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"I’m sorry, Lana. But there's a hero living among us, and there's only one way he'll accept his calling. You need to die."
— Ben to Lana Lang, Action

Ben Meyers was a delusional production assistant for the Warrior Angel movie.

Early life

As an avid comic book fan, Ben fervently wanted the movie adaptation of Warrior Angel to stay true to the original comics. In the comics, Warrior Angel's love interest died, allowing Warrior Angel to focus full-time on saving lives. But the movie adaptation had a happy ending, which Ben was determined to change. He became obsessed with killing off Rachel Davenport, the actress playing Warrior Angel's love interest in the movie.

Season Seven

Ben sees Clark's powers.

Ben cut the brakes in the car that Rachel Davenport drove in a scene. However before she could get injured in the crash, Clark Kent saved her. Next, Ben snuck a real bullet into a prop gun, so that Rachel would be killed when the prop was used in the movie. But Clark realized what was happening and was able to grab the speeding bullet out of the air just in time. After Ben realized that Clark had superpowers, he transferred his obsession with Warrior Angel onto Clark. Rather than try and kill Rachel Davenport, he now focused on killing Clark's love interest, Lana Lang. By killing Lana, Ben figured that Clark would then be free to embrace his destiny and save the world.

Ben tried to kill Lana by throwing her off the roof of Queen Tower. Clark jumped off the building after her and was able to save her. Ben was subsequently caught and taken to Belle Reve. He was visited by Lex Luthor, who brought him his rare Warrior Angel comics so that Ben might tell him who caught the bullet meant for Rachel Davenport. Ben realized that Lex was the villain in the story and so he kept Clark's secret from Lex.