in the next year- once fatally in an alternate version of events, (Reckoning) and again in reality when she hits Victor Stone.(Cyborg)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Lexcarlucy.jpg Mercedes Benz SL500 [R230] Lex Luthor Lucy
Season 4- This is probably a 2004 model. It cost $100,000, has chrome wheels and a 13-speaker stereo system (but no back seat). The license plate says "LEXXXII" Lois Lane's little sister Lucy stole this car but police later recovered it. (Lucy)

Season Five

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Dodge ram 2.jpg 1986 Dodge Ram Jonathan Kent Splinter
Season 5- Clark totals this truck when he hallucinates another driver running him off the road. (Splinter) It is identical to the one he wrecked in Slumber.
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Fusion.jpg 2006 Ford Fusion Lois Lane Solitude
Season 5- Lois purchased this car shortly after beginning to work at the Talon. She joked that if she lost her apartment, she could live in it. (Solitude) Lois was also driving it when she caught Clark Kent making out with Simone. (Hypnotic)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
[[Image:|175px]] Limousine Lionel Luthor Vessel
Season 5- Lionel Luthor owned this limo before the events of Dark Thursday where rioters smash the windows trying to get him and Chloe. (Vessel)
Lionel used a limo of this type in descent and Lex uses limos like these too.

Season Six

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Chloeyaris.jpg 2006 Toyota Yaris Chloe Sullivan Wither
Season 6- Chloe begins driving a light-blue model after Dark Thursday. She and Jimmy Olsen visit "Makeout Point" and rekindle their relationship in it. (Wither) They take it to Grandville to locate Javier Ramirez's mother. (Subterranean) When Clark hallucinates an alternate reality, Dream-Chloe lets him borrow it. (Labyrinth) Jimmy uses the car's iPod dock when he says goodbye before leaving town, although at this point the vehicle's auto-body colour has become slate-gray thus giving speculation as to whether this is the same Yaris. (Noir)
Season 7- Chloe mentions that she will give a powerless Clark a ride from the Daily Planet building to his barn in her Toyota. (Blue) She and Lana take it to the Luthor Mansion to get Kara (it's body colour has oddly been returned to that of light-blue). (Traveler)
Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Clarktundra.jpg 2007 Toyota Tundra Clark Kent Progeny
Season 6- Clark gave Chloe a ride to work in his new truck. (Progeny) He also drove his mother to the site of a cave-in to assist an injured Lionel Luthor. (Nemesis)

Season Seven

Image Make and Model Owner First Appearance
Kent blue tundra.jpg 2007 Toyota Tundra Clark Kent Hero
Season 7- Clark now has a blue Tundra, identical to the red one. Lana takes it to Ben Hubbard's farm to deliver fenceposts. (Hero)


  • Oliver Queen had a Lamborgini, a Crossfire, a solstice, and a Green Arrow motorcycle.


  1. In the State of Kansas a 14 year old can get a learner's permit to drive [1] Therefore Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and others in their age group as well Clark Kent were old enough to drive with restrictions by early 2002. However, they violated many of those restrictions since Kansas law also states that an adult 18 years and older must be along at all times when they drive. In that Chloe, Lana, Pete Ross violated state law by driving alone or each other without adult supervision when the provisions of having a Restricted Permit even when 15 years old requires licensed adult supervision to drive. A 14 year old could also obtain a learner's permit in North and South Dakota, Iowa, Alaska, and Arkansas.[2]