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Black Creek facility

Black Creek was a LuthorCorp 33.1 facility in Montana, used mainly to house and test meteor freaks.

Lex Luthor opened the facility. When Tess Mercer found out about what was going on at Black Creek, she had the facility shut down; the prisoners were tagged and released.

Known Captives

Season Eight

After Jimmy betrayed Lex, Lex had Chloe captured and taken to the Black Creek facility and had tests ran on her. They found she had acquired a new ability of super-intelligence, which Chloe herself was shocked to have. They ran numerous tests on her and one was to decipher three phone numbers of terrorists. She began to decipher the three numbers and was halfway through the final number when she realized that it was Oliver's number and that she was in a LuthorCorp facility, helping them track the Justice League. She tried to make a run for it, only to be captured and forced to decipher the last number.

After Chloe had decoded the numbers, LuthorCorp had the Justice League captured while Oliver and Clark came to rescue Chloe. Lois also tracked the facility and went to rescue Chloe. Clark accidently ran into Lois who was working as a security guard for the faculty.

Sebastian Kane was a prisoner who was kept at Black Creek and was released by Tess so that he could help her track down the crystal that was stolen from her.

Tess formed a league out of some of the prisoners of Black Creek that she released, including Plastique, Parasite, Livewire, and Neutron. When Livewire wanted to leave the league, however, she was killed by an explosive chip that had been put in her head. The remainder of the group discovered that Tess had implanted them with this chip during their time in Black Creek.


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