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Augo was a Kryptonian who went to the same school as Kara on the planet Krypton.


Augo was a disciple of Zor-El; he was convinced that his destiny was to die on Krypton along with his master. Augo strongly believed in this and in Rao's prophecy, which foretold the creation of Brainiac, the war with General Zod, the destruction of Krypton, and Zor-El's resurrection on Earth.

Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton

When Zor-El and the Disciples of Zod planned for Kandor to be targeted for heavy attacks and with the school being one of them, Zor-El sent Augo to make sure that Kara didn't get there so that she wouldn't be in any danger. After the explosion, a crystal column landed on Kara; Augo saved her by lifting it off her.

When Kara went to tell Zor-El about what happened and found out about his connection with Zod and the attacks, Augo revealed himself to be a part of the conspiracy. When Kara tried to run away, Zor-El and Augo chased after her and eventually captured her, revealing that they planned to ignite Krypton's core so that Rao's prophecy would be fulfilled.

Augo was placed with Kara by Zor-El to watch her so that she wouldn't stop him from igniting Krypton's core, but Kara tricked Augo into believing that she had come to believe in Rao's prophecy. With this distraction, Kara killed Augo by locking him in a chamber and sending it down into Krypton's core.


Augo: (gesturing to the war-ravaged Krypton) Kara, look out there. Nothing but pain and ruin. On Earth, you will feel no pain. It's the promised land we've been waiting for. The Scrolls of Rao have foretold of one who will rise from the ashes and start anew in paradise, where he will live as a god among men. Your father will be the one to lead us to salvation. It is a fate which cannot be changed.
Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton, Episode 4

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