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"Bloodline" is the eighth episode in the eighth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-sixtieth episode overall. It aired on November 6, 2008.


Clark and Lois are transported to the Phantom Zone by the Crystal of Knowledge. They are then attacked by a Zoner, who turns out to be Kara. Kara opens a portal for Lois to return home but Faora, the wife of General Zod, escapes with her and Lois is then possessed by her. Faora goes on a rampage throughout Metropolis.


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Clark and Lois touch the crystal.

Clark is surprised to find Lois Lane knocking at his door holding a box of various things. She announces that she is taking him up on his offer and moving back in. Clark wonders if it will be too much working and living together, but Lois says the Talon apartment is too crowded with Chloe and Jimmy.

Lois gives Clark a package that was on his doorstep. There is no return address, and inside Clark finds the Crystal of Knowledge. It glows when he picks it up. Lois thinks it's a paperweight. The house starts to shake and Lois grabs Clark's arm, telling him to drop it, while Clark tells Lois to run. Before they can, they are trapped inside a Kryptonian Phantom Zone disc that whisks them away, smashing through the window.


Tess asks Chloe where the crystal is.

Chloe arrives at the farmhouse carrying some more of Lois' things. Surprised that Lois is not around, she notices the broken window and a large blue crystal on the floor. She quickly realizes it must be Clark's missing Kryptonian Crystal of Knowledge, so she puts it in her bag. But immediately she turns to find Tess Mercer standing behind her. Tess is skeptical of Chloe's explanation of the broken window and abruptly demands "Where's the crystal?" Her suspicions are further raised when Chloe refers to a "NASA-caliber rock", since Tess has never told Chloe that the "supercomputer" was a crystal. Tess says she has just registered an energy surge at the exact spot Chloe is standing, and Chloe queries why Clark, the copyboy at her newspaper, would own or want a supercomputer. Tess directly accuses Chloe of covering up for Clark.


Davis asks for Chloe's help.

Chloe goes to the Isis Foundation to try to contact Oliver Queen about the disappearance of Clark and Lois, when Davis Bloome enters. He tells her he remembers that she is keeping her distance but his blackouts are getting worse. He says he is trying to find his birth parents in hopes of answers but cannot find anything about the first three years of his life. He asks Chloe to use her reporter skills to help him and gives her a file of his information.


Clark and Lois in the Phantom Zone.

Clark and Lois wake up in the Phantom Zone. Lois thinks they have been abducted by aliens. Clark suggests they should stay moving and stick together. They walk for hours and Lois is getting tired and agitated. She stumbles onto a dead body and starts to panic. Clark tries to calm her down just as a cloaked figure leaps on them and knocks her out. The figure attacks Clark but he grabs its wrist, and is shocked to recognize the silver cuff bracelet. It is Kara's. He calls her name and she recognizes him.

Kara explains that she attacked because she thought Clark and Lois were phantoms. She is standoffish and wary, finally admitting that she is aware of an escape portal, but fears other phantoms will escape if she opens it. Clark is in awe that Kara has willingly chosen to stay trapped in order to protect Earth. Kara is still unwilling to open the portal, but Clark says Lois should be sent back.


Kara fights Faora.

Chloe finds Oliver in his jet and tells him that Lois and Clark have disappeared. She shows him the crystal, but Ollie is reluctant to get involved. Chloe tells him she needs him to steal a generator for the crystal, to enable her to hack into it and see if it reveals Clark and Lois' whereabouts. Oliver thinks Chloe is getting in over her head, but Chloe insists she can handle it. She tells him that the generator is in the hands of Tess Mercer, and Oliver is suddenly eager to help her out.

Clark, Lois and Kara make it to the portal and Clark volunteers to stand guard while Kara and Lois go through. Kara activates the altar, but Lois wants to wait for Clark because she can hear him being attacked outside. Kara pushes her through the portal just as a phantom flies in. Kara tries to fight it off, but it escapes through the portal behind Lois.

Lois awakens on Earth, confused and disorientated, and the phantom arrives shortly afterwards to take over her body.


Tess runs into Faora looking for her son.

'Lois' goes to the Daily Planet and views the news archives. Tess arrives and 'Lois' says she is looking for her son, who was attached to a Kryptonian spaceship when it was sent to Earth containing a child called Kal-El. Tess gets interested and tells her she can help her, saying she's looking for a Kryptonian artifact. 'Lois' thinks she is lying and superspeeds away, leaving Tess wide-eyed with astonishment.

Clark is injured but makes his way into the altar. He finds Kara is trapped under a boulder and tries to free her, but she urges him to make his escape. Clark refuses to leave her because she is family.

Chloe is waiting for Oliver to bring her the generator when 'Lois' appears. Chloe hugs her, but realizes she is not herself. 'Lois' tells Chloe that Clark will die in the prison his father created, and that she needed Lois' body as a vessel. She tells Chloe that her name is Faora, wife of Zod. She has tracked Chloe down, after finding her name in the archives, to ask her what she knows about the ship that landed in Smallville. Chloe tries to run, but Faora catches her and chokes her, until she drops a folder she was holding. Inside it, Faora sees a photograph of Davis, releases Chloe, and leaves.


Green Arrow breaks into the Luthor mansion.

Oliver, in his Green Arrow gear, gets into the Luthor Mansion and prepares to steal the generator, but Tess catches him. She holds a gun on him and asks him what he knows about the crystal. Green Arrow hits her with a temporary paralysis dart and leaves with the generator.


A mother and son reunite.

Faora finds Davis at Metropolis General Hospital, but is surprised to see that he is a health care worker, caring for humans instead of killing them. Davis doesn't understand why 'Lois' is acting strangely. She tells him she is his mother and Davis looks even more confused.


Chloe creates a portal to rescue Kara and Clark.

Oliver takes the generator to Chloe, but he is skeptical as to how it will work. Chloe connects the crystal, which begins to spin and glow. Her eyes glaze over white and her nose starts to bleed. Oliver is alarmed and tries to stop her, but she pushes him with one hand across the room and knocks him out as the energy continues to build.

Clark is still trying to free Kara when the energy from the crystal connects to him and begins to pull him out. He convinces Kara to grab his hand and they are both pulled away. They transport into the Isis Foundation, now unharmed. Clark goes to check on Chloe, but she doesn't explain how she did it. Clark asks if Lois is okay and Chloe tells them about Faora. Kara knows who she is. Clark instructs Kara to go contact John Jones and obtain his crystal and goes to find Lois.


Davis is stabbed by Faora and dies.

Davis thinks 'Lois' has taken something and gives her a cup of coffee to sober her up. Faora continues to explain that she and Zod created Davis, and that his body is still evolving. Davis is surprised that she knows about his blackouts. She tells him that he will evolve into Earth's ultimate destroyer. Davis is still not convinced, so Faora decides that he is too weak to take over the planet. She tears a metal bar from a gurney and impales Davis on it, then withdraws it, leaving him bleeding and seriously if not fatally injured. She tells him that that which kills him makes him stronger.


Kara uses John Jones' crystal to remove Faora from Lois.

Clark finds 'Lois/Faora' in the hospital and tries to get through to the real Lois. He apologizes to her and Faora sees his concern. She taunts him and throws him through a wall. Clark lands on an ambulance, crushing it, and Faora and Clark fight until she is hit by rays projected from the John Jones' crystal being held up by Kara. Faora's phantom is ejected from Lois' body and returned to the Phantom Zone. Lois is left unconscious.

The next day at work, Lois tells Clark that Tess gave her a raise. Clark wonders if Tess encountered 'Lois/Faora' and is suspicious. Lois just says she can't remember anything after arriving at Clark's house. Clark says he is glad he can keep an eye on her, but Lois announces that she has changed her mind and will get her own place since she can now afford one with the raise. They are interrupted because Tess has now summoned Clark.

Tess tells Clark that Lois mentioned a "Kryptonian spaceship". Then she shows him a photograph of a footprint her team collected in the Arctic and tells him it matches his own, and insists that Clark was the last person to see Lex Luthor alive. Clark denies it, but Tess knows that Clark is hiding something.

Clark arrives home that evening and Oliver is waiting for him. Clark thanks him for helping Chloe get them back, and Oliver brings up Chloe's behavior with the crystal. He tells Clark that Chloe pushed him across the room. Clark tells him that Chloe has been infected by Brainiac and Oliver asks what he is doing to correct the situation. He says that Chloe is getting in too deep with situations that humans can't understand and he is concerned that she will get hurt. Clark looks worried.


Kara tells Clark she is going to find Kandor.

Clark is in his barn contemplating the crystal when Kara arrives. He tells her that he doesn't trust the crystal to rebuild the Fortress. Kara asks if he told Lois his secret, but Clark says he hasn't because it would put her in danger. Kara thinks Lois could handle it. She then says that she is leaving Smallville because while in the Phantom Zone, she heard rumors that Kandor might have survived. Clark wants to go with her, but she tells him that his destiny is on Earth. They hug goodbye and Kara flies away.

Normal 808Smallville1299

Davis tries to stab himself but shatters the scalpel

In the hospital, Davis has fully recovered from his wound. He takes a large knife and tries to stab himself in the chest, but the knife shatters into pieces.



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  • A bloodline is the line of descent of one's family.
  • The title refers to the "bloodline" of the House of El, referencing Kara Kent's return and her blood relation to Clark.
  • The title also refers to the bloodline of Kryptonian race, as Kara says she is going to search for Kandor to possibly save their bloodline.
  • The title also refers to General Zod's "bloodline" as Faora calls Davis Bloome their son.


  • Antagonist: Faora
  • Clark’s Abilities: Super-Speed, Healing factor, Invulnerability
  • Davis' Abilities: Healing, Reactive Adaptation, Invulnerability
  • Chloe's Abilities: Technokinesis, Super Strength
  • Kara’s Abilities: Healing factor, Flight, Super-Breathing
  • Oliver’s Arrow’s: Paralyzing
  • Faora says to her son Davis Bloome after she impales him that, "That which kills you makes you stronger." This is a corruption of the quote by the 19th century German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". But it is true he becomes stronger based on any attack against him. This is not the first time Nietzsche is mentioned in the series. The Luthors were Nietzscheans, and Clark had a copy of The Portable Nietzsche in the Pilot episode.
  • Kara leaves Earth because of rumors that the Kryptonian city of Kandor still exists. In the comics, Kandor was shrunk and kept in a bottle by Brainiac. It is also unknown if the rumors referred to the Kandorian clones stored in the Orb.
  • Jimmy Olsen does not appear in this episode.
  • In Vessel, Lex required Brainiac's genetic enhancing for him to be given Kryptonian abilities, originally making it appear that the phantom Kryptonians do not give their alien abilities to their hosts. However, when Faora possesses Lois, her body gains Kryptonian abilities, apparently imparted by the phantom.
  • When Tess Mercer finds Chloe at the Kent Farm, Tess asks her "Where's the crystal?" and Chloe replies "You're still looking for that thing?" and then calls it a "NASA-caliber rock". Since, in Instinct, Tess had only told Chloe it was a "supercomputer" and never showed it to Chloe nor told her that it was a crystal, Chloe is revealing that she knows more than she is saying. If Tess were to add this to the fact that she already suspects that, before she arrived, Chloe had found the crystal - which Tess desperately wants back - it's strange that she doesn't challenge Chloe to show what's in her bag. Another possible explanation is that between Instinct and this episode, Tess told her that the "supercomputer" was a crystal.
  • In the opening scene, Lois has just found a package on the doorstep (which contains the Crystal of Knowledge), and she casually tosses it through the air to Clark. But as Clark catches it, the top of the box is already totally unfastened, with both flaps open.
  • When the Phantom Zone disc zooms Clark and Lois out of the house, it smashes through the window pane. However, when Chloe arrives, she finds pieces of the broken window on the kitchen floor on the inside of the window, whereas the broken glass should be on the outside.
  • Writer and producer Al Septien posted on Twitter that: "As Lex ("X") recovered, his people stole it from Tess and he sent it to Clark hoping it would finish him by sending him to PZ." [1] However, it's unclear how Lex's team was able to reprogram the Crystal of Knowledge, a highly advanced piece of Kryptonian technology, to send someone into the Phantom Zone. This may have been given to Lex as part of the information that could be used to "control" Clark.

In Other Media[]


  • Kara Kent was banished to the Phantom Zone by Brainiac in Apocalypse and was last seen in a Phantom Zone disc in Arctic. Ironically, Chloe uses Braniac's abilities to bring her back in this episode.
  • The Crystal of Knowledge was stolen from Tess in Instinct by "X".
  • The inside of the Phantom Zone was last seen in the episode Zod.
  • The device Kara uses to capture Faora is the same one used by the Martian Manhunter to rescue Clark from Dr. Hudson in Labyrinth.
  • This is the first time since Odyssey that Oliver has been seen wearing the Green Arrow costume.
  • When Clark and Faora were talking about love for humans, Faora chides Clark "Like father, like son". This is a possible reference to Jor-El falling in love with Louise McCallum in Relic.
  • Faora professes that Clark has feelings for her host. This is similar to Isobel's realization that Clark had feelings for her host in Spell, and Zod's realization that Lana had feelings for his host in Zod.
  • This is the third time Lois has been possessed by another being; the first was Brianna Withridge in Spell, and the second was Dawn Stiles in Spirit.
  • Davis mentions to Chloe that he can't find any information on the first three years of his life - this is fully explained in Eternal.
  • This episode marks the 81st appearance of Clark's red jacket and blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.
  • This is the second time Lois has had a lucid experience with aliens and come away thinking it was a dream or hallucination. In Zod, when her plane crashed near the Arctic Circle, she later told Clark that she thought the Fortress of Solitude must have been "heaven".
  • Martha Kent was mentioned by Lois as "Ma Kent." She was last mentioned in Wrath by Lionel.
  • In Leech, the Doctor said to Clark, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," which is similar to what Faora said to Davis in this episode.


  • On the first night of airing in the United States, this was the highest rated and most viewed episode of Season 8.[1]


  • Lois dismisses her experience in the Phantom Zone as "some kind of Arabian Nights acid trip." Arabian Nights is the English name for One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age.
  • Lois references the DeLorean car from Back to the Future.



Faora: Trust me, my son. That which kills you makes you stronger.

Kara: Take my blood.
Clark: No!
Kara: It'll open the portal, take you home ok.
Clark: You, are my home! You hear me, you're my family. You make me feel like I actually belong.

Faora: (to Clark): You have feelings for this creature I inhabit.

Davis: Is this a bad time?
Chloe: It's just one of those days when I feel like my friends have left the planet.

Tess: Clark, I don't want to fire you. I want to trust you, and I want to know why Lex didn't. In time, I'm sure the truth will reveal itself.

Faora: You don't recognize me... but you are the spitting image of your father.
Davis: Okay. Lois, you gotta reason with me. What kind of drugs did you take--pills, powder, paste? Don't tell me you injected anything.

Kara: (to Clark) Your path is on Earth, living amongst the humans and inspiring mankind.

Faora: I need to find my son.
Tess: Your son? I have to admit, it's difficult to imagine a mini Lois running around.

Clark: You didn't like it here, remember? The rooster woke you up every morning.
Lois: Yeah, but at least the rooster only crows once. You try sharing walls with pre-wedding Chloe and Jimmy.
Clark: I didn't need to know that.

Lois: I don't want to die here, Clark!
Clark: All we have to do is keep an eye out for each other, okay. We'll be fine.
Lois: We're not fine. We're standing on our graves. We're going to die, us together. No more farmhouse, no more Daily Planet!
Clark: Listen to me! Listen to me. No one's gonna mess with Lois and Clark, all right?

Tess: Who do you work for?
Green Arrow: I'm self-employed. It's sort of an occupational safety hazard.
Tess: Oh. Well, then you know that getting blood out of leather can be a total bitch.

Tess: (points gun at the Green Arrow) What do you know about the crystal?
Oliver: That depends; how good is your shot?

Oliver: Phantom Zone, huh? Seriously, who names these things?
Chloe: Picture an alien Alcatraz, and if I don't bail Clark out soon, who knows that kind of havoc Lo-Bot will leave in her wake.

Oliver: That still doesn't explain how you're hacking into that crystal, Chloe. It's not hooked up to anything, there's no computer here.
Chloe: Do I tell you how to shoot your arrows? I don't think so. Stay back.

Faora: The duty of a child is to continue the legacy his parents began. Our family is meant to take this planet as our own. And after seeing you with these humans, I realize that you're still too weak to fulfill your destiny.

Oliver: Who does this fancy piece of equipment belong to?
Chloe: Tess Mercer
Oliver: Mercy. Well why didn't you just say so?

Oliver: Hallmark didn't have any "Welcome back to Earth" cards. So...
Clark: It's nice to see everyone has a key to this place.

Tess: Not quite the bachelor pad I had imagined.
Chloe: Is Clark expecting you or is this another one of your daily break-ins?

Chloe: You know, Oliver, for a guy with three cellphones, you sure are hard to get a hold of.

Chloe: What did you do with Lois?
Faora: I needed her vessel. Not my first choice, but surprisingly flexible.

Chloe: Does the name "Faora" ring any bells? Strong, quick, hater of man?

Lois: I just came from Tess. I got a raise.
Clark: Why would she give you a raise?
Lois: Because I'm me. Hello.


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