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Ben Hubbard is a farmer living near the Kent Farm.

Season Six

Clark says that he will sell the back 40 acres of the farm to Ben Hubbard when Martha is elected to a Senate seat and has to leave the farm to go to Washington, D.C.

Season Seven

Clark tells Lois that he is leaving Smallville to head north. She asks who will take over the farm, and he says Ben Hubbard will watch the farm during his absence.

Ben later borrowed fence posts from Clark in which Clark piled a stack full on the back of the farm truck which he sent Lana to deliver them to him.


In Other Media

Ben Hubbard originated in Superman: The Movie. He's mentioned by Clark Kent, who made arragements for Hubbard to help out with the farm and Martha, after Clark leaves Smallville.

In Superman Returns, Ben Hubbard is dating Martha Kent when Clark returns from his search for Krypton. The scene that was shot that featured James Karen as Ben Hubbard was eventually cut from the film, but is available on Disc 2 of the Superman Returns Special Edition DVD.