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"We will follow General Zod to the ends of this Earth." - Basqat, Sacrifice

Basqat is one of the many clones created by the Orb and a member of Zod's army.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the cloned Kryptonians whose DNA was irradiated with blue kryptonite radiation by Jor-El, Basqat did not possess his native Kryptonian abilities under a yellow sun. Instead, because of the radiation, his powers worked under a red sun but still worked the same way physically, storing up solar energy like a battery for future use.

Zod used his blood to give Basqat and the rest of the Kandorians their powers under a yellow sun.

Early life

A citizen of Kandor, Basqat was a soldier in Major Zod's army. At the request of the Krypton Council, he gave a sample of his blood to them to be put in the orb like the other soldiers so they would be resurrected through cloning if Krypton was destroyed.

Season Nine

Basqat and Faora.

When Basqat and the rest of Zod's army were transported to Earth through unknown means, they questioned their depowered states and rebelled against Zod, taking him hostage until they realized what they were to do. However, Zod managed to win back their trust and allegiance to him.

Weeks later, Basqat was with Alia and Faora when Zod spoke to them about capturing the traitor Jor-El. Later, he abducted Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, then released Jor-El after Zod was done interrogating him.

Basqat and Faora see Clark enter the room.

Basqat was at Zod's warehouse headquarters where Zod was handing out assignments to his soldiers to ensure the completion of the solar tower when Clark Kent appeared and Zod ordered his soldiers to "Kneel before Kal-El," to Basqat's disgust.

About a year later, Basqat was in the Fortress of Solitude with Zod and his fellow soldiers when Clark confronted Zod over the death of Faora. He sided with Zod and with his recently received powers, flew away with the rest of the Kandorians.

Basqat and Zod discuss the Book of Rao.

To begin the war on Earth, Basqat seared Zod's mark on the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Later, when the entire Kandorian army confronted Clark on a rooftop where he was about to use the Book of Rao, it was revealed that Zod was responsible for Faora's death. Basqat confessed that Zod was to be dealt with on their new world. After the Book of Rao was activated, Basqat, along with his fellow Kandorians, were sent to their new home.

Season Eleven

Basqat and the rest of the Kandorians arrived at their new home planet, which was also under a yellow sun maintaining their super powers. There, Basqat told to Vala that her sister would want them to seize this second chance and make a new beginning. Then they suddenly saw a green light in the sky, believing it to be the creature of a legend, called Flamebird, a good omen for their arrival in Argo. They later, banished Zod to the Phantom Zone in order punish him for leading them to war.

Alternate Future

Basqat in the alternate future.

In Lois Lane's memories of the future, where Zod and the Kandorians had gained their abilities after turning Earth's yellow sun red and ruled with an iron fist, Basqat wore a black uniform with the Mark of Zod on his chest. When he encountered Lois from the past in the future, Basqat questioned her presence in the banned territory and when she refused, he took her to the Kent Farm which was converted into a sort of prison guarded by Kandorians. He was later assassinated by Resistance members, led by Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen, when a kryptonite knife was thrown at his heart.


In the Comics

Basqat as he appears in the comics.

Basqat is the leader of a biker gang from the bottle city of Kandor. He is a man of ideals, among which, the ideal, of freedom and equal rights for the alien population of Krypton. He has become a member of a group of other non-Kryptonians in order to fight for what he believes at any price. His gang also includes Jigsaw, Shire and Mamoth.

He first appeared in the storyarc Superman: Godfall

Basqat is first seen watching an amnesiac Kal-El in his house and later his gang attack him while on his way to work. Kal-El manages to escape from some of the bikers but there are still some of them chasing him. He kicks the foot brakes for the cycle on one, who flies up into the air. Suddenly, yellow sunlight comes from the sky and hits Kal-El. He is empowered and he hits one of the goons almost accidentally with heat vision and the goons scatter. A terrified Kal-El crashes on a building causing an explosion. Kal-El stands away from the fire, watching his assailants flee into the night. Later he walks with Lyla, telling her about the previous night. Kal-El walks up to a glass wall and stares out into the Kryptonian sky. Suddenly a vehicle crashes through the glass, pushing Lyla to the ground. One of the bandits grabs Kal and carries him through the other side of the building, flinging him out into the open sky. A part of Kal-El is relieved that the nightmare will finally be over. Then suddenly he realizes he isn't falling. He can fly. Lyla is shocked but the rebels attribute it to an antigrav belt and pull out their weapons. Kal-El narrows his eyes and blasts back into the building, catching the man as he passes and carrying back out into the sky. Basqat tells him he isn't scared, but Kal-El says that he should be, he doesn't know how to stop. He then crashes into the ground and passes over.

Basqat and his gang.

Later in a bar, the rebels lament that they couldn't kill Kal. Basqat says that he knows where Kal is hiding. Kal-El wakes up and finds himself lying on the ground after Lyla has restore his memory. Two of the rebels approach him hauling him into their motorcycle, the pair of criminals blast away from the burning wreckage. They tried to kill him this morning and now they are saving Kal's life. Back at their meeting place, they confront their leader, Basqat, about Ka-El. They discover that it was never about liberation, going for Kal-El was simply a paid hit and had nothing to do with Kandor. Basqat asks Kal-El if it was his wife and he tells him that the woman isn't his wife. Suddenly Sergeant Preus, the leader of the Citizen's Patrol Corps who was also a devout xenophobe who dispensed justice against non-Kandorian dissidents that threatened their way of life, arrives at the scene and demands to take back the killer Kal-El, blaming him for the death of several Kandorians, unaware that the "victims" were constructs created by the alien telepath Lyla and he may just let the rest of them live. The gang flees on their motorcycles while the Sergeant pursues, blasting the pavement just behind them. His command tells him to pull off, but he isn't going to let the criminal get away. A blast strikes just in front of the bike and Jigsaw is sent flying off. At the last moment Kal grabs him, saving him from the pavement. Jigsaw lifts a gun and missile at Preus. The resulting smoke clouds his vision for a moment and when it clears the bikers are gone. Preus calls off the support units. The band speeds away from the city. Coming over a ridge, Kal-El is shocked to find a whole city of aliens spread out below him. Basqat explains that this is where the Kryptonians send the aliens that speak out against the government. One of them says they should just tie up Kal-El and leave him for the authorities. They ask who he thinks he is and he responds that he is Kal-El, last son of Krypton: Superman. They're all incredulous, the Superman lives up in heaven and they think of him as their God. Closing his eyes for a moment, Kal-El tells them they need to see something. He tells them about the history of Kandor that he knew, but a lot can change in 100 years. None of them knew about the bottle, or about the world outside and the only way he will convince them is to show them. Kelex installed a conduit to vent pollution from the city and Kal never dreamed he'd use it to escape. He tells them that he was fighting thousands of years in the future and when he was on his way back he was so weak that he could barely focus and Lyla pulled him in. They tell Kal that they can help, but he refuses. They insist though. If there is a world where they aren't hunted, then it is their right. As a group, they head through the portal. Behind them, Sergeant Preus steps out and watches them go. In the Fortress of Soltitude Superman immediately tells Kelex to interface with Kandor and figure out what happened to the city. Then he needs to tell him why all of the refugees aren't two inches tall. After that they are going after Lyla, who has escaped to Metropolis having stole Superman's powers.

Superman flies through the air towards Metropolis. Behind him streak the bounty hunters that formerly hunted him in Kandor. Approaching Lyla, the bounty hunters advise Superman that Lyla is an Empireth, that she can make people see and hear things that she wants them too. Later the bounty hunters begin to fall from the sickness that plagues Kandorians outside of the bottle city and Superman urges Lyla to take them back to Kandor with him. As he does, a yellow streak appears, taking Superman down. It is Sergeant Preus, wanting vengeance on Superman for bringing murder to Kandor. As the refugees from Kandor succumb to the alien environment around them, Basqat tells Superman that they would have followed him if only he believed as they did. In the sky above Metropolis, Superman commands Preus to stand down. Preus knocks him back with a powerful punch, slamming him into a building. Lois looks up as the rubble falls toward her, only to be saved at the last moment by the remaining Kandorians. Tearing across the wreckage caused by the fight on their bikes, the remaining Kandorians cheer for Kandor as they fire at Preus. Preus staggers for a moment, but then blasts them all out of the air. He grabs Superman by the throat but suddenly Lyla grabs him by the head and feeds him all of the shame and hate that she feels for betraying Kal-El, whom she now knows is a good man. Turning on her, Preus tells Lyla that his armor protects him against her powers. Grabbing her by the throat Preus uses Lyla's powers to corrupt Metropolis. Leaping up from the ground, Superman grabs Lyla's free hand, telling her that she has the choice. Lyla erupts into a blast of light as Superman hammers at Preus. The Kandorian tells him that she will poison him, but Superman says that he has faith as he blasts Preus into the ground. Superman reaches out to Lyla, but instead she tells him that some things cannot be made right. She says goodbye as she vanishes.

Weeks later, Clark cooks breakfast when Lois runs out to kiss him. She asks how Kandor is doing. He tells her that they've arranged a cease-fire and they are working to get equal rights for everyone.


  • Adrian Holmes, the actor who plays Basqat, played the character of Griff in Season Five.


  • Basqat's name was never used on screen. It was used only in marketing material from the CW. [citation needed]
  • Basqat's name is finally revealed in the subtitles in Pandora on the Season 9 DVD boxset.