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For eponymous Zoner, see Bizarro.

"Bizarro" is the first episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-thirty-third episode overall. It aired on September 27, 2007.


As a result of the dam break caused by Clark's struggle with his evil doppleganger, a new super-powered individual is released. Meanwhile, Lex is imprisoned for Lana's murder and Chloe suffers the consequences of her powers.


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Lois is holding Chloe's body in the water.

As a result of the brutal fight between Clark Kent and the escaped Zoner Bizarro, Reeves Dam has broken. A father and his son are fishing close to the dam and are unaware that it is breaking. Inside the dam, Lois Lane is in the water holding Chloe Sullivan's body as the water rises. Lex Luthor is locked in a police car on the bridge of the dam, which continues to crumble. Water pours over the bridge, sweeping Lex downstream.

Clark is in the woods close by where he meets Bizarro again. As Clark tries to leave, remembering his friends are still in the dam, Bizarro attacks him, but Clark manages to punch him away.


Lex is saved by a mysterious woman.

Downstream, the father now sees the water rushing towards them. He tells his son to run, but falls and hits his head, knocking him unconscious. His son runs to his side and sees the water coming towards them, but Clark arrives just in time and uses his super-speed and heat vision to vaporize the water. The boy stares at Clark in awe as he superspeeds away.

Lex is now underwater and trying to get out of the car before he drowns. He sees a young woman floating nearby him from outside the window as he passes out. He later wakes on the shore with the woman standing over him. She flies off, leaving Lex alone.

Meanwhile, Bizarro has been impaled on an electrical pylon by the force of Clark's punch. He frees himself and as a passerby encounters him, Bizarro simply kills the man with heat vision. Bizarro then goes to the Kent Farm to heal himself with green kryptonite.


Clark and Lois at the hospital.

Clark arrives back at the dam and begins to look for Lionel Luthor. Outside the dam, Lionel is lying unconscious on the riverbed when a trenchcoat-wearing figure finds him and pulls him away. Meanwhile, Lois tries to get Chloe to safety and sees a door with a glowing green light. She goes up to it and sees that on the other side is endless water and floating dead bodies. She turns around to find Bizarro's previous host, an eight-year-old boy, crying for help. After assuring him everything will be okay but fearing it really won't, Lois calls out for help and the wall collapses, revealing Clark. After making sure Lois and the boy are all right, he sees Chloe unconscious, not knowing what happened.

Lex is in his office in Metropolis when his assistant announces that his helicopter is ready to take him out of the country. Lex is somber and quiet. He believes he was saved by an angel and reminisces about Lana. As he fingers his wedding ring, he tells his shocked assistant that he is turning himself in.


The ER team tries to revive Chloe.

At the Smallville Medical Center, Chloe is in the ER and Lois and Clark are nervously waiting outside. Lois tells Clark how she was stabbed and miraculously healed, and that she awoke to find Chloe unconscious beside her. Clark figures out that Lois's resurrection could be thanks to Chloe's latent meteor power, and suggests that perhaps Lex's men did something to Chloe. Desperate for answers, Lois asks Clark to stay with Chloe so she can go to the Luthor Mansion to investigate. At the mansion, she runs into Bizarro. Thinking he is Clark, she becomes unnerved at his flirting advances and friskiness. After feeling her up, Bizarro is slapped by a confused Lois and leaves.

The ER team continues to attempt to revive Chloe, but after they lose her pulse, they pronounce her dead.

Shortly thereafter, Chloe wakes up to find herself in the morgue drawer, scared and confused. She starts to bang and yell. At the same time, Clark tries desperately to find out about Chloe's status, and eventually is told she didn't make it. Disoriented and devastated, Clark's super-hearing turns on and is barraged by all the surrounding noises. He is able to focus on Chloe's yelling for help and comes to her rescue, releasing her from the body drawer. After recovering from the initial shock, Chloe cannot explain to Clark what happened and does not want to discuss it. Seeing her death certificate on a clipboard, Chloe rips it off, but not before seeing one for Lana Lang as well. Devastated, Chloe is speechless.


Bizarro breaks Lex out of jail.

In custody, Lex listens to his lawyer Keating playing a tape of him and Lana fighting about her relationship with Clark just before she left. Lex is also worried about repairing the dam and about his father. Just then, Bizarro breaks open the jail wall and kills Keating. Lex realizes that the phantom has taken over Clark's body, but Bizarro informs him that he is, in fact, a copy. He demands Lex help him find more meteor rocks.

Chloe is back home at the Talon apartment, in tears as she watches a video of her and Lana together. When Clark arrives, she hugs him for comfort, but Clark is unwilling to mourn just yet. Choosing to focus on the problem at hand, he tells her that Bizarro reacts positively to kryptonite, and they realize that he is probably searching for more meteor rocks for strength. They learn that Lex had a large shipment sent to the dam. Clark does not know how to defeat an enemy that "has all of his powers but not his weakness."

Clark then meets with the Martian Manhunter in his loft. He tells Clark that he has done what Jor-El did not want, to allow for there to be an evil counterpart to Clark's powers. Clark tells him that he is proud that he cares for humans and considers it a strength. The Martian Manhunter hints that Clark's other strength might help him defeat Bizarro; Clark remembers that he gets his power from the Earth's yellow sun. Clark then realizes that Bizarro was weakened earlier when he was exposed to sunlight.


The Martian Manhunter tells Clark that Jor-El would be proud.

Lex has taken Bizarro to the dam and pulls a large gun on him, but Bizarro simply stops Lex and knocks him across the room. Bizarro then absorbs the kryptonite radiation when Clark arrives. Clark goes after Bizarro, but is easily knocked back. Clark lands under a hole in the wall, directly underneath a beam of sunlight. Bizarro thinks he has won and starts to leave, but the sun heals Clark and he gets up and calls Bizarro back. Bizarro comes toward Clark, right into the sunlight, where his face changes into its inhuman appearance. Clark takes Bizarro's best punch, then uppercuts him high into the sky, where Martian Manhunter takes him away.


Lois threatens Clark

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark is listening to a news radio report about Lana's death when Chloe arrives. He tells her that he wasn't sure there was much difference between him and Bizarro. He admits that when he learned of Lana's death, he intended to kill Lex. Chloe assures him that his human upbringing and his reluctance to actually do it proves that there is indeed a difference. Clark mentions what happened to Chloe, but she avoids the subject. Lois then enters the room and tells Clark that she forgives him for hitting on her. Clark is a little confused, but Lois explains that he must have been insane with grief. Surprisingly, she hugs him and sincerely expresses her condolences. Then she threatens that if he ever tries that again, she will tear his head off.

Later, the Martian Manhunter tells Clark that his father would be proud of him, but Clark wonders if it was worth it. He says that losing Lana has made him realize that the humans he loves will not be around forever. Chloe destroys her death certificate and Lex is put back in jail while looking at a photograph of him and Lana.

In Shanghai, China, a blonde woman is walking down a busy street. She enters her apartment and takes off a wig. It is revealed to be Lana Lang. She looks up to the moon from her window at the same time as Clark.


A mysterious woman.

The mysterious woman that saved Lex sits atop the Smallville water tower. Now wearing regular clothes, she puts on the bracelet and flies away above the town.



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  • "Sober" - Kelly Clarkson


  • In the comics, Bizarro is an enemy of Superman, often shown to be a mirror-image of the Man of Steel.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to Bizarro, the last remaining Zoner.
  • The title is the only time that Bizarro's name has been used by itself. In Phantom, Bizarro says to Clark Kent, "I'm you, only a little more bizarre." In this episode, Chloe says, "Well, where's our Bizarro Clark now?" He is never actually referred to as "Bizarro".


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Season 7 Premiere poster

Bizarro 341

In Other Media[]

  • Bizarro's skin is only distorted when exposed to direct sunlight. In the comics, his skin is irreversibly distorted.
  • Kara started her flight from the water tower with an outstretched right arm, bearing a striking resemblance to Superman's take-offs in the movies.
  • In the comics, Bizarro has a crush on Lois Lane. In this episode, he also unsuccessfully flirts with her.
  • The scene in the hospital where Clark hears every single sound within hundreds of miles of him before focusing on Chloe's voice was similar to the scene in Superman Returns where Brandon Routh (as Superman) is floating in space literally listening to every sound from earth until finally focusing on a bank alarm. In both of these scenes, sirens and baby cries are some of the last sounds heard before they each focus on a single final sound.
  • Kara is the 31st DC Comics character adapted into the series.
  • At Smallville Medical Center, Chloe is treated by a Dr. John Burke. In Superman #161 (May, 1963), Jonathan and Martha Kent are treated by a Dr. Burke, when they come down with a mysterious disease and passes away.



  • The little boy that Lois encountered in the dam is the last human host that Bizarro possessed in Phantom.
  • Lex is saved by Kara from drowning in a car under water, which mirrors Lex and Clark's first interaction in Pilot where Clark Kent performed the same heroic deed.
  • Martian Manhunter is still injured from the wound dealt to him by the final phantom in Phantom.
  • Lionel appears in a very brief scene in this episode when he's dragged away by the mysterious figure. His whereabouts are not revealed until four episodes later in Action.
  • Kara's scenes are also very brief in this episode, and she does not have any dialogue. She is fully introduced in the next episode, Kara.
  • This episode marks the fourth appearance of Clark's Red jacket/Blue shirt outfit in a season premiere. The earlier appearances included the Season Two premiere Vortex, the Season Five premiere Arrival, and the Season Six premiere, Zod.
  • This episode marks the 59th appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.



  • When talking to Clark at the hospital, Lois refers to Lex Luthor as "Dr Evil" a reference to another bald arch villain in the spoof Austin Powers movies.


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    • Shanghai, China


Chloe: What hap...Am I in a morgue?
Clark: Come on let's get you out of here.
Chloe: Why am I in a morgue!?
Clark: You're alive. That's what matters now.

Chloe: This guy can fly? God, Clark, you've got to get on that one.

Lois: (to Clark) Just trust me on this one. But if you ever grab my ass again, I will be taking your hand with me when I go.

Lex: I may have tracked you around the globe, but clearly you're not a native. Where are you from and why did you only replicate Clark?
Bizarro: Now you got a decision to make, Lex. What's more important? Destroying me or solving the mystery of Clark Kent?

Bizarro: Man, how can a guy miss what's been right in front of him all this time?
Lois: Slow down there, tiger. A little personal-space breach.
Bizarro: Come on, I know you're looking for a guy who doesn't play by the rules.
Lois: And on what planet is that you, Smallville?
Bizarro: Whatever planet you want me to take you to.

Clark: In a weird way, he may have been right. Maybe I have allowed myself to become weak, caring too much about everything, everyone here.
Martian Manhunter: You've learned a lot from your time in Smallville. These people have made you who you are.
Clark: They won't always be here. Losing Lana has made me realize no matter how close I get, someday they'll all be gone. And all the time I've spent ignoring my destiny, trying to be something I'll never be: human.

Clark: Hey! Is that all you got?
Bizarro: You're no match for my strength.

Clark: Loving someone is hard, it's difficult. But hate— hate is so... clean.

Chloe: Maybe you need to feel this right now. I mean, anger is a natural human emotion.

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