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You talk like a cop, you walk like a fireman. Heck, you beat us to most of our own crime scenes. You might as well put an "S" on your chest. -Bert Camp to Clark (Masquerade)

Bert Camp is a police photographer for the Metropolis CSI Department.


Bert is eager, friendly and a bit clumsy. He seems to be oblivious to Clark's feeling of annoyance towards him, and has nothing but the highest respect for Clark, even calling him such a "Super guy".

Season Ten

Clark saves Bert.

When the corpses of Desaad's numerous victims were discovered, Bert and the Metropolis Forensics team had arrived to find any leads. Bert eagerly introduced himself to Clark Kent, who he had seen at an earlier crime scene. Bert and Clark exchanged questions and he began comparing Clark to a fireman, police officer and the Blur, claiming Clark looks like him. Bert clumsily fell into a manhole, but was caught by Clark, who lifted him up with one hand, numerous people watching. Bert questioned how he was able to save him and calls him a hero, Clark only answering with numerous excuses and claiming his back will hurt in the morning.

Later, Bert sent Lois a package containing photos of marks each of the victims had. He told her assistant, Jeff, to tell Lois she is "lucky to be engaged to such a super-guy".

Season Eleven

In the city, Bert and his roommate, Jeff are arguing what they think about Clark and to an extent Lois Lane. Soon the argument is interrupted by Superman crashing through the wall. After apologizing for the mess and disruption, Superman returns to the fracas with Psimon outside. As Superman leaves, Jeff wishes that Clark Kent was more like Superman, which Bert agrees about.

Months later, Bert is photographing a scene where Superman had just stopped an Eclipso-possessed Bryce Gordon. He enthusiastically tells Steve Lombard how Superman stomped on the Eclipso gem with his "super-boot".



  • Bert's personality is similar to that of the comic book Jimmy Olsen.
  • Bert is a supporter of The Blur, much like Jimmy was.
  • Bert is the second person to call Clark a "Super-guy." The first being Henry James Olsen when he found out Clark was The Blur in Doomsday.
  • According to Season Eleven, Bert is gay.[1]