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Brett Anderson was a student at Smallville High School and member of the Crows football team.

Early life

Brett, Clark, and Abby have known each other since grade school. Brett played for the Smallville High School football team. As a freshman, he relentlessly teased unpopular, mousy Abigail Fine and nicknamed her "Scabby Abby".

Season Four

Their senior year, Brett was shocked at Abigail's drastic makeover and apologized for treating her badly in the past. Abigail liked the attention and she and Brett made out in the locker room. However, she had undergone a radical beauty treatment given to her by her mother.

As they made out, Brett was affected by the treatment and hallucinated that his face was melting. In a panic, he ran into the street and was struck by a car driven by Lois Lane. He recovered from his injuries and Clark and Lois were able to obtain the antidote to the hallucinations.


  • It is unknown if Brett Anderson was among the hundreds of students, shown graduating from Smallville High, in the spring of 2005.