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Amos Fortune is the owner of the Fortune Casino in Metropolis.


Amos is cruel, tyrannical and cold-hearted: willing to kill anybody to get what he wants.

Season Ten

Amos questions Emil about his stolen truck

Amos' casino was host to Clark and Lois Bachelor/bachelorette party where one of his armored trucks was robbed stolen a magically intoxicated Clark, who also stole his pet lemur. Amos had Emil Hamilton abducted by his minions, thinking Emil was the one who stole his truck. When Emil continuously denied stealing it, he ordered his goons to kill him. Later that day, Amos was confronted by Lois and Oliver over Lois' engagement ring she lost to him the night before, but he refused to return it. In turn, he had them both captured and tied up in the back room, while he stayed to take in a show.

Amos spots Chloe in his casino

When Chloe arrived during the show, Amos recognized her as one of the people who stole his truck and a brawl took place. During the brawl, Lois managed to get her ring from Amos, but was caught and choked by him. Oliver then saved Lois from him by knocking Amos unconscious.

In the Comics

Amos Fortune as he appears in the comics

When Amos was a teenager, his father died and left him nothing but a "lucky" deck of cards. He played with them constantly, because they were the only things that reminded him of his father and finally became very good at it. At the same time he started to learn how to defend himself, because other school children bullied him. At the age of sixteen he began to earn money gambling with his schoolmates and employed four students to serve as his bodyguards. He became close friends with them (as he said, "these four would become the closest thing I've ever had to friends"). Some time later they began to rob local shops and their activity brought them to Jimmy the Gent, the local mob boss, who hired them. Under his guidance they've quickly moved to bigger targets and all of their efforts were lucky. Impressed by their achievements, Jimmy advised Amos to bring his band to a private poker game in downtown. In fact, it was his first game with big guys and it was crowned with success. They didn't believe that he wasn't cheating and started a shootout, but this finally didn't make a difference because Amos and his band were skilled hand-to-hand combatants and defeated them without difficulties. When they were gathering money, Amos saw an ace and it inspired him to create card-like suits for his partners and assume a name the "Royal Flush Gang". They didn't return the money to Jimmy and instead used it to construct some high-tech weaponry. However, their criminal efforts eventually pulled them into several run-ins with the Justice League of America and all of their weapons were merely useless. After series of defeats Amos decided to start a casting into Royal Flush Gang. They recruited new members in every city they could, so, by now there's branch of Royal Flush Gang in every city of America.

Amos Fortune is an old enemy of the Justice League. He is an evil scientist, but unlike others that specialize in sort of "traditional" abominations of science (machines, monsters, time travel, cloning, diseases, etc.), Fortune studies and uses luck in his schemes.

Upon growing up, Amos found himself fascinated (and obsessed) with luck. He eventually theorized that human beings have "luck glands" that focus "stellaration" or "luck magics" from the stars. These supposedly determine how lucky or unlucky they'll be in life. With this information he went on to using these "luck glands" to manipulate luck in order to commit crimes. Despite this, he is still generally unsuccessful.

Amos Fortune joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. He was thrown out of a helicopter by the Secret Six. Amos Fortune and Roulette are in an elaborate game that pits the "cells" of the Royal Flash Gang against the Justice League of America. The Cells" are defeated by the League and Fortune and Roulette escape. Amos Fortune is called to a warehouse where the wife of one of the members shoots him point blank in the face. It is unknown if he survived the shot or how his mental facilities and physical abilities will be if he was able to rehabilitate and recuperate. He did survive being thrown out of a plane by the Secret Six.


Fortune's "Lucky Lemur"

  • The lemur that Clark and the group stole during their wild, drunken night, belonged to Amos, who he had referred to as his "Lucky Lemur".


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