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Brent was a student at Smallville High School in 2002, and a player for the Smallville Crows.

Season One

During the geology field trip looking for a specific list of rocks. Eric Summers, a shy, quiet boy, offered to help Holly find a meteor rock, but Brent threatened to knock him into the next county.

Brent injured after being attacked by Eric

Later after Eric got Clark's powers, Eric asked Holly on a date. When Brent told him off, Eric started to terrorize him and threatened to crush him with a truck, but only ended up throwing him onto a table, seriously injuring him. When Clark tried to stop him, Eric threw him several feet. He landed on the top of the car, unconscious. Horrified, Holly told Eric to get away, and called him a freak.


  • It is unknown if Brent was among the hundreds of students, shown graduating from Smallville High, in the spring of 2005.