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Arrival is the first volume in a series of Young Adult novels about Smallville.

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The novel was written by Michael Teitelbaum and was printed in January 2002. It is a novelization of the episode Pilot.


(Provided on page 39 of Smallville #10)

A novelization of the series' first episode, as Clark begins to come to grips with his powers and his feelings for Lana Lang; and has his first encounters with Lex Luthor and a Kryptonite freak.


  • Lex Luthor mentions his preference for reading the Gotham Globe newspaper, marking the first known indirect mention of Gotham City in the Smallville continuity.
  • The novel restores several of the deleted scenes for the Pilot including Principal Kwan's encounter with Jeremy Creek and Lex Luthor's first meeting with Gabe Sullivan, albeit with slight differences in execution and dialogue.

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