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The bow of Orion

"The only true power comes from within."
— Inscription in Prophecy

The Bow of Orion was a mystical bow that once belonged to Orion, the biological son of Darkseid. Granny Goodness destroyed the weapon using her telekinetic abilities.

Powers and Abilities

According to Granny Goodness the Bow's power was a "light that mankind will never see again" indicating it was able to cause serious harm to Darkseid in the past.

The bow's inscription

The full magical power of the bow is unknown, though it's assumed that any arrow shot with it will be supernaturally capable of wounding all forms of beings, no matter how powerful they are. Also the bow seems to have some sort of self-traduction power which will translate the words written on it to any language.

Early History

After many long battles across space, the battle between Orion and his father Darkseid led them to Earth. In the past, Darkseid began an invasion on Earth and almost succeeded in conquering it with darkness and for Apokolips. It was only because of the god Orion from New Genesis, did Darkseid fail. Orion had forged (either during or before the battle) a bow of light that helped him succeed in defeating Darkseid and sending him away from Earth. After the harsh battle, Orion left the bow behind for a new hero to take his place and protect Earth from the threat and darkness of Darkseid who he believed may one day return. It is also a very powerful weapon.

Season Ten

Oliver finds the bow.

Oliver believed the bow was used by Orion to defeat Darkseid in one of his previous visits. After looking through the Veritas journals and Carter Hall's research notes, Oliver pieced together with the aid of Tess Mercer the location of the bow.

Granny Goodness destroys the bow.

Oliver Queen finds the bow with the help of Kara. Before he tries to take the bow he notices an inscription on the bow in Apokoliptian but translates to English as he approaches. As Oliver reaches out to take the bow, Granny Goodness appears and uses telekinesis to get the bow and destroy it.



  • The Bow Of Orion is another object along with the Book of Rao, the Orb and many others created by the writers of Smallville which did not exist in the DC universe.
  • The Bow is a reference to the New God Orion, Darkseid's biological son and enemy in the comics.
  • The writing on the Bow reads, "The only true power comes from within".


Tess: Your hunch was right. The constellation in the Veritas journal cross-translates with Carter's notes as the Bow of Orion and as associated with these coordinates in the Celtic Coast. Since we're going Dutch on supersonic jet fuel, do you mind telling me why you're suddenly interested in this treasure hunt?
Oliver: It's not a treasure. It's, uh... It's Hawkman's quest. He saw this guy Orion use it the last time he used it to kick Darkseid's ass across the universe. But he never was able to locate the weapon that the hunter used to defeat him. My family's Veritas journals were the missing piece that Hawkman never had. Now we know where to look for the weapon, so... It's my job to go find it.
Tess: Oliver. Fighting Darkseid isn't your own personal quest. We're all in this together.
Oliver: I just need you to trust me on this one, okay?
Tess: There's enough water under our collective bridge that if you need me not to ask questions... I can do that.
Season Ten, Dominion

Kara: How did Watchtower find me? I haven't checked in for weeks.
Oliver: Well, I hate to break it to you, but I'm part of a search party. I just came here to f... Find...
Kara: The Bow of Orion.
Oliver: Yeah. What do you know about it?
Kara: You're looking for it, without Clark?
Oliver: So are you, apparently.
Kara: I have my reasons.
Oliver: So do I.
Kara: Mine have to do protecting Clark. Who are you here to save?
Oliver: Right now, you're topping my list. You say you can read this stuff?
Kara: It's a prophecy about the return of Darkseid written by the hunter himself. When I touched Orion's symbol, this trap was sprung.
Oliver: You say this is a prophecy.
Kara: Yes. One that heralds the end of the world.
Oliver: Naturally. What's the rest of it say? Can you read anything else?
Kara: That a balance must exist between light and darkness, and to wield the bow's power and save the world, hands must first right the scales' two sides.
Oliver: "Hands must first right the scales' two sides." If this guy Orion was so concerned about balancing everything out, maybe we just need to add one side of the scale.
Kara: No. I'd consider that, but the Omega is the symbol of darkness, of the enemy.
Oliver: So I've heard. I'm just that I touch it, maybe a balance will be struck. Or we could be stuck down here for centuries. Your call.
Kara: Clark trusts you. I suppose that's enough for me.
Season Ten, Prophecy