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Bronson was a metahuman with the ability to travel to different frequencies of reality and create other planes of existence.

Early life

He became a metahuman during the 2005 meteor shower, and was taken to Belle Reve. However, he was later transferred to Level 33.1 to test his powers.

Season Six

Bronson tries to convince Lana of Lex's evildoings.

Bronson managed to escape, captured Lex Luthor, and trapped him in a different frequency. He tried to get Lana Lang to see Level 33.1, but it was moved away (thanks to Lionel Luthor). Trying to force Lex to make him tell what happened to the lab, he threatened to kill Lana. Once he transported himself and Lana to Lex's frequency, he made an attempt to kill him, only to have himself get stabbed by Lex in the process.