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The Arctic Circle is the northern most territory in the Northern Hemisphere and the home to Clark Kent's Kryptonian sanctuary, the Fortress of Solitude.

Season Four

After Clark had united all of the Stones of Power, they created a super crystal, the Crystal of Knowledge. Once he grabbed the crystal it transported him to an opening in the arctic circle where he threw the crystal into the snow thus creating the Fortress of Solitude.

Season Five

The Crystal then activated a system and "melted" down into the snow. The ground then began shaking and what started to emerge was a Kryptonian building with criss-crossing columns. He then approached the building and was greeted by the voice of Jor-El. Jor-El told him that he needed to train Clark for the impending doom that was to befall on earth and that this building was his Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El then began to teach Clark the history of Krypton and his heritage. Chloe Sullivan was also transported to the arctic circle after being present when Clark united the stones. She awoke and was amazed to see the Fortress in front of her to which she approached. She entered and found Clark encased in a tube studying before a wind broke out in the Fortress and she began freezing to death before Clark saved her.

When Clark died after Jor-El took away his powers, he inhabited the body of his Kryptonian vessel, Lionel Luthor, who took Clark's body from the hospital to the Fortress where he restored his powers to him.

When Martha contracted a Kryptonian disease, Milton Fine told Clark it was Jor-El's doing and that he had to destroy the Fortress where they went up and Fine gave Clark a crystal that will destroy the Fortress and open a portal to the Phantom Zone revealing that he was, in fact, Brainiac. The two then battled before Brainiac was impaled on crystal console.

Clark later came to the Fortress to reveal to Lana Lang his secret by proposing to her from one of the Fortress' high columns. He then returned later after she was hit and killed in a car accident and asked Jor-El to reset time. He then came again when instead his father Jonathan Kent was killed after suffering a heart attack to which Jor-El did not respond.

He then came when Lex Luthor was chosen to be the vessel of General Zod. Jor-El gave Clark a dagger in which to kill Lex to stop Zod from destroying Earth.

Season Six

After a Brainiac duplicate had kidnapped Martha Kent and Lois Lane aboard LuthorCorp's private jet, he was destroyed when Clark threw the dagger into one of the duplicates destroying them all causing the plane to crash in the arctic circle near the Fortress of Solitude. Martha then dragged Lois to the Fortress where Jor-El sent them back to Smallville.

When a Phantom Zone escapee named Baern was in Smallville, Clark and another escapee named Raya lured him to the Fortress where he killed Raya but Clark defeated him using the Crystal of El.

Season Seven

When activated, the Kryptonian Orb highlighted a location in the Arctic Circle (Quest). Lex Luthor began investigating the region.

Jimmy later met Lois Lane at the Ace of Clubs and gave her satellite images of the Arctic Circle. At Lex's request, he attempted to convince Lois that Lex has been visiting the Arctic looking for new places to drill oil. Lois was skeptical but Jimmy said he got the photos from the photo lab and Lois seemed convinced. (Arctic)

Later, Lex was preparing to take the Orb to the Arctic and told his men that another passenger was coming. Jimmy arrived and told him that he did what he asked and gave Lois the photos. He thinks they're even now, but Lex told him to continue to spy on Lois. Jimmy objected, saying he doesn't want to lie anymore. He promised not to tell anyone about Lex's secrets and was pleased when Lex seemed to agree.

Lex and Clark in the Arctic as the Fortress collapses.

Lex discovered the Fortress. Shortly after, Clark appeared in the Fortress. Lex put the Orb in the Fortress console, and the Fortress collapsed around him and Clark.

Season Eight

Clark somehow survived the destruction of the Fortress, and woke up on a fishing boat, without his powers. He was captured by Russians and was forced to do manual labor.

Oliver Queen sent part of his team to the Arctic to look for Clark. Oliver came across Tess Mercer's LuthorCorp team, and neutralized them. He eventually found Clark's jacket, eventually tracking down Clark to a work camp in Russia. Oliver eventually rescued Clark, four weeks after the destruction of the Fortress.

Clark returned to the Arctic Circle to rebuild the Fortress of Solitude in Abyss.

Season Nine

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