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Zod retrieves the black box from the black ship.

"I know this design; it's part of the Brain Interactive Construct. This box is its power core; a Kryptonian energy source exponentially stronger than anything here on Earth."
Raya, Fallout

The black box was a piece of Kryptonian technology, considered to be advanced even by the standards of Krypton's greatest scientists, that acted as Brainiac's hard drive and initially served as its power core.

Powers and abilities

The black box contained the primary program of the Brain InterActive Construct and thus would have contained all of Brainiac's data and eventually evolved into Brainiac 2.0.

Additionally, according to Dr Groll it could generate a vast amount of energy which, according to Raya, would have been sufficient to destroy "half a continent" and supplied the energy needed to fuel all of Brainiac's abilities, allowing him to be self-sufficient. This energy also proved sufficient to restore and sustain the Fortress of Solitude.

Furthermore it would seem that the box could also function as a computer in itself as was shown when it interfaced with the satellite control systems and removed the crippling computer virus.


The effects of Clark Kent's heat vision on the black box.

The black box appeared to be vulnerable to heat vision as, with only a short blast, Clark was able to blast it into fragments. Furthermore Baern was able to drain all its energy into his own body thereby rendering it initially inert ash. However, in spite of this apparent susceptibility to damage one must acknowledge the box to be highly resilient in that it retained much of its energy even after near-fragmentation by Clark and following its disintegration by Baern.

Season Six

Zod activates the black box.

The black box resided within the Black Ship until it was removed by General Zod. It played a major role in his plan to turn Earth into a new Krypton, and was able to remove the computer virus that Brainiac had unleashed before in order to wreak havoc all over the world.

Luckily, Clark Kent managed to destroy part of the black box with his heat vision. Lex Luthor found one part of the box, and it was examined by Dr. Edward Groll, who quickly realized how dangerous the device was. It is unknown what happened to the rest of the black box.

However, Lex's fragment held a huge amount of energy until it was absorbed by the Zoner Baern, leaving behind only a pile of ash and empowering Baern enough to kill Raya. Baern's power, however, was absorbed into the Crystal of El and used to re-charge the Fortress of Solitude.

The pile of ash of the black box eventually transformed into Brainiac's liquid metal form.

Brainiack Hardrive ortho Rework.png



  • The energy of the box has continued to play a vital role in the series even after its destruction in that it is responsible for the continuing functionality of the Fortress of Solitude.

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