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Dr. Arthur Walsh was a scientist who studied meteor rocks, before quitting his research after he was ordered to study human cloning.

Early life

Dr. Walsh, Dr. Donovan Jamison, Dr. Steven Hamilton built a secret laboratory to study and mine meteor rock. A journalist named Sarah Strossberg was a sort of junior colleague who helped document their work and find new sources of meteor rocks. She died from the jitters after injecting herself with liquid meteor rock. They were not ready for public exposure, so Dr. Walsh stole the body and put it where her family could find it. This prevented Dr. Jamison from studying it further, just before Dr. Walsh quit the team and disappeared.

Chloe Chronicles

Dr. Arthur Walsh might have believed Earl Jenkin's story about his jitters being caused by meteor infection. Dr. Walsh called Belinda after Earl died, expressing remorse as if he was somehow responsible. (Video One)

Chloe journeyed to Edge City to interview Dr. Arthur Walsh. He used to be a professor of genetics at Metropolis University, but now teaches high school biology. He initially expresses reluctance to talk about Earl Jenkins, but he does invite Chloe into his office. He tries to hide some envelopes with a strange green logo. When Chloe mentions meteor rocks, Dr. Walsh mumbles something about Dr. Steven Hamilton's results being replicated outside of the lab, and someone named Donovan. Chloe tries to encourage him to talk by mentioning all the people who have been killed and hurt by the meteor rocks. When the bell rings, he agrees to meet with Chloe again next week, and they can exchange notes. (Video Two)

Chloe later interviews Dr. Donovan Jamison, who worked with Dr. Walsh and Dr. Steven Hamilton at Metropolis University in 1990. Dr. Jamison said some insulting things about Dr. Walsh. Before she left, Chloe noticed an envelope with the same strange green logo she saw in Walsh's office. (Video Three)

One night, a secret task force known as the Deletion Force arrived at Edge City High to arrange Walsh's removal. They worked to move out all of Walsh's belongings while leaving falsified documents like a letter on the superintendent's desk confessing to years of affairs. They arranged to fake a plane trip with a double to make it appear that he had flown to Bankok, deleted his DMV and IRS records while also leaving a confession letter for his wife. (Chronicle)

Chloe later returned to Edge City with a digital copy of her Wall of Weird for Dr. Walsh, but she found his classes canceled and his office empty. Before she left, a courier arrived to deliver something for Dr. Walsh. Chloe accepted the delivery and signed for an envelope. It had the same strange green logo and it is stuffed with cash and a note encouraging him to avoid further contact with Chloe. His principal was baffled by his disappearance and his house was empty. Chloe vowed to continue investigating.


In truth, Arthur Walsh was transferred to a facility called Level Three, whose location was constantly shifted across locations in places like Coast City, Gotham City and Bludhaven. There, he was consistently injected with a slow-acting poison that would require a daily antidote to keep him alive, so as to discourage him from escaping. Walsh managed to call his wife at one point but she hung up on him quickly, disgusted by Arthur, believing the lies the Deletion Force had planted.

At one point he encountered a man named Carter Bickson who had been part of the Deletion Force who had removed him from his life. Filled with guilt, Carter was eventually moved to escape. Walsh asked him a favor to inform Chloe Sullivan of what they'd been doing in the lab, as well as asking him to relay a personal cryptic message to Chloe. Carter executed his escape, heading for Chloe as promised. He informed Chloe of all that had happened, and Chloe eventually figured out that message was leading her to the site where the original Level Three's location's equipment had been moved to. (Chronicle)

Chloe Chronicles, Volume Two

Chloe checks her email.

Chloe received an email from Dr. Walsh. She was apprehensive about opening it, but Chloe never turns away from a mystery. The email contained a video message from Dr. Walsh. He was working in a lab and afraid for his own life. He asked Chloe to find his family. Chloe tried to trace the email but it was bounced off so many servers that it is untraceable. Further searches for Dr. Walsh and his family turned up no result at all. Someone had tried to delete them completely.

Chloe found Mrs. Walsh and went to her house. She showed her and her ten-year-old son Max the video she received. It containeds a message just for them. He told them that whatever they heard about his disappearance was a lie, and Chloe could tell them what really happened. He also told them that he loved them, and told his son to "take his lucky lure and go catch that big monster fish they never managed to catch together." After the video, Max said that they never went fishing together. Chloe found the tackle box and Max pointed out the lucky lure. Inside, Chloe found a computer chip and when she plugged it in to her handheld computer, she received a coded message: GHOST NECK SS 942565362509.

This code helped Chloe find the grave of Sarah Strossberg.



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