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"Booster" is the eighteenth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-fourteenth episode overall. It aired on April 22, 2011.


Lois tells Clark it's best to make "Clark Kent" forgettable and awkward, so people don't suspect he's The Blur. The two are stunned when a fame-hungry superhero from the future, Booster Gold, sweeps into town and begins making saves and posing for press ops, completely winning over the city of Metropolis as the "World's Greatest Superhero". During one of Booster's saves, an alien weapon in the form of a scarab fuses itself to a boy named Jaime Reyes. It forms a carapace around him, or super-suit, and, Jaime being unable to control the suit, it starts attacking Metropolis.


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Lois and Clark discuss perfecting his mild-mannered persona

On the streets, Clark and Lois argue over making the 'Clark Kent' disguise more mild-mannered and less recognizable, almost forgettable. Lois tries to teach Clark how to develop a new persona. Lois mentions that The Blur has been offered the key to the city by the mayor. Lois points out an example of a mild-mannered young teen. When Clark sees the teen, he is reminded of what he used to be like in his early years in high school growing up in Smallville. It took a lot for him to overcome that persona of his character and he feels he can't go back to that. Lois reminds him that his real persona is the Hero he is and if he wants to earn the citizens' trust completely he's going to have to reveal himself publicly soon. But before his hero debut in public, He's got to perfect his civilian identity first and that requires him to keep his glasses on. Clark mentions to Lois she shouldn't be focused on helping him right now, but on getting the available job promotion that opened up with Steve Lombard's transfer to the Daily Star. Lois is confident that she'll get the position.


Booster Gold saves the day

Jaime is running to some friends. He trips and falls into the path of a Kord Industries transport truck. Clark hears him and starts running to the rescue. However, a mysterious man in a yellow and blue costume arrives before Clark, and stops the car with powerful energy emissions from his hand. Skeets, an in-ear I.A. computer, congratulates his master on the heroic rescue. Booster Gold tells Jaime to smile for the press. The man introduces himself to the press and public as Booster Gold. Meanwhile, a blue scarab beetle escapes from the truck and makes its way into Jaime's backpack. Booster Gold remarks on Clark having 'nice glasses,' and flies away.


Clark finds Booster at his desk

At the Daily Planet, Clark talks to Lois about Booster Gold's arrival and his remark on Clark's glasses. Meanwhile, Lois continues to try to make Clark clumsy and forgettable by making him bump into fellow work colleague Ron Troupe. Clark stumbles upon Booster Gold sitting at his desk. Booster Gold tries to get Lois to write an article about him, and flirts with her. He guarantees her that if she writes an article on him, she'll get the promotion she is working for. Lois turns him down flat just as Skeets informs Booster Gold that he's going to be late for his signing, and he leaves the Daily Planet.


Cat is a Booster Gold supporter

Cat Grant comes running a bit too late for an interview with Booster Gold and exclaims how Booster Gold could be the hero of inspiration for Metropolis. Cat also mentions to Lois that she's also competing for the promotion upstairs. Clark continues to worry about Booster Gold and Lois remains focused on helping Clark adapt to his new persona.


Lois tells Jaime to stand up for himself

Jaime is sitting on a sidewalk with a few other teens, but still a little away from them. He opens a can of soda, but it sprays all over him. The other adolescents laugh at him. One girl, Dora, comes over and offers him a new drink; however, it also pops and sprays all over him, Dora insincerely apologizes, and the others laugh at him again. He walks away with a sign on his back that reads "Kick Me". Lois witnesses this and encourages Jaime to stand up to his peers and express his feelings of anger. However, the other teens leave and then Jaime does too. Jaime runs into an alley and the blue scarab beetle crawls into his shirt and fuses with his body. He is left gasping for breath.


Clark visits Booster's site

Clark is at Watchtower viewing Booster Gold's commercial in what seems to be a Booster Gold website. Lois walks in with flowers that she thinks Clark sent to her; however, it turns out they are from Booster Gold. Clark continues to question Booster Gold's agenda. Lois thinks that Clark is jealous of the attention Booster is getting. Clark suspects that Booster Gold knows when and where these accidents are going to happen, so that Booster Gold can sweep in at the last moment and stay for the photo op. Clark also shows Lois a Kord Industries press conference, where Ted Kord is answering questions about the earlier incident involving missing tech. Clark reveals that there was a missing super weapon from the Kord Industries truck. Clark goes to investigate Kord Industries and Lois decides to investigate more into Booster Gold.


Cat wants an interview

At the Ace of Clubs, Booster Gold is autographing his photo for fans, which consist of mostly kids. Cat Grant appears, praising Booster Gold and requesting an interview. She offers to help him gain a larger fan base than the Blur's. Booster Gold says he will only take an interview from Lois Lane. Cat tells Booster that she can get him to be more popular than The Blur. Lois appears, telling Booster Gold to "hit the skies", claiming that Metropolis is The Blur's jurisdiction. Booster Gold states that he is here to take The Blur's place. As Lois leaves, Skeets asks Booster Gold whether or not it is a good idea to take Clark Kent's destiny as his own. Booster Gold states it is the only option he has.


The Booster Gold fan club

Lois and Cat are in an elevator together. Cat claims Booster Gold as her story. Lois exclaims that she doesn't want anything to do with Booster Gold or Cat. Cat questions that fact that The Blur stays in the shadows and Lois says that The Blur has a reason for everything he does. Cat says that Booster Gold does too, then leaves the elevator and shows Lois the Booster Gold Fan Club T-shirt, which strikes interest in her.


Clark talks with Ted Kord

At Kord Industries, Clark questions Ted Kord on the missing weapon, using his mild-mannered persona. He asks if the weapon was dangerous, and Ted Kord asks how he knew it was a weapon. Clark mumbles and asks for directions to a restroom. Ted Kord orders him to leave. Ted Kord calls Booster Gold, hoping to get his assistance on finding the scarab. Booster Gold requests that Ted Kord get the mayor to give him the key to the city. Ted Kord complies. Clark speeds in and takes the scarab blueprints.

Clark ends up in the streets of Metropolis and sees a Booster Gold billboard suddenly covered up by a new one advertising the Blur as "The Real Man of Steel". Clark suspects Lois.

Booster Gold is rehearsing his acceptance speech for the key to the city. When Jaime shows up pleading for Booster Gold's help, Booster Gold tells him he is busy and can't help. Jaime walks away in distress. Booster Gold asks the showgirls which of them wants to hand him the key to the city. Cat Grant turns out to be disguised as a showgirl and takes the role.


The Scarab armor

Meanwhile, Jaime struggles to leave, but the scarab eventually takes over his body, converts into a powerful suit of armor and sets out on a path of destruction.


Lois and Clark

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark questions Lois on the billboard advertising The Blur. Lois refuses to let The Blur be forgotten as Metropolis' savior. Clark insists that it is not a competition and that they should focus on the lost scarab. Clark shows her the Kord Industries files on the scarab. Clark mentions that Booster Gold is getting the key to the city in exchange for his services. Lois exclaims that it should be Clark's and he may want to show himself to the world. Lois gets a call from Booster Gold. Clark answers it and Booster Gold reveals that he knows Clark's secret. Clark insists that they need to team-up to find this scarab.


Clark confronts Booster

Clark speeds to Booster Gold. Clark notices that Booster Gold has a Legion flight ring. Clark realizes that Booster Gold stole the ring. Booster Gold reveals that he is from the future and that Skeets informs him of impending accidents and Booster makes the saves. Booster Gold claims to be the greatest hero of the 25th Century and says that he can handle anything that comes his way. Booster Gold gives Clark the chance to claim the key to the city, stating that history says that whoever claims the key becomes the city's man of steel... or gold. Clark says, "The suit doesn't make the hero." Booster returns to the studio after telling Clark to give up the glasses and the red-and-blue suit.


The scarab goes on a rampage

Booster rehearses his acceptance of the key to the city one more time. Jaime shows up, completely overtaken by the scarab. The Scarab armor causes havoc as he destroys the studio. Jaime inside the suit pleads with the scarab to stop. The armor releases energy from its arms destroying the studio. Booster Gold ducks in cover. Skeets states that Clark was right that Booster Gold's presence has changed history. Clark notices the hysteria and uses a phone booth to change into his Blur costume. Clark takes the energy shot from the scarab armor to protect Cat. Booster Gold shoots the armor with energy from his suit. Jaime screams for help inside the armor, but can't be heard.


The scarab armor attacks Booster

The armor holds Booster Gold up, choking him. Jaime gets enough control to show his real face and ask for help. Booster Gold says that the suit doesn't make the hero and encourages Jaime to fight it. He says he isn't a hero but Jaime can be one. The armor lets go of Booster Gold and Jaime gains control of the scarab as he transforms back into his human from. Jaime hugs Booster Gold. Clark was watching the whole time and nods in approval.

Booster Gold is regretful of his actions as he talks to Clark. He explains how he missed that feeling of being a great hero and that's why he came back to the past to become a hero. Booster Gold reveals that he was a sports-star and he missed being in the spotlight. He reveals he stole the suit, the ring and even Skeets and that his own sister told him that the suit doesn't make the hero. Clark encourages Booster Gold to be a true hero and take Jaime as his protege. Booster Gold comments on Clark's current superhero name, The Blur. He says that he should change it into something more "super".


Booster and Jaime

Ted Kord says Jaime is unique. Jaime asks to keep the scarab and says he wants to learn to use the suit's powers and be a hero. Booster Gold insists Lois interview Jaime Reyes, the real hero of the day.


Cat offers Lois a Blur cookie

Lois Lane is promoted upstairs. Cat Grant apologizes and gives Lois cookies with the House of El mark on them. Lois advises that if Cat wants to be a great reporter she has to do it her own way. Cat reveals that she is taking Lois' old desk. Clark continues to be more mild-mannered and drops Cat's box of desk supplies. Cat expresses that Clark is nice, but he's no Blur.


Lois kisses Clark

At the Kent farm, Lois is reviewing Booster's profile while wearing Clark's glasses. Clark comes in and tells her after seeing how well Booster hides his own insecurities, he thinks he can make the transition to mild-mannered reporter work. Clark reveals to Lois the real reason he was worried about adapting the mild-mannered persona to his everyday life. He wasn't afraid of what people might think of him, but about what people would think of the strong and sexy Lois Lane for being married to a mild-mannered Clark Kent. Lois reassures him that they can make this work and kisses Clark passionately.



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Featured Music[]

  • "Shot in the Dark" - The Jet Boys


  • This episode introduces Booster Gold, the glory-seeking showboat superhero from the future.
  • The term booster has many meanings including a promoter of someone or something, a source of help. Booster Gold is known for boosting his image through commercials and merchandise.
  • While the title obviously refers to Booster Gold, Clark receives that last "boost" on managing his identities as mild mannered reporter as well as the Blur.



Lois' campaign poster


Booster Gold's advertisement poster

  • Antagonist: The Scarab.
  • This is the only episode of the series featuring only two main characters: Clark and Lois.
  • This is the last episode in the series not to feature Tess Mercer and/or Oliver Queen.
  • The phrase "Man of Steel", although having been used before, is used in its correct vernacular and associated with the House of El symbol for the first time in this episode. The first to use the phrase was Lana but as a derogatory remark to Clark in Season Two's Nocturne.
  • This episode was a backdoor pilot,[1][2] for a Blue Beetle television series that Geoff Johns wanted to do around this time.[3] In 2010, DC released test footage for what Blue Beetle would look like live-action. Video here
  • The "S" on the the patch located on Booster Gold's left chest resembles an amalgamation of the one from Superman #7 (1940) and Max Fleischer's Superman logo.
  • Steve Lombard is mentioned as a Daily Planet reporter who has just gone over to the Daily Star. Steve Lombard would later appear in Argo and Chaos, where he is depicted as a Daily Planet reporter, who is desperate to make it out of the basement. No explaination is given, though it is possible that Lombard returned to the Daily Planet soon after (and was demoted down to the basement), or that the one mentioned in this episode and the one appearing in the Season Eleven comic are two different Daily Planet employees with the same or similar name (the show featured a Catherine Grant and a Cat Grant). In the comics, there is a Daily Planet reporter named Steve Bard. Furthermore, in Superboy #54 (January, 1957), Clark encounters six other men named "Clark Kent".
  • Ron Troupe has a cameo in this episode. This is his fourth reference. First, 

    Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

    he was mentioned in a screen capture in Season Eight's Identity, his name can be seen in his Daily Planet article about the mysterious Red-Blue Blur/The Good Samaritan (Clark Kent) that has been sighted around the city of Metropolis. In Homecoming, future Lois mentions Ron's name to Perry over her cell phone. In Icarus, Ron (along with Samuel Troupe) is listed as a relative of Lois Lane by the VRA.
  • Clark mentions Dan Garret, the first 'Blue Beetle', in this episode. Dan was the first human to come into contact with the Scarab, and after it infected him, he killed 3 workers and died shortly after.
  • Lois Lane is promoted out of the basement bullpen in this episode.
  • Jamie Reyes is never referred to as 'Blue Beetle' in this episode.
  • This is the seventh time the Legion ring has been used to send someone either to the past or the future. The other times happen in Legion, Infamous, Doomsday, Savior, Pandora, and Homecoming.
  • This is Geoff Johns's last episode after Legion, Absolute Justice, Part 1, and Absolute Justice, Part 2. Those earlier had episodes introduced the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice Society of America.
  • This is the last episode of the show featuring new superheroes or teams of superheroes.
  • Despite never having seen the correct red/yellow coloring of the House of El symbol, Cat is able to make cookies of the Blur's symbol in its exact "technicolor" likeness.
  • In order to get the story on Booster Gold, Cat dresses up as a showgirl to get close enough to him. Lois is shown to do this on multiple occasions, and Clark once dressed as a cop in Season Eight's Bulletproof.
  • Clark tells Lois he's really not sure about the trench coat she's making him wear, even though he saw his future self wearing the same coat in Homecoming.
  • This is the first episode of Season 10 in which no super speed aura is seen while Clark is running, instead the scenes are simply played in slowmotion.
  • Even though it was hit by an energy blast capable of shattering metal, Clark's jacket had no burn mark or holes in it after the hit.
  • When Clark changes in the phone booth, his undershirt is blue. When Clark speeds into the building, his shirt is black. But as Clark watches Blue Beetle and Booster Gold's struggle, his shirt is blue again.
  • When Lois talks with Jamie about standing up for himself, she uses the phrase, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore", a famous line used by Howard Beale in the film Network.
  • Part of the episode's plot revolves around Lois attempting to help Clark develop his Clark Kent persona. However, her suggestions are a combination of contradictions and bad advice. She tells Clark that he needs to be invisible and forgettable, right before telling him to be like Jaime Reyes (a clumpsy and awkward person, whose behavior is what drew her (and other people's) attention to him, and would likely draw people's attention to Clark and not away). She later decides that Clark should be allergic to roses. Such a fake allergy would force Clark to check every room he would ever enter, then put on an act if the flowers in question is present (pretending to sneeze, which could draw attention to him). Failiure to do so would create holes in his cover. Season Eleven depicts Clark as seemingly not having adopted the exaggerated traits suggested by Lois.
  • Clark is at the Daily Planet, onscreen, for the first time since Masquerade. This is the reason why he is once more wearing the glasses (that he decided to wear in Masquerade), after not wearing them in Fortune, Scion, and Kent (where he is in other places (ex. the Kent Farm or Watchtower), and typically just surrounded by people who already know his secret identity and the odd villain).

In Other Media[]

  • Booster Gold and Blue Beetle were the last two new superheroes to appear on Smallville.
  • Booster Gold, Skeets, Jaime Reyes, Ted Kord, and Ron Troupe make 95 DC Comics characters adapted into the series.
  • In the comics, Jaime became the Blue Beetle after Ted Kord was killed by Maxwell Lord, who appeared in Season Nine. However, in Smallville, Ted Kord does not hold the mantle of Blue Beetle before Jaime and is not killed. It is unknown if he eventually will become a superhero in the universe of Smallville (unlike Dan Garrett and Jaime Reyes, Ted Kord does not use the Scarab in the comics).
  • When Clark is talking to Lois near the end of this episode about his secret identity, he rips open his shirt, similar to how he does in the comics when changing into his Superman costume.
  • The picture of Booster Gold on the Booster Gold Fan Club T-shirts is reminiscent of how Booster Gold was portrayed in the comics.
  • When Booster is giving Clark advice, he says "The Blur" sounds like a roller coaster. He was obviously recommending he change it to Superman. Oddly enough, there is a roller coaster at Six Flags based off Superman.


  • Eric Martsolf, who portrays Booster Gold, also played Justin Hartley's character's brother on the NBC soap opera Passions.
  • This is the last episode of Smallville directed by Tom Welling.


  • Clark mentions to Lois the VRA which ended in Beacon.
  • Cat Grant was last seen in Icarus.
  • Clark continues to perfect his mild-mannered reporter disguise he decided to come up with in Masquerade that involved the use of a pair of glasses and some minor adjustment to his character mannerisms.
  • Lois Lane gets promoted out of the basement bullpen since her arrival at the Daily Planet which occurred in Kara, The job promotion opportunity opened up in Kent.
  • Lois wears Clark's glasses once again in this episode. The last time she wore his glasses was in Idol.
  • This episode marks the 9th appearance of Clark's red leather jacket/blue t-shirt Blur outfit. It was previously seen in Shield, Homecoming, Ambush, Patriot, Icarus, Beacon, Masquerade, & Scion.

Homages to Previous Seasons[]

  • The bumbling characteristics of Jaime Reyes's persona is similar to how Clark became near Lana Lang, because of her necklace, in the Season One Pilot. This was dropped for subsequent episodes.
  • Clark's bumbling mannerisms shown throughout this episode are very similar to how he was depicted in Jimmy's 1940s dream sequence in Six 's Noir.



Jaime Reyes: Who are you?
Booster Gold: I'm sure you're all wondering who I am. Well, how about the 411? I'm pure gold, ladies and gentlemen. I am Booster Gold, the greatest hero you've never heard of...till now!

Booster Gold: If you need a hero, ping me.

Lois: Booster Gold's star will burn off faster than you can say "up, up, and away."

Clark: (to Booster Gold) The suit doesn't make the hero. A hero's made in the moment by the choices that he makes and the reasons that he makes them. A hero brings out the best in people. I don't doubt behind that star, there is a hero...but I haven't seen him. Not yet.

Skeets: May I offer a piece of advice from your former career, sir?
Booster Gold: Football?
Skeets: Go big or go home.

Booster Gold: (to Jaime) One move, bug, I'll zap you to honeybee heaven.

Booster Gold: Well, you know what? I've got some advice for you too.
Clark: What's that?
Booster Gold: "The Blur." No. No, no, no. It sounds like a roller coaster or something. You need something strong. You need something simple. Something that actually starts with that "S" you wear. Something...super. You got to brand it, baby. You know?
Clark: I'll start brainstorming.

Ted Kord: This boy is absolutely unique. He managed to shut down the scarab.
Lois: I'm guessing not everyone has what it takes to do that. So, Mr. Kord, does this mean that you'll be able to remove it from him?
Jaime Reyes: I-- No. I mean, will that take away the powers it gives me?
Ted Kord: Yes, but--
Jaime Reyes: I want to learn how to use them. I want to be a hero like Booster Gold.
Booster Gold: I don't know, kid. You know... what do you say we give Miss Lane here an exclusive on the real hero of the day?


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