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Brianna Withridge was one of the comrades of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and a skilled witch.

Early life

She was born 1580 and was killed in 1604 when Brianna, Isobel, and Madelyn were captured by the townspeople and were sentenced to burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft. They lost their spell book and were burned at the stake in the courtyard.

Season Four

Brianna possessing Lois Lane's body.

Centuries later when Isobel awakened and possessed Lana to find the Stones of Power, she brought Brianna's spirit back and it was transferred into the body of Lois Lane. She loved the body and thought it was gorgeous, fondling Lois' breasts and wanting some fun before continuing the quest. However when Clark arrived to stop the witches from getting the stone at the Kawatche Caves, he destroyed the spell book with his heat vision, and Brianna's spirit was removed from Lois's body. Despite seeing Clark as both a threat and a nuisance, Brianna has shown that she is in fact attracted to him. As shown when she attempted to flirt with Clark when he asked her (when Clark believed that she was drunk) where she had been the whole time. Just before draining his powers, she rubbed his face with affection. After she and her fellow witches shackled him, she couldn't resist touching his chest as she tried to persuade him into revealing where one of the three Stones of Power were located.