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Argo is the fifth story arc of Smallville Season 11,[1] a comic book series from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the television series. It is a main story arc, but unlike previous main stories, it features nine chapters instead of twelve. The arc features the returns of Kara Kent/Supergirl, Booster Gold, and Doomsday. Also featured in the arc are the returns of Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy, Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl, Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad, and Brainiac 5, and the introduction of the other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century.


From DC Comics: In these stories from issues #13-15 and SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 SPECIAL #2, Clark Kent finds himself transported to the future, where he meets the greatest heroes of the 31st Century: Booster Gold and the Legion of Super-Heroes! But it’s not just a social call: Superman must stop war between Earth and a stunning villain!


  • Smallville: Season 11 #13 (Released on May 8, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 42: Argo, Part 1 (Digital Release April 12, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 43: Argo, Part 2 (Digital Release April 19, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 44: Argo, Part 3 (Digital Release April 26, 2013)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #14 (Released on June 12, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 47: Argo, Part 4 (Digital Release May 17, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 48: Argo, Part 5 (Digital Release May 24, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 49: Argo, Part 6 (Digital Release May 31, 2013)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #15 (Released on July 10, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 51: Argo, Part 7 (Digital Release June 14, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 52: Argo, Part 8 (Digital Release June 21, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 53: Argo, Part 9 (Digital Release June 28, 2013)


Trade paperbacks[]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Volume 4: Argo (Released on March 19, 2014)


Chapter Forty-Two[]

Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 7-adri280891

Blue Beetle saves Booster Gold after his Legion ring stops working.

In Antarctica, employees of WayneTech, Kord Industries, and Michael Holt's company working on the Super Collider are running from something, when Skeets, in a new form, arrives to announce Booster Gold, leading to the employees to admit they would rather have Kord's kid with the bug on his back. As they bicker, a huge monster is about to attack them. Booster proceeds to attack it but his Legion ring fails to work because it detects no authorized user. As the monster is about to kill him, Blue Beetle arrives and proceeds to scare it off. Beetle then checks to see if everyone is all right, leading Booster to shrug him off. As Beetle and Skeets have a conversation of their own, Booster wonders what happened with the ring. Skeets then mention there would be one person who would know what has happened.

Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 13-adri280891

Clark kisses Lois goodbye before she leaves for Cameroon.

Back at the apartment, Lois and Clark are in the shower with Clark washing her hair. Clark wonders if Lois would be alright in Africa and if he should go with her to check on the vigilante known as the Angel of the Plateau. Lois reminds him that Franklin Stern is watching him closely now that he returned from his extended leave. She asks if Clark would be alright after what just happened with Bart, and Clark says he will but he wonders how many more people do they have to lose. Clark then proceeds to take care of an apartment building on Russell and Glosson, while Lois heads for the airport with a Ferris Airline ticket to Africa.

Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 20-adri280891

Clark and Booster Gold wake up in 31st century's destroyed Metropolis.

After Clark takes care of the fire, he goes to the Daily Planet bullpen, where he is confronted by Cat Grant who wonders why he hasn't answered any of her calls. Clark meekly replies he forgot to charge his cell phone. Cat reveals that he has a visitor, with Booster jokingly greeting him. Clark pushes him to the rooftop, and confronts him about arriving at his workplace. Booster reveals that since he is from the future, he knows about Clark's "hiatus" and Clark wonders whether Booster knew about what was going to happen to Bart. Skeets says their knowledge of the future is constantly changing. Booster shows Clark his Legion ring and asks about the "Legion Protocol Six", but Clark is not aware of it. The moment Clark touches the ring, it suddenly activates, causing Clark and Booster to suddenly disappear in a flash of light, leaving a very confused Skeets alone. They wake up in the 31st century in front of a destroyed Superman statue in the middle of a torn Metropolis.

Chapter Forty-Three[]


Skeets requests Tess' aid in his plan.

In Metropolis of the present day, after the disappearance of Clark Kent and Booster Gold, Skeets appears all alone looking all over the city for help. At Watchtower, while performing monitor duty over her allies in her newly digitized form, Tess gets an unexpected visit from Skeets who tells her Superman and Booster Gold were accidently transported to the future. Tess doesn't see how she can help Skeets giving her artificial state. Skeets offers to help her discover the joys of being an A.I. after this crisis is dealt with, but right now he needs money. Tess mentions that Booster is connected very well to Ted Kord. But Skeets insist that he needs someone who has more money so he can purchase land with a thousand year lease as a means to place himself in a time capsule. So he can wait until a thousand years to be their when they arrive.


Clark and Booster are watching the burning spacecraft ready to crush over them.

In the Metropolis of 31st Century, Clark and Booster try to understand what happened to them and investigate Superman's fallen statue. Clark questions Booster Gold how he could a get a Legion ring from the 31st century while himself was living in the 25th when suddenly Skeets appears revealing that he was waiting for them for one thousand years. While they are talking a burning spaceship which is on a collusion crash, is heading towards the city of Metropolis. 


Superman and the two Legionnaires are arrested by a squad of guards.

Inside the spaceship Garth Ranzz who was caught and taken prisoner aboard the spacecraft, is rescued by fellow legionnaire Brainiac 5 who frees him from his restraint cuffs allowing him to access his electrical abilities and engaging his captors while also verbally bantering with Brainiac 5 as personal amusement. Brainiac 5 tries but fails to control the spacecraft and the crush seems inevitable. All of a sudden he notices a familiar emblem. Garth sees Clark now as Superman catch the ship and landing it safely to the ground. Afterwards he greets his old friend who asked them how he arrived there unfortunately their reunion is interrupted by the squad of guards demanding their surrender.

Chapter Forty-Four[]


The Legion Safe House #47.

With the aid from Skeets who causes a distracting for the group they move to the Legion safe house #47 where Clark now disguised in customary 31's attire explains that he was transported by the flight ring, which leaves Brainiac 5 and Garth puzzled as they have no knowledge to Protocol 6 and it wasn't enacted by any Legionnaire. Furthermore Garth persuades Brainiac 5 to reveal to Clark that his cousin, Kara, is held as a prisoner by EarthGov.


Brainiac 5 explains to Clark about the existence of New Krypton.

Clark gets mad and attacks some men working for Kirt Niedrigh. In the 31st century Kirt Niedrigh is the Minister of EarthGov and is leading Earth to a war against New Krypton. At EarthGov holding facility he informs his superiors about wanting to transfer his prisoner off-world to a more secure location. He also tries to convince them that the Legion is a problem to their war because of the many non-Earth members of the team. They respond that allowing their eclectic assortment of "xenos" to reside on Earth keeps United Planets funding coming in and that also the Legion tries to stop the war with New Krypton not to fuel it. He then informs them about a Legionnaire with the Mark of El on his chest who attacked his men earlier stating that the Legion is collaborating with new Krypton and that it is only a matter of time before he comes to free the other Kryptonian he is holding hostage.

Sups kara

Clark finds Kara imprisoned by EarthGov.

Suddenly Superman arrives at the facility and requests from Kirt to give him back Kara. Minister Niedrigh orders his men to attack Superman with red sunlight stylised weapons that causes him to lose his powers for a few seconds but that doesn't stop him from defeating them. When his powers come back he grabs Niedrigh and angrily asks him where is she. Then Kirt, obviously scared, tells him where he has put Kara. Clark finds Kara in a weakened state.

Chapter Forty-Seven[]


Clark and Kara discuss how she ended up in the future.

Still in 31st century, above Earth, Superman reunites with his cousin, Kara, whom has just freed from an EarthGov facility where she was held as a prisoner. Kara explains to Clark how she time-traveled into the future with his Legion ring and that she was ordered by Jor-El to do so. Clark comments that he didn't even noticed his ring or his cousin were missing and apologises to her but he also questions Kara how "Supergirl" was involved in ther war between Earth and New Krypton. She tells him that when she arrived in the future she was welcomed by Brainiac-5 and the Legion, which launched a diplomatic mission when they discovered Argo, the lost Kryptonian colony, but was sabotaged by someone from EarthGov and that event was the start of the war. Kara also reveals that she was not an actually a prisoner but a spy for the Kryptonians.

Inside the EarthGov holding facility, Minister Niedrigh informs his superiors about the Kryptonian's attack and they say that he must have been working with the Legion. They also tell him that he must focus on their planned assault on New Krypton and Kirt reassures them that his agents are already in place.


Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl undercover on New Krypton.

On New Krypton, the Legionnaires Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl disguised among the crowd try to locate Niedrigh's agents and stop them. Rokk succeeds to catch the agents and Imra disables the bomb but suddenly a group of Kryptonians, which protects New Krypton's citizents, leaded by Eradicator Beh-Osk appear and take into custody the two Legionnaires who are charged with terrorism. Rokk tries to explain that they mistake their actions and they were on New Krypton only to ensure peace but the Kryptonians do not believe them.


Kryptonian homecoming!

Suddenly Superman and Supergirl appear on the scene defending Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. When Beh-Osk hears the Legionnaires call Superman as Kal-El, he realises that Superman is the last son of ancient Krypton and gets astonished by that revelation. He then calls all the Kryptonians to kneel before "Argo's salvation". Clark seems not so happy about that action and Kara says to him "Welcome home".

Chapter Forty-Eight[]

SMVL 48 300-004 HD

Booster asks Brainiac 5 to fix his Legion ring.

In the Legion safe house, Booster Gold asks Brainiac-5 to help him with his broken flight ring but Brainiac-5 seems not to appreciate Booster as a person and doesn't believe that he had ever hard-earned something in his life. Booster actually confirms that by revealing that he stole his Legion ring from a museum in the 22nd century, where he was working, and that it was actually Superman's ring he stole. Brainiac-5 also confirms that except Kal-El's Legion ring Booster Gold has also stole his faithful intelligence, Skeets, and his wrist blasters. Booster Gold defends himself by saying that he had to "borrow" those things in order to become the hero he is now and asks Brainiac-5 to check the Legion's historical records so he can prove that he is a superhero too, like Superman. Brainiac-5 searches the records and finds no data on "Booster Gold", so Booster asks him to try "Goldstar", his previous alias, believing that he might return to it but Brainiac-5 can't find anything again. So Skeets suggests he might went under his civillain identity for posterity so Brainiac-5 searches on "Michael Jon Carter" but the only thing he can find is that he was a player in college football in the 25th century who was ejected from the sport because of gambling. Booster tries to find an answer on why there is no record of him but Brainiac-5 says that he might never succeeded to become more than a "fake" hero. An insulted Booster gets out of the safe house but Brainiac-5 follows and apologizes to him, saying that he shouldn't had been so harsh on Booster considering his past crimes as Brainiac. Then he says to Booster that maybe he shouldn't think he needs to have his blasters or his flight ring to be a hero and he should try to make a difference without superpowers taking for example Clark, who had succeeded to be a great hero even when he had lost his powers. Booster then asks him again if he will ever fix his ring and Brainiac-5 gives him a look of disappointment.


Superman sees a statue of the Kryptonian Goddess.

On New Krypton, Chancellor Pa-Vel escorts Superman in the Hall of Scion in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years. Cancellor also mentions that Clark liberated their ancestors from the tyranny of General Zod and that is why every Kryptonian on New Krypton calls him "Liberator". Chancellor also explains to Superman a bit about their religion, how proud enlightened people they are and that their war is more about that despite the violence. He also reveals that the main cause of the war is to recover the body of their God. A confused Clark questions him about his revelation knowing that the God they worship is Rao, Krypton's red sun but Chancellor says that Rao was worshiped only by their ancestors and they now worship a new one, showing him the statue of their Goddess and also revealing to him that Clark actually knew her.


Imra tells Brainiac 5 to activate Legion Protocol Six.

High above Earth, Saturn Girl, who holds Niedrigh's agents captive, contacts Brainiac 5 and informs him that Superman arranged their release but she is worried about the war procedures escalating. She also states that if they are not able to maintain peace, they might have to call every Legionnaire from all corners of space to hold the solar system together. Imra asks Brainiac 5 to activate "Legion Protocol Six".


Superman reveals the Kryptonians' real reason behind the war.

On New Krypton, Supergirl asks Cosmic Boy why he is not with his friend Lighting Lad, with whom he used to be very close and he responds to her that he and Imra kind of avoiding him suggesting he is in a relationship with Saturn Girl. Rokk then asks Kara to tell him what she has learned while she was a spy for the Kryptonians and help the Legion stop the war. Superman arrives on the scene and says to Kara that she doesn't have to say anything, betraying the Kryptonians' trust because he already knows everything. He reveals to Supergirl and Cosmic Boy that the war is not about politics but actually for another, more religious reason. The Kryptonians actually want to recover Faora's body, whom they worship as their Goddess because of her tale that was told by Argo's settlers and eventually became myth. They believe that her body holds the key of unlocking their future as a people and that is why they sent Kara as a spy to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb, but without her actually know what she is looking for.

Chapter Forty-Nine[]

Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 1370019487806

Booster Gold to the rescue.

In Metropolis, Booster Gold is whinning to Skeets about how much he doesn't like the future when suddenly he hears a girl, who seems to be a Legion member, asking for help. Booster Gold watches some EarthGov soldiers hunting the girl and so he decides to save her. He fights with one of them, traumatizing him, but the other one behind Booster Gold shoots at him and Skeets with electricity leaving him unconscious.

Supergirl Smallville s11 1370019695063

Clark and Kara discuss her status as a soldier.

Over the Amazon forest, Clark and Kara are discussing Kara's decision to become a spy for the Kryptonians and how she doesn't like it anymore feeling she had been taken advantage of. Suddenly two of EarthGov's spaceships appear with the one shooting at Kara. Clark is ready to battle them but an enraged Kara uses her heat vision destroying one of the ships. Then they both easily take care of the rest of the soldiers with Clark using his breath to freeze them.

Supergirl Smallville s11 1370019998459

Clark and Kara find Faora's tomb.

After that they find a huge gate with a Kryptonian symbol on it, which leads to Faora's tomb. When they enter the room they see a huge structure, resembling a palace which was built by Zod, and Kara wonders why Zod buried Faora there. Clark tells her that the original Zod and Faora couldn't have children so when his clone found out that Faora's clone, who had already killed, was actually pregnant with his child, he immediately regretted his action and fell into depression and that is why he built this place, to honnor her. Clark also says that he made a throne for himself, to seat after he had conquered the world, in the center of the structure facing a pit where he had kept Faora's dead body frozen inside a crystalline cube. Then Kara asks again why he put the throne facing the pit and Clark assumes that that he did it because of guilt. After that Clark and Kara fly down the pit and visit Faora's body where Clark explains that the Kryptonians believe that her child was a sacred thing, because as they believe that it may have been the answer on why the Kryptonians had powers under yellow sun and not red. Kara then states that the Kryptonians won't be the first to know the answer.

Superman RS Doomsday SV S11 1370020276989

Niedrigh gloats about his secret weapon that would destroy New Krypton: Doomsday.

On EarthGov's lab Minister Niedrigh asks his scientists to report to him about their project, Subject Zero. They respond that the sample of Faora's unborn child's genetic material they have taken from her tomb has integrated with the monster Doomsday, which they have found beneath old Metropolis. The EarthGov scientists also say they had infused the creature with solar radiation resulting in the re-constitution of its cellular structure. Then Minister Niedrigh admires their work and says that he intends to destroy the Kryptonians with a weapon of their own design, meaning the now resurrected Doomsday.

Chapter Fifty-One[]

PAGE 005

Kirt tortures Booster for information.

Inside the EarthGov holding facility Minister Niedrigh has captured Booster Gold and tortures him to get more information. Kirt is wondering why the Legion would accept a human like him in their ranks. He also wonders why he can't find any information about him in their history files but Booster says that he can't answer to that either. Niedrigh then reveales his scientists have separated Skeets into pieces and have found everything they wanted to know about Booster Gold from Skeets's data. Niedrigh then calls him a liar and a thief and states that Booster Gold needed Skeets from the beginning and he is nothing without his robotic partner.

One of the scientists informs Niedrigh that they are ready to activate their plan so Niedrigh leaves the room but before he does he orders his soldiers to re-porpuse the prisoners, leaving Booster Gold promising to Skeets he will find a way out.


Doomsday arrives on New Krypton.

Back at New Krypton some Kryptonian scientists inform Cancellor Pa-Vel that energy is spinning across the worldship. Suddenly the citizents hear a loud noise. Then the Cancellor states that it has began.

Meanwhile Cosmic Boy has gathered all the members of the Legion so they can stop the upcoming war.


Kara fights Clark.

In the Amazon forest, outside Faora's tomb, Clark and Kara are discussing about the war. Clark says that maybe the humans are not ready for a relationship with New Krypton and it might take a long time to do so. Kara defending the Kryptonians says that humans are not able to change and like many of her kind she does not think very highly of them.

20130621 042604

Clark counters Kara's incoming attack.

This conversation leads in a big fight between the two cousins but Clark manages to explain to Kara that the humans are not all like Kirt Niedrigh, giving examples of his adopted parents and Lois. They both manage to calm each other when suddenly Kara gets a call from New Krypton and at the same time Clark gets a call from the Legion. They both inform them that New Krypton is under attack, Earthgov managed to send Doomsday at the planet via a boom tube, and the kryptonians are launching their assault on Earth.

Chapter Fifty-Two[]

LOSH Smallville s11 1371826164086

Superman and Supergirl join up with the Legion in space.

In outer space, Superman and Supergirl meet Brainiac 5 and the rest of the Legion. Brainiac 5 informs the cousins that the Kryptonians have launched an incoming gravity bomb at Earth in response to the attack by Doomsday on New Krypton. Clark seems surprised and Kara asks about Doomsday so Cosmic Boy explains to her that it was a monster that Clark defeated some years ago. Brainiac 5 says that it is possible Earthgov did not authorize the attack on New Krypton, or, if they did, maybe Kirt Niedrigh wasn't actually clear to his superiors about what he found beneath old Metropolis. Kara then asks from Clark to go to New Krypton because he has the experience to defeat the beast, due to his last encounter with Doomsday. Kara calls all the Legion members to follow her to Earth, except from Saturn Girl, who follows Clark on New Krypton.

LOSH Smallville s11 1371826437414

Booster joins the fight to save lives.

Meanwhile, in the Earthgov facility, Booster Gold fights with the guards who had captured him and manages to escape along with Skeets, who informs him that situations are developing in both Metropolis and New Krypton. Booster Gold decides to do something about it.

LOSH Smallville s11 1371826629192

Superman vs. Doomsday.

On New Krypton, Superman and Saturn Girl find Doomsday, the hulking brute having almost killed off the Eradicators and caused mass panic in the city. Clark asks Imra to make a link with the minds of all the Kryptonians. Clark then informs them about who he is and Doomsday's origin. He also encourages them to help him defeat the beast. Unfortunately, Clark and the other Kryptonians' efforts are not enough to stop Doomsday so Clark decides to take the monster and throw it to the sun. Cancellor Pa-Vel says to Clark that he isn't powerful enough to escape the sun's gravity, and Clark responds that he is aware of that.

LOSH Smallville s11 1371827268827

The Gravity bomb explodes in the heart of Metropolis.

At the same time on Earth, Supergirl and the Legionnaires are ready to stop the bomb that is heading to Metropolis, but it suddenly explodes before they can do anything. Brainiac 5 informs everyone they have lost Metropolis.

Chapter Fifty-Three[]

LOSH Smallville s11 162-adri280891

Booster helps with rescue efforts.

With the gravity bomb activated on earth in Metropolis, Booster Gold along with Skeets commandeer a transporter ship and Booster decides that he'll use the ship to rescue the levitated citizens. He is joined by Kara and the entire Legion of Super-Heroes in the rescue efforts. As Kara beings to instruct the team on their assignments, Lighting Lad notices the approaching battalion of EarthGov ships. A voice from the intercom coming from the ship declares their presence is not their to fight but to aid the Legion, Both Lighting Lad and Brainiac 5 are uncertain in trusting Earth Gov. But Kara says that their been enough destruction to last a few lifetimes and decides to work alongside Earth Gov.

LOSH Smallville s11 165-adri280891

The Legion decides to work with EarthGov to save everyone.

As Kara begins her rescue efforts she receives a communication from the Chancellor of New Krypton who request her assistance immediately, Kara realizes what is happening and asked what is happening with her cousin.

LOSH Smallville s11 167-adri280891

Superman pushing Doomsday into the heart of the sun.

Meanwhile deep in space Superman engages Doomsday flying him directly into the Sun while telepathically communicating with Saturn Girl, whom he tells her certain instructions as he doesn't believe he'll make it out alive. He tells her to tell Lois, make sure that both Booster and Kara find a place in the 31st century.

LOSH Smallville s11 169-adri280891

Superman blasts Doomsday into the sun.

Saturn Girl tells Superman it doesn't have to be this way, Using the full blast of his Heat vision Superman launches Doomsday into the gravitational pull of the sun with himself caught in it as well as they both plummet into the fiery tomb, Superman asked that the Legion would ensure that no one unearth this monster again.

LOSH Smallville s11 171-adri280891

The Legionnaires save Superman.

Another Legionnaire interjects his opinion in telepathic communicating declaring that A lot of responsibility to rest upon one Legionnaire the voice is revealed to be Cosmic Boy who has come to Superman's rescue but not alone but with the rest of the Legionnaires creating a buddy system link chain to pull Superman out of the sun pull. As they declared that they wouldn't allow Superman to self-sacrifice his Destiny without a fight.

LOSH Smallville s11 172-adri280891

"Long Live The Legion"

Together the Legion and the last two solo survivors of House of El fly as one unit of the sun proclaiming "Long Live The Legion" & "Long Live The House Of El".

LOSH Smallville s11 174-adri280891 (1)

Clark encounters a young Bart.

Later in a now reformatted Metropolis, citizens wear jet packs to adjust to their new environmental gravity atmosphere. Superman encounters a mother trying to apprehend her son who has an obsession with speed and running the mother mention his name as "Bartholomew Allen" which causes Superman to shed a tear.

LOSH Smallville s11 176-adri280891

Brainiac 5 hands Clark back his Legion ring.

Brainiac 5 arrives to inform Superman of the peace progress development being made between Earth and New Krypton as both side are working together in bringing about unity. Brainiac 5 hands Superman his original Legion ring back declaring that it must remain in his possession a while longer in order for Booster to recover it in 25th century museum as history unfold. Superman watches as a New Beginning dawns for Metropolis.

LOSH Smallville s11 177-adri280891

Clark offers Kara a choice to return to the 21st century.

Returning to space, Clark finds Kara floating high above looking outward in space. Clark attempts to make small chat between himself and her as he states "He always felt torn between two worlds" Kara acknowledges the this situation demonstrated that in a ridiculous matter so to speak. Clark offers Kara the choice to come back with him to present day 21st century with Booster and Skeets, also mentioning that Chloe would love to see her present at her upcoming baby shower in a few months, Kara says she wouldn't miss it but for now she's not quite ready to leave 31st century just yet as for the first time in her life she feels at peace because she doesn't have a mission assigned to her now her life is her own and she couldn't be happier.

Main characters[]

Recurring characters[]



  • In the Silver Age comics, Argo was a Kryptonian city that was the birthplace of Kara Zor-El, having cut away from Krypton during the explosion and becoming a floating city.
  • In Superman: The Animated series, Argo is the sister planet of Krypton that was thrown out of orbit when Krypton exploded, and is the home world of Kara In-Ze, an adaptation of Kara Zor-El.
  • In Conspiracy, Faora mentioned that Zod saved her and his army in "Argo Valley". The "Siege of Argo" is once again mentioned by Zod and Faora in Sacrifice.



the original Omnitrix from Ben 10 series.


Can you spot the Omnitrix?

  • Antagonist: Kirt Niedrigh and Doomsday
  • Lex, Chloe and Oliver do not appear in this story arc.
  • In 31st Century Metropolis, one of the male citizens Booster is address to clear out of imminent danger is wearing an original model version of the Omnitrix device on his wrist similar to the one used by Ben Tennyson in the Ben 10 franchise TV series.
  • Argo marks the first time that Kara is called by her full Kryptonian name, Kara Zor-El.
  • It is mentioned that upon the arrival of the Kandorians at the new planet, a green glowing object appeared in the sky, and it was believed by them to be the creature from a Kryptonian legend, named "Flamebird", as a good omen for their arrival. In the comics, Flamebird is usually connected with Nightwing, they both were Kryptonian avian species or mythical creatures, whose existence is intertwined with that of its partner beast. Both of their names have also been connected to Batman's mythos.
  • In the comics Booster Gold's previous alias, Goldstar, was the name of his company, Goldstar Inc. It was also the superhero identity of two individuals; Theresa "Trixie" Collins, a secretary who worked at Booster Gold's company and Michelle Carter, Booster Gold's younger sister.
  • The Legionnaires that appear along with Kara in a flashback are the well known DC characters and also members of the Legion; Star Boy, Dawnstar, Wildfire and Sun Boy.
  • The Legionnaire that Booster Gold tries to save from EarthGov's soldiers resembles the comic book character, who also is a member of the Legion, Catspaw a.k.a. April Dumaka.
  • The members of the Legion that Cosmic Boy gathered, except from the ones who were previously mentioned, are Triplicate Girl, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Shrinking Violet, Timber Wolf, Bouncing Boy, Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, Ferro Lad, Phantom Girl, Sensor Girl and Ultra Boy.
  • Bart Allen's mother, who appears along with young Bart in this story-arc, is named Meloni Thawne-Allen. In the comics, she is a descendant of Eobard Thawne, an archenemy of the original Flash, wife of Don Allen (Barry Allen's son) and mother not only to Bart but also to Owen Mercer, the second Captain Boomerang.


  • Blue Beetle and Booster Gold with Skeets return, last seen in Booster.
  • Employees of WayneTech, Kord Industries, and Michael Holt's company are working on the Super Collider project in The Antarctica previously mentioned by Bruce Wayne to Lex Luthor in Detective.
  • Clark is back to his civilian life with Lois, as seen at the end of Haunted.
  • Clark is still shaken by Bart's death in Haunted.
  • The Superman-signal watch appears again, now on Lois' wrist since its debut by Emil Hamilton in Guardian.
  • Cat Grant makes her first appearance since Booster.
  • Booster tosses a Legion ring to Clark that activates and transports him to the future, Clark last used Brainiac 5's Legion ring in Homecoming.
  • Tess adjusts to her new digitized form as it was bestowed to her by Emil at the end of Haunted.
  • When Booster sees the destroyed remains of the Superman statue in 31st Century Metropolis, he says to Clark if he had known about the statue, Superman would eventually receive in his honor he might not have backed down from the whole "Key to the city." (Booster)
  • Superman re-encounters past Legionaries Lighting Lad and Brainiac 5 last seen in Legion and Homecoming respectively.
  • Kara makes her first appearance since Prophecy.
  • Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl were last seen in Legion and Doomsday (Rokk only).
  • Davis Bloome was mentioned by Kara. His last full appearance was in Doomsday. He was last mentioned in Rabid.

Flashback sequences[]

  • Clark, Zod and the Kandorian Army are seen on the crow's nest in Salvation.
    • The Kandorians were being transported to New Krypton.
  • Kara is summoned by Jor-El to the Fortress in Prophecy.
    • Kara puts on the Legion ring above Watchtower and is transported to the future.
  • Davis was seen kneeling down in the shower in Prey.
  • Davis's first appearance was in Plastique.
  • Davis's transformation into Doomsday was last seen in Infamous.
  • Zod killing Faora, her unborn child, and destroying the Checkmate Headquarters were all seen in Sacrifice.
  • Davis's separation from Doomsday was last seen in Doomsday.


Coming Soon



Coming Soon


  • Clark's 31st century disguise gives him a similar appearance to Kent Shakespeare, a member of the Legion and future descendant of Superman.
  • Doomsday's outfit is almost exactly like the one he was in when he first appeared in the Death of Superman storyline.

Variant Covers[]


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