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The Altar.

The stone altar is a monument in the Kawatche caves but is blocked off by cave barriers. Clark Kent, as Kal-El of Krypton, opened the wall, and it has been open ever since. This altar was made to hold the Stones of Power, and can also act as a teleportation device.

Clark and Lana are teleported to the Fortress.

It is one of the last few remaining examples of Kryptonian teleportation technology.

Physical Appearance

The stone altar had slots in which the Stones of Power could be placed. The slots were surrounded by a number of Kryptonian glyphs.

The stone altar is hidden inside a secret chamber in the Kawatche Caves. This allowed the Stones to be hidden from intruders.

Powers and Abilities

When activated by the Key, the stone altar acts as a teleportation portal to the Fortress of Solitude. The teleportation takes time, and appears as a stream of blue light. Multiple people can teleport at the same time, and can interact with each other during the teleportation process. (Reckoning)

Clark could place the Key into the altar and find himself in a blue stream of energy where he can converse with Jor-El. (Sacred)

Early History

According to Lara-El, such portals once existed between Krypton and Earth until they were sealed by the Ruling Council during their war with General Zod.


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