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"You should have listened to me!" - Byron Moore, to Clark Kent, Nocturne

Byron Moore is a boy who was taken to Metron Pharmaceutical Labs as a child and given drugs to alter his behavior, which had monstrous, Jekyll-and-Hyde side effects.

Powers and Abilities


  • Solar battery: As a nasty side effect to the LuthorCorp medication, whenever Byron is exposed to direct sunlight, his body immediately change: his blood vessels become more pronounced, his muscles grow and his eyes become pitch-black. His powers and behavior immediately revert when he goes back in the shade and he has no memory from when he was in feral state.
    • Super strength: While exposed to direct sunlight, Byron possesses brutal strength. It is unknown what the limit of Byron's strength is in his transformed state, but humans are practically powerless against him and though he can't hurt Clark, he was able to casually toss him into a shed. He threw Pete into a car with a shrug. He was able to stop Lionel's helicopter from taking off by holding on and pulling it down to the ground.

Season Two

Byron sneaked out and left a letter for Lana at her parents' grave.

On one attempt, he met Lana face to face, and even her protective friend, Clark Kent. When Byron tried to get home quick, his father caught him and pointed his gun at him and Clark and Lana. Clark tried to rescue Byron. Clark freed him and dragged Byron out, insisting they need to get away before his parents come back. Once they got outside, Byron underwent his transformation into a feral, super-strong beast, who tossed Clark and Pete into the air. Pete was left with a broken arm inside a damaged car.

Byron found out that Lionel Luthor was responsible for what had happened to him and went after him by holding onto the helicopter. Clark managed to get Byron into shade, which neutralized his feral state. Byron was placed in a hospital under special lights.


  • Interestingly, Byron "uses" the same power source as Clark. In contrast to Clark, Byron is unable to store solar energy for a prolonged period of time. He runs out of power when he leaves the sunlight.
  • Byron Moore may be named after Romantic poet Lord Byron and his friend and fellow poet Thomas Moore.
  • Byron recites Sonnet 17, which is about the beauty of a young man, while he's with Clark and Lana. Indicating that he is, at least, bisexual.


  • The young Byron is said to have displayed signs of anti-social behaviour. However, this is never fleshed out. While it can relate to a child's temper, the term have also been used to describe behavior that runs contrary to social norms.