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Clark using arctic breath.

Arctic breath is a Kryptonian ability that allows them to freeze things with just their breath.

Season Nine

Clark used his arctic breath to cool down Lois's coffee so he could distract her long enough to go out on patrol as the Blur and return before she realized he had even left.

Clark uses his arctic breath!

Clark, while infected with red kryptonite, used his arctic breath to cause a snowstorm in Seattle. He also combined his arctic breath with Major Zod's in order to freeze John Corben encasing him in a block of ice when he infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude and began to attack them.

Season Ten

Clark was held captive by Granny Goodness and her Female Furies surrounded by kryptonite fire pit. He used his arctic breath to freeze a chain above the fire pit that was holding a lamp shield lined with lead to cover the kryptonite radiation, restoring his powers before Granny Goodness had a chance to brainwash him into becoming her minion.

When Lois was given Clark’s powers by Jor-El, she used her the Arctic Breath to stop a flood, she called it “freeze breath” but Clark quickly corrected her. (Prophecy)




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