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Caroline Dries was a writer for Smallville between Season Five and Season Eight.

Dries wrote the following episodes:

Season Five

  • "Cyborg" (directed by Glen Winter) - A sympathetic doctor releases a half-human/half-machine subject named Victor who was being held captive and experimented on by LuthorCorp. While making his escape, Victor is struck by Lana's car. After watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana calls Clark to investigate. Clark befriends Victor and promises to help him find his girlfriend, but Lex traps Victor and takes him back to LuthorCorp.
  • "Oracle" (directed by Whitney Ransick) - Clark is stunned when he sees his father's ghost at the graveyard, but becomes even more confused after Jonathan tells him he must kill Lionel. Meanwhile, Lex develops a vaccine for Fine's deadly virus, but Fine intervenes and injects him with the vaccine, which causes a shocking reaction in Lex.

Season Six

  • "Subterranean" (directed by Rick Rosenthal) - Clark is shocked to discover his neighbor, Jed McNally, is holding immigrant laborers captive and forcing them to work on his farm. Feeling guilty since he sees himself as the ultimate illegal immigrant, Clark seeks help from Martha to allow a young boy and his mother to stay in the country.
  • "Nemesis" (directed by Mairzee Almas) - Claiming Lex kidnapped her missing husband, Jodi Keenan threatens to blow up an underground maze with Lex inside unless he tells her where her husband is. Clark sets off to rescue Lex, but is immediately felled by the kryptonite lining the earthen walls. Trapped together, the two reveal secrets about each other that were best left unsaid. They realize the only way they will make it out alive is by helping each other.

Season Seven

  • "Action" (directed by Mairzee Almas) - Clark allows a Warrior Angel movie to be filmed on the Kent Farm. But when two attempts are made on the lead actress' life, Clark is caught saving her by an obsessed Warrior Angel fan. The fan then decides that Clark is a real superhero and is being held back from his destiny by his relationship with Lana. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor's fate is revealed.
  • "Gemini" (directed by Whitney Ransick) - Clark returns to Smallville. A man named Adrian secretly plants a bomb on Chloe and tells Lois if she doesn't get Lex to admit the truth about his experiments with Level 33.1, he will detonate the bomb. Chloe, thinking she is about to die, confesses to Jimmy that she is a meteor freak.
  • "Fracture" (teleplay written by Caroline, story co-written by Al Septien and Turi Meyer, directed by James Marshall) - Lois follows Lex to Detroit and discovers he has found Kara, who has amnesia. Finley, a busboy who is obsessed with Kara, fears Lex will take her away, so he shoots Lex and holds Kara and Lois captive. After Lex's comatose body is found, Chloe offers to heal him, but Clark refuses to let her.
  • "Sleeper" (directed by Whitney Ransick) - Clark desperately searches for Kara and Brainiac, as Brainiac is the only one who can reverse Lana's condition. Clark asks Chloe to check any large power surges in the area, so she breaks into several government computers, setting off alarms. Jimmy is caught between the Department of Domestic Security - who threatens him with jail time unless he helps them arrest Chloe - and Lex, who offers to help clear Chloe if Jimmy agrees to be in his debt.

Season Eight

  • "Toxic" (directed by Mairzee Almas) - Oliver collapses at a charity event and reveals he only has 24 hours to live. Clark and Chloe call Davis for help but his prognosis is grim. Delirious, Oliver flashes back to when he was stranded on an island and first learned how to use a bow and arrow. He also recalls meeting Tess for the first time on that island after she had been kidnapped by a drug runner. Meanwhile, Chloe decides to use her new powers to help save Oliver, shocking Clark.
  • "Bloodline" (directed by Michael Rohl) - Clark receives an anonymous package containing the crystal that Tess found in the Arctic. When he removes the crystal, it activates and sends him and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara. Kara opens a portal for Lois to return but Zod's wife Faora escapes with her and takes over Lois' body. A possessed Lois goes on a rampage in Metropolis.
  • "Infamous" (directed by Glen Winter) - Linda Lake returns to Metropolis and threatens to expose Clark’s secret unless he promises to give her exclusive information on the red-blue blur so she can become a star reporter again. Refusing to be blackmailed, Clark tells Lois his secret and asks her to write his story for The Daily Planet.
  • "Stiletto" (directed by Kevin Fair) - Lois believes that she needs a big story to secure her reputation as a star reporter but the red/blue blur continues to elude her. After Chloe is mugged, Lois uses the opportunity to pretend a new superhero, Stiletto, has come to town and is giving exclusives to Lois. Clark is concerned Lois will hurt herself pretending to be a superhero but after he is captured by thugs with kryptonite, Lois saves the day.


  • Caroline Dries worked on three episodes with Whitney Ransick.
  • Caroline Dries worked on three episodes with Mairzee Almas.
  • Caroline and Mairzee were the only all-female directing/writing team on Smallville.


  • Caroline Dries is a producer and writer on the Batwoman TV Series for the CW.

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