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"If I didn't want the name "Batgirl", what makes you think i'd be cool with "Supergirl"?" — Barbara to Bruce, Detective

Barbara "Babs" Gordon is the protegé of billionaire Bruce Wayne as well as the masked vigilante known only as "Nightwing" in Gotham City while posing as a trusted and dedicated WayneTech Intern in Research and Development division.

She is the sidekick and assistant of The Batman, trained and mentored by the Dark Knight himself.[1] As the daughter of a police commissioner, Barbara grew up with a huge sense of justice that drove her on the crime-fighting career: however unlike Bruce she is a positive thinker and a very cheerful person.

Physical Appearance

Barbara's "nerdy" look.

Babs is a tall, physically fit, attractive Caucasian woman with long red hair, a simple, fresh smile and green eyes (Detective), that in some occasions are colored light-blue due to different artists (Effigy). As a manner to cover her activity as a vigilante, while in her "daylight persona", she wears the old-style kind of clothing of a librarian's stereotype: with long tartan dress, knee socks, Mary Janes shoes and a pair of reading black-rimmed glasses similar to those Clark wears.

When she's not in public she was shown wear training suits, sneakers, skin-tight t-shirts and shorts: all in a black-yellow or orange-blue color combinations.

"Babs" as Nightwing.

As Nightwing, she keeps her hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a dark blue lipstick. Her costume consists of a tight black suit with nuances of violet-blue, black gloves, yellow soles and heels, a tailcoat-like back and the symbol of a yellow bird extended from her chest to the shoulders. Also she wear a black mask with white lenses to complete her look.


"Aren't you always telling me "it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission"?" - Bruce
"We've agreed that's what will be on my tombstone, yes." - Babs, Detective


Barbara has a quick wit and a feisty, cheeky personality. As a highly intelligent, enterprising, independent young woman, she often considers herself as the "nanny" of Bruce when Alfred is away: spending a lot of time in trying to remembering to him about eat or drink while on an investigation. According to Bruce, Barbara prepares a dozen servings of orange juice for him per day (Detective).

Unlike her mentor, she has a great sense of humor, which features both in everyday life and when fighting crime. Although her jokes prove sometimes biting and sarcastic almost to cynicism, Barbara often gives evidence of being a genuine girl with a solar and very positive attitude towards life.

Maybe because of her young age, she has the impulsive tendency to act before thinking of the consequences, as a childlish behavior that becomes evident when she's nervous or irritated. As proof of it, she has several diaries and appears to be very embarrassed when they are mentioned (Detective).

She also seems to be a bit arrogant or not to have much sense of modesty, as evidenced by doing her stretching exercises wearing just her underwear in front of Lois, though they were little more than strangers (Detective).

Powers and Abilities

Nightwing battles Green Arrow.

Barbara was trained in martial arts, investigations, science and many other branches of human knowledge by The Batman: as a result she is an extreamely capable fighter and has an almost peak-human agility (Detective).

  • Genius Intellect: Barbara is a high intelligent woman with an advanced IQ.
  • Computer hacking: Also working behind the scenes, Barbara proves to be a valuable support showing expert computer skills (Detective).
  • Expert Martial Artist: Barbara is a very talented hand-to-hand combatant and fighter, who is able to overpower most, though not all, opponents (Detective).
  • Expert Acrobatatics: Barbara proves to posses almost superhuman acrobatic abilities that even allows her to avoid bullets. Her agility is strongly superior to that of Green Arrow.
  • Expert marksmen: Barbara was shown to be able to hit Green arrow's arrow with her batarangs.
  • Detective Skills: As the protege of The Batman, Babs follows almost every inquiry in which he investigates, often giving him a hand in finding some clue and developing bit by bit the same incredible powers of observation and deduction possessed by him.
  • Master of Stealth and Deception: Just like her mentor, Barbara is able to disappear and reappear without anyone noticing and has Ninjitsu training that made her a master at stealth capable of breaching the high security features without being detected (Detective).
  • Master strategist: She commonly utilizes cunning tactics to outwit her foes.

    Nightwing helps Batman from behind the scenes.


  • Costume: Similar to the Bat-suit, Nightwing's costume is designed to protect Barbara from sustaining massive and detrimental injuries to her body, enhances her physical attribute and protect her from both ice and explosions (Detective) however is far more fragile than Batman's (Effigy).
  • Electrified escrima sticks: Barbara's primary weapon is a pair of escrima sticks with an electric capability that she uses like teasers in order to not injure her enemies (Detective).
  • Blue Lantern Ring: Powered by "universal hope", this Lantern Corp ring is one of the most powerful devices in the universe. It can create energy blasts, force fields, energy constructs, heal, translate, alter matter, access worm holes, and allow the wearer to fly. Blue Lanterns also have limited precognitive abilities. It also can empower allies with hope, dissipate rage and fear, and is immune to avarice. It is also cabable of using all forms of electromagnetic phenomena such as radio, TV, infrared, ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications. The ring also has one of the most advanced AIs in the universe and contains a galactic encyclopedia (Continuity).

Season Eleven

Nightwing in action.

In Gotham City, Saul, a minor weapons dealer, is about to give hi-tech weapons to Intergang when Barbara shows up. Saul escapes as everyone else is down but is ambushed by Batman, who was watching ten stories up. After he threatens him, Saul reveals his boss is Joe Chill. Batman then tells Nightwing to go the bat cave because they are heading to Metropolis.

Barbara in her civilian identity making fun of Bruce.

Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon later arrive in Metropolis and sees Superman take care of some thugs holding a school bus hostage. Barbara is more impressed than Bruce is, or more impressed than Bruce is letting on. Bruce however reveals that it looks like Superman is taken. Bruce Wayne is keen on getting the meeting with Lex over with and getting out of Metropolis post-haste stating that "Metropolis is... unnerving." Barbara pokes fun at him for Metropolis' lack of "killer clowns with guns in their mouths" and "alligator men in the sewers chasing penguins... that are trained to kill". Mr. Wayne explains to Barbara that he's dilly-dallying to be late on purpose to meet with Luthor to keep up appearances as an irresponsible billionaire playboy.

Barbara and Otis talk about their bosses.

Later, at the Ace of Clubs,when Lex and Bruce are have their lunch meeting on the patio while Barbara Gordon is having lunch with Otis. Bruce and Lex are discussing why billionaires have the right to order off menu and WayneTech building a Super Collider in Antarctica, but Barbara Gordon and Otis. Barbara tells Otis that Michael Holt and Ted Kord have joined in on the Wayne Super Collider project. Otis wonders aloud what it's like to work for a different rich guy. Barbara says they're all the same. Lex and Bruce's lunch is prematurely ended by Superman.

Green Arrow attacks Nightwing.

When Batman goes to Stryker's Island Penitentiary to interrogate Bruno Mannheim on what he and Intergang knows about Chill they run into Superman and Green Arrow. Superman and Batman fight in order for Batman to distract Superman and Barbara to obtain Mannheim. Bruno Mannheim is on the run as Nightwing arrives with her electrified weapons and with the Batwing. Next thing she knows, a green arrow from the Green Arrow smoke bombs her. Nightwing attempts to annoy Green Arrow by repeating whatever he say. As Arrow and Nightwing fight, the Batman bids Superman adieu, leading Clark to recall the exact words when Bruce Wayne left the meeting with Lex Luthor at the Ace of Clubs and realize the truth. Clark asks why does Bruce want Mannheim leading Bruce to reveal the connection between Intergang and Joe Chill. Superman starts to sympathize with Batman. Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Nightwing haven't gotten the memo from their respective bosses that they've reached a détente and it's time to stop fighting. Evenly matched, Arrow and Nightwing have spilled arrows and Batarangs all over the place trying to smack each other down. Superman arrives to break up the fracas when Bruno Mannheim pleads for sanctuary from the Man of Steel. Superman then snatches Mannheim and takes him up, up, and away for questioning.

Batman and Nightwing on the Batwing.

Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Mannheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments. Nightwing is sorry for losing Mannheim, but Bruce with his mask is off, is giving a creepy smile. Barb also points out hairline fractures all over Bruce's body before mentioning the tracking device Bats planted on Superman. Bruce jokes that Supes must like him, because he didn't throw him into space. In the sky, Superman says he's sorry to be using extreme measures on Mannheim. Just then, in front of the Batwing, Mannheim falls from above before Superman catches him below. Mannheim spills the beans: Intergang wanted to protect themselves from the invasion, Mannheim decided against it but offered Joe Chill to help them. But now, Chill is off the grid, rumored to be in FBI custody. Superman grabs the tracking device and asks Batman if he catches that. The Batwing storms off, Superman takes that as a yes.

Bruce and Barbara inside the Leviathan ship.

At a supply ship called Leviathan docked in Metropolis is an HQ for Batman and Nightwing, where inside they are getting medical treatment. Bruce mentions his woman at Interpol liaising with the FBI, as well as has found Chill's location: Suicide Slums. Barb jokes about how Superman figured out who Batman was and Bruce jokes about maybe she could be Superman's Supergirl. Barb points out how she'll hate it like she hated the name "Batgirl", as well as the fact that Superman has or had a Supergirl. The cameras pick up something and Bruce decides to head out alone, while Barb is in the Hub, when he looks outside to see what it is: the Bat-Signal.

Batman contacts Nightwing to inform her about Superman's condition. Barbara then informs him that News stations are covering the pursuit of the "murderer Batman kidnapping a wounded Superman". The FBI comes in to arrest Batman. Batman escapes with Superman within the Batmobile.Then Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane joins the police and the FBI in the pursuit chase. Upon dropping off his last passenger, a bus driver doses off in the middle of the street, only to be waken up by the Batmobile going through his bus. Lois and Ollie meet up (wondering where Batman is taking Superman) and Chloe is hacking into the traffic system so no one is hurt during the chase.

Inside the Batmobile: Nightwing comments on the stress she's feeling over Superman being hurt and Batman being chased, just as Superman tells Batman to call him Clark and Batman, relieved that Clark is still alive, asks him who to call to save him. Nightwing calls Chloe, who in turn calls a choked up Lois: Nightwing gives her the situation: Superman has four Kryptonite bullets, none to the heart, but his vitals are fading. Nightwing, later, gives Batman Lois' message: get the Kryptonite out and then expose Superman to yellow sunlight. But as Batman says, he's already has his hands full. A road block is set up, with cops surrounded, so Batman can't "go through it" like before, so he comes up with a different idea. Shifting the front tires to a "X" position, as well as firing the boosters from below, the Batmobile literally goes around the road block from above. The cops and even Lois and Ollie, can't believe what they saw. A helicopter approaches, with an EMP on board. Batman knows this and but can't do anything about it, until Ollie messages him that he can. Ollie simply "pops up" to the helicopter and it goes away. Nightwing takes control of the Batmobile, leading it outside the Leviathan ship. Batman performs the surgery inside the car, just as Lois arrives and she sees it happening. After getting the bullets out, Batman reprograms his vest and splashes Clark with yellow sunlight, just as the police report that they lost the Batman. Chloe is relieved that it's over, but Batman and Nightwing respond that it isn't: they need to make sure that the authorities know it was Mr. Freeze and Prankster who killed Chill. Ollie agrees, but also asks for his lawyer to be called too (he's been arrested).

Superman and Batman with armored suits.

Barbara introduces herself to Clark and Lois.

Inside Leviathan: Clark wakes up with Lois by his side, Barbara Gordon, introducing herself to the two, gives Clark some orange juice before he heads out to speak with Bruce, who is hard at work at the armory. Bruce successfully, finds the villains' location, by using the device Lex uses to track Superman to read other types of radiation, like Kryptonite. Given Clark's weaknesses, as well as Bruce still being human who can't survive colds 40 below: Bruce reveals what he has built: armored suits for Superman and Batman to fight in. In order to still keep a low profile, the two heroes head out into the sewers with another one of Batman's vehicles: the Batboat. At the dock near the Leviathan: agents of Intergang kill a dock worker, then proceed (heavily armed) to enter the ship, where Lois and Babs are the only ones there.

Leviathan: the ship's cameras pick up Intergang from all over and Barbara suits up with Lois by her side (Barbara says she's ready for an ass-kicking and when Lois tries to fix her statement, Barbara reassures her that she knows what she said). Green Arrow appears and stops Freeze from attacking the cops, but Freeze yells at Arrow to get clear as he is about to explode, affecting the plant below. Babs and Lois take care of Intergang while counting how many they've taken out (Lois took out 10, Nightwing took out 9) when the leader and two other men appear pointing their guns at them. Just then, the armed UAVs fire on Leviathan, with Intergang, Nightwing and Lois still inside. It begins to sink, but Superman saves the day.

A short while after their adventure with Superman, back in Gotham City, Nightwing and Batman confront members of the Mutants street gang in the sewers following a robbery. As Batman incapacitates one gang member on a motorcycle in a tunnel, he calls to Nightwing in a separate tunnel for a report. She quips about using the handlebars from another motorcycle as she takes out two more Mutants. A voice calls for help from another sewer tunnel and Nightwing alerts Batman.

Batman and John Jones discussing about Barbara's condition.

Pulling her charged escrima sticks to investigate, Barbara finds two dead homeless men and a third being attacked by a gruesome figure in a dark longcoat and hat. As she intervenes, the figure turns to reveal itself as a large White creature. Before Barbara can react, the creature brutally slashes her. Batman arrives and quickly throws a flash bomb that stuns and frightens off the creature. He collects and comforts his injured apprentice.

Barbara wakes up.

Later, in Batman's underground headquarters the Batcave, Bruce's cohort and confidante Alfred Pennyworth attends to Barbara, sedated in a recovery tank, as Bruce tries to determine what it was that attacked her and what the message it left behind means. Later at the site where Barbara was injured, Police Detective John Jones confronts Batman about her father being unaware that his daughter is serving as the Dark Knight's apprentice and says that as a father he has a right to know that she was attacked. Batman explains that the solution she is suspended in at the cave will heal her wounds within few hours. Other than some anxiety when she first emerges from the tank, Barbara will be fine, Batman assures John: which is exactly what happen.

Lois asks for Barbara's help.

Barbara finds Otis.

Shortly after recovering from the illness, while performing training exercises in the Batcave, Barbara receives a phone call from Lois enlisting her help in getting Otis to reveal crucial intel. Barbara agrees to helping and arrives in Metropolis at the current bar Otis is in and mischievously makes him talk.

Barbara trains with Batman.

Shortly after she came back in Gotham and found Bruce at the Cave. He informs her of how the situation has been resolved with Megan Morse, the White Martian, as well as then resume their training of hand-to-hand combat.

Nightwing is on her way to help Batman.

Nightwing takes down Bane.

Months later, Barbara hurries out of a diner into the rain to meet Batman, who drops into a building and leads a fight with the criminal known as Bane. After a brief fight Bane gains the upper hand and is about to break Batman until the cape crusader calls in the Batmobile for backup and knoks Bane down. Just then Nightwing appears and they finish off Bane together. Batman then questions Nightwing's tardiness who simply explains she was on a date with an acrobat. Batman then notices the bat signal in the sky and leaves.

Nightwing reveals to Batman she was on a date.

Jim Gordon lights a cigarette while waiting for the arrival of the dynamic duo and starts to countdown. On their arrival, he questions the whereabouts of Bane and Batman tells him that he can be found in a warehouse, depowered. Gordon then shows to him a corpse of a young man in a Superman T-shirt and he tells Batman that this sort of hate crime is right up his alley.

Batman and Nightwing interrogate Zsasz.

Chloe and Lois arrive in Gotham City and they find Batman and Nightwing, who have been interrogating a criminal known as Victor Zsasz, on a rooftop. Bruce and Barbara seem to be a little surprised that the two women were able to trace him and then he invites them to the Batcave.

Nightwing and Batman bring Lois and Chloe to the Batcave.

There, the two cousins get impressed by the amazing underground complex that Bruce has assembled. Bruce is investigating the murder of a man dressed as Superman, which clearly looks like a hate crime connotations against the aliens and the recent revelation of Superman about his origin. Batman is using his billion dollar computer to make a face reconstruction of the corpse based on photos from the crime scene, so they can identify the dead man but the results the computer shows leave everyone speechless, the face of the murdered man is none other than Clark Kent.

Lois and Nightwing in Gotham.

Nightwing and Lois fight thugs.

Lois and Barbara walk through the streets of the rainy Gotham City, backtracking the final footsteps of the deceased "Clark Kent", whom the decided to call "Dave". They talk about about Barbara's struggle to manage her personal life and the crime fighting on the same time. Barbara then asks Lois how she is so calm since the shocking revelation about the identity of the murder victim, back at the Batcave. Lois says that the victim's DNA was proven to be human so he can't be Clark and besides that she knows that her fiance is safe in Russia. Suddenly they are attacked by a gang of thieves but they both succeed to defeat the thieves and after that they discover an underground tunnel with footsteps coming out of it.

Nightwing leaves the Batcave to find Batman.

Batman tells Nightwing to leave.

Batman and Nightwing encounter the other "Clark"'s killer.

Chloe, Lois and Barbara are in the Batcave and are talking about where Chloe is going to raise her baby, with Barbara suggesting Gotham City but Chloe clearly disapproves. Lois asks Chloe if she is going to stay in Metropolis or move back to Star City, Oliver's home town, but Chloe says she has still some months to decide. Suddenly, they receive a message from Batman, telling them he's "going dark." Without a word, Barbara races out of the cave on a motorcycle and meets Batman at an abandoned park called Amusement Mile, the one that the Joker often used as his refuge. After a brief argument, Batman says he's not the hunter right now, he's the hunted and so is Barbara. Suddenly, someone throws Batman and Nightwing explosive balls, incapacitating Batman momentarily, as well as stepping out of the smoke. When Nightwing turns to face her opponent, the man reveals himself as the other Clark's killer. Surprisingly he appears to be a version of Bruce Wayne, dressed in a mockery of the Batsuit with his face painted with makeup similar to Joker's.

The alternate Batman stabs Nightwing.

Nightwing defends Batman.

Batman fights with his alternate self from another Earth and the fight seemingly ends in draw but surprisingly the alternate Batman overpowers him. Nightwing intervenes but she gets stabbed in the belly by the villain, who tells her that he also killed the Barbara Gordon of his planet and this causes the wrath of Batman, which he needed to beat his opponent. After Batman makes sure Nightwing, who is heading back to the Batmobile, is okay he arrests the doppelganger.

Later, Batman watches from afar Barbara being on a date with her acrobat boyfriend, curious about who is the young man she is dating.

Nightwing heads to Arkham.

Batman and Nightwing are just finishing off some members of the Mutants, when suddenly Nightwing notices the bright light on the sky, thinking that it's just a storm but Batman says it is not, while he is watching them making a beeline for Arkham Asylum. While they are heading to Arkham, Nightwing calls her boyfriend to postpone their plans for tonight and tells him that he should lock his doors.

Nightwing and Batman try to contain the Yellow Lanterns.

Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns. Luckily, Superman arrives just in time to offer assistance.

Batman, Nightwing and Superman encounter Parallax.

Nightwing protects a mother and her child.

They find it difficult to defeat the super-powered inmates. Superman tries to control the situation but his inexperience with his power ring doesn't help at all. Batman then tells him that the ring is not doing either of them any bit of good so Superman manages to break free of his Green Lantern armor and operate in his own suit once more, saying that he is more than just the ring. After this, all the Yellow Lanterns stand still and kneel before him. Nightwing asks Batman if he has a bad feeling about this and he says that that he has a nad feeling about everything. Parallax suddenly appears behind Superman, having John Stewart under his control.

After the situation is dealt with, Nightwing fights some thugs, who have taken advantage of the chaos caused by the Yellow Lanterns and attempt to rob a woman and her child.

Weeks later, Superman and Lois arrive at Watchtower where Tess Mercer, Chloe and Oliver along with Batman, Nightwing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Jay Garrick and his team of teenagers. Clark tells Chloe, Tess and Bruce to find out everything from one of the Manhunters he destroyed about the Crisis, because more ships are on their way. As Batman starts to examine the crumpled Manhunter head he wonders where are they going, Clark grimly says everywhere.

Barbara and the rest of the team gather together.

The next day, Clark gathers all of the heroes onto his rooftop and gives them the lowdown. They can distract the Manhunters with physical attacks while Watchtower leads an evacuation to the heartland. If the distraction they provide fails everyone will die or be 'rebooted', but if they win everything will stay as it was and how they all remember the world. Clark tells them to say goodbye to their loved ones and suit up ready for war.

The Justice League attacks.

Superman delivers a rousing speech to the heroes. The other Earths might have been erased or rebooted but they are determined for their Earth to survive and their continuity to continue. With that Superman, Luthor and all of Earth's heroes attack the incoming Manhunters.

Clark tells Batman and Nightwing to fall back, get Lois and Chloe to safety and try to re-establish the link to the Monitors' ship. Batman then melts a hole in the sidewalk into a basement safely out of the way of the battle, and with Nightwing at his side they fire their Bat Grapples to get to the rooftops.

Barbara becomes a Blue Lantern.

Bruce and Barbara say goodbye.

Watchtower calls through to Batman to tell him that Superman has been beaten. Aya and Nightwing tries to fight off the Manhunters. Batman voices his regret in involving Barbara in this war but she points out if she hadn't been fighting she would have been reset. Barbara tells Bruce that the difference between them is that she believes in hope. Suddenly a flash of blue energy envelops her and she is given Saint Walker's Blue Lantern ring which she uses to create blue hope constructs that destroys all nearby Manhunters.

Batman then says goodbye to Barbara who leaves to learn more about her abilities but not before leaving Batman a new sidekick to take on her mantle.

Alternate Realities

Season Eleven

Alien (Earth-13)

Barbara was confined on a wheelchair, as she was paralyzed, and she was presumably the partner of Bruce Wayne's villainous alter-ego. For some reason, Barbara was later murdered by him.


In the Comics

Barbara Gordon's alter ego, Batgirl as she appears in the comics.

Barbara Gordon is most known in the DC multiverse as the first modern age Batgirl and later Oracle. She had never used the alias of Nightwing in the comics, which was more commonly used by her boyfriend Dick Grayson.

While attending a costume party dressed as a female counterpart of Batman, Barbara Gordon witnesses the kidnapping of billionaire Bruce Wayne by super-villain Killer Moth. She prevents this and without realizing it, draws the attention of the Dark Knight. This event begins Barbara's path in crime fighting.

The Modern Age saw Barbara Gordon as a slightly darker character. While recounting the series of events that lead her to become Batgirl, this is also significantly different that in the previous age's interpretations of her character. She encounters The Batman at an early age. As she grows up she excels in school, warranting her the honor of skipping grades throughout her academic career. She also pursues martial arts and striving to become a star athlete. She initially tries to pursue a career in criminal justice as opposed to her future vigilantism as Batgirl. Jim Gordon is her adoptive father, who also is her uncle, however there has been allegations that Jim is her biological father. She would still be Batgirl for some time, however she started to feel inadequate on a planet that had heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, as well as Captain Marvel

Barbara as Oracle.

The Joker paralyzes Barbara.

She retired from her career as Batgirl, however that did not stop violence from entering her life. In an attempt to drive Jim Gordon insane, the Joker arrives at the Gordon's house and shoots Barbara Gordon through the spine. Initially Barbara falls into a bout of depression, but soon uses her knowledge of computers in the ever growing modern era and use it to fight crime the best way she can. Using her incredible smarts and photographic memory along with her ability to use computers in a way that most of the DCU are unable to, she creates a new persona. She now goes by the codename Oracle and she serves as an information broker, first to the Suicide Squad, then to heroes across her planet. She also trains to become a fighting threat from the world famous Richard Dragon, although she is still in a wheelchair. She is also a key player, gathering information for Batman and his operations throughout the years, specifically during No Man's Land and when Bruce Wayne was accused of murdering his girlfriend. She is seen to have a very good relationship with all the members of the Batman Family in recent years, as well as has served as a member of the Justice League. Upon her complete transformation into the Oracle, she founds the Birds of Prey, a team of female heroes whom she employs and sends out as agents in her fight on crime as well as considering them extended members of the Batman Family. She partnered with Power Girl, however their partnership did not work very well. Black Canary, Dinah Lance, becomes the main operative in her unit, as the two have formed an incredibly strong friendship once they finally meet in person.

During War Games, Oracle's computer systems are compromised by the Black Mask as he confronts the Batman. Batman was going to kill the Black Mask, however due to Oracle setting off her self-destruct mechanism in her Clock Tower she forced Batman to rescue her. Because of this destruction, Barbara decides to cut her ties with the Batman and moves her operation to Metropolis. Barbara is later possessed by Brainiac, who attempts to have a biological body. Barbara was able to overcome his advances and remove him from her body, however in the aftermath a virus remains in her system. Because of this virus she is able to communicate cyberpathically with computer systems. Later, Doctor Mid-Nite is able to make the virus dormant, however after this she is soon able to move her toes, however that does not last very long.

Post-Flashpoint, Barbara Gordon's return to the role of Batgirl, involving her regaining mobility in her legs, after being paralyzed in The Killing Joke. She has just recently regained the use of her legs. Her new found mobility may springboard her back into action, but the effects of the Joker's terrible act may be mentally more difficult to get over than she ever imagined. Though Barbara is able to walk again, it could be temporary, which means she has to be careful.

In this new timeline, Barbara Gordon is the biological daughter of James Gordon and Barbara Kean-Gordon, instead of Roger and Thelma Gordon. She is also the older sister of James Jr., who is an inmate at Arkham Asylum and is alluded to as being the catalyst behind Barbara's paralyzation.

Her first real challenge back in the suit is a serial-killer named The Mirror who targets those that have escaped death through miracles. She meets a brain-damaged psychic named Gretel who reminds her of the person she could easily have become. Following the defeat of Mirror by Batgirl, Barbara received a visit from her long-estranged mother. Naturally, her daughter wasn't pleased to see her, as well as not eager to welcome her back into her life. Barbara Kean intended to move back to Gotham City, as well as eventually worked up the courage to speak to her former husband, Jim, who had never stopped loving her, despite the fact that she left. When asked why she left, she explained that it was for the sake of their son James, Jr.

Batgirl initially refuses to join when her old friend Black Canary puts together a black-ops team called the Birds of Prey. However, she assists them on a mission when they go after the super-villain Choke. Their first encounter with him is erased from all the Birds minds and Batgirl does not even remember the team-up. Despite this, she helps them take down Choke's sleeper agents known as the Cleaners. They track down their leader, a psychic named Trevor Cahill and Batgirl is finally able to reconnect with Canary as close friends. She later becomes a full-time member of the Birds of Prey.

Barbara during Zero Year.

During the Night of the Owls event, Batgirl is attacked by a Talon named Mary, using a bomb carried by a paper balloon. The Talon proves to be more than a match, swiftly defeating her, yet inexplicably leaving her alive. Later in the same night, Batgirl assists the Birds of Prey in taking down another Talon, by locking it in a freezer cart on a train with Poison Ivy. Batgirl later invites Mary to join the Birds of Prey.

During the events of the Death of the Family story-arc, she finally had her first encounter with the Joker since he paralysed her. There the Joker kidnapps her mother and cuts off her ring finger. After her brother's escape from Arkham during a break out, she receives a call from him, informing her that Joker's thugs were coming to attack her at her apartment. He then leads her to where Joker had been keeping their mother hostage. When Batgirl comes to her aide, Joker presents her mother's finger to Batgirl as a token of marriage. Batgirl tries to fight to save her mother, but the Joker reveals either she marries him or he will blow up her mother. Batgirl agrees and leave Barbara at the skate rink.

Later she throws a Batarang at James Jr.'s eye when he tries to kill their mother resulting in his fall from a roof top just as their father arrives on the scene and watches him fall.


  • The alias of Nightwing, which is currently used by Dick Grayson, was never used by Barbara Gordon in the comics. The in-reality explanation for why she is Nightwing is because she hated the code-name Batgirl.
  • Barbara Gordon is mostly known as Batgirl and Oracle in the main DC universe.
  • Writer Bryan Q. Miller (who has also wrote Stephanie Brown’s solo series as Batgirl) stated that the Nightwing that appeared in Detective was initially intended to be Stephanie but was later replaced by Barbara Gordon. Stephanie Brown has used the aliases of Spoiler, Robin and Batgirl in the comics.[2]
  • Just like her comic book counterpart, Barbara wears reading glasses.
  • Barbara's signature weapon are a pair of escrima sticks, which are Oracle's as well as Dick Grayson's main weapons.
  • Barbara Gordon's purple and gold Nightwing costume resembles a combination of Dick Grayson's original Nightwing costume as well as Barbara's Batgirl costume in the Batman TV series.
  • Apparently in the main Smallville universe, Barbara is the first assistant of Bruce Wayne. This concept is very similar to that of the recent animated series The Batman, in wich she helps the Dark Knight in his crusade against crime, long before the debut of Robin.
  • When Barbara regains consciousness after the healing immersion, the sentence that she begins to write on the glass is "Not Penny's boat", a quote to the TV series Lost.
  • In the storyarc Zero Year, which takes place some years in the past, Barbara appears with a look similar to her look in Smallville.
  • Barbara Gordon is 19 years old as of Season 11.

Other faces of Barbara Gordon


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