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The blue crystal.

The blue crystal was a Kryptonian crystal given to Kara by her father Zor-El before she left Krypton.

Powers and Abilities

Clark and the blue crystal.

The blue crystal had several capabilities, all part of a plan by Zor-El to ensure his survival in the event of Krypton's destruction. It contained the DNA of both Lara-El and Zor-El, as well as their personalities and memories. Once inserted into the console at the Fortress of Solitude, the blue crystal was able to create clones of both that were indistinguishable from the real beings, complete with clothing and a replica of Jor-El's victory ring.

When the blue crystal was analyzed in the government lab it was revealed that the composition of the crystal contained beryllium, aluminum fluorine with silicate and that seven percent of the material was unknown.

The blue crystals' initial program was that it could shut down Jor-El's essence from the Fortress, giving Zor-El complete control of the Fortress. This program allowed Zor-El to operate the Fortress' crystal console.

The blue crystal also contained a program for creating a solar eclipse that would somehow wipe out the Earth's population. For this program to function, the crystal needed to remain plugged into the Fortress' console. Once it was removed, the eclipse ended.

Once the blue crystal was destroyed, all of these creations vanished and Zor-El's final program was activated. (Blue) His daughter Kara's powers and memories were removed, and she was instantaneously teleported to Detroit, Michigan. Why this location was chosen, or whether the teleportation was random, has not been revealed.

The crystal was incredibly durable, with Kara stating that even a force equivalent to a nuclear explosion (such as the destruction of her spaceship) would not have scratched it. Additionally, once inserted into the Fortress' console, only Clark Kent was able to remove it.


Clark was able to shatter the blue crystal against another crystal in the Fortress, even without the aid of his powers.


  • Kara: Agent Carter carried the blue crystal on the way to delivering it to the U.S. Department of Domestic Security.
  • Lara: The crystal is being analyzed in a lab with Carter supervising. One of the lab technicians reports that seven percent of the material in the crystal in unidentifiable. The crystal is then locked up in a chamber. Later, Kara gets to the room where the crystal is being held, smashing open the chamber and discovering that the crystal is gone. It is revealed that Clark has the blue crystal.
  • Blue: Clark places the crystal into the console of the Fortress, creating clones of Lara and Zor-El. Later, Clark removes the crystal and destroys it.
  • Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton: Zor-El has the crystal on Krypton, sending it with Kara as he is unable to make the journey to Earth.


  • Martian Manhunter possessed some knowledge of the blue crystal, enough to know that it was a creation of Zor-El's and that it was extremely dangerous. How he learned this, and whether or not he knew the crystal's true purpose, was not revealed, though his knowledge may have stemmed from Lara's discovery that Zor-El had duplicated her DNA when she visited Earth prior to Krypton's destruction.


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