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Aldar was an enormous humanoid alien who fed on bone marrow. Although he was from the Phantom Zone, he was not a wraith and still retained his physical body.

Physical Appearance


Aldar was a massive, physically imposing entity. He was tall, had brown skin, short hair and was heavily muscled. His most prominent feature however were his eyes, strange and alien, with bands of orange, yellow and black. He also had prominent, dirty, sharp teeth. He wore dark, drab colors and his clothes were shredded. He sported black gloves, the remnants of a black shirt, a black belt, pants and boots.


Alder had a ravenous appetite to bone marrow. He appeared to be quite intelligent, as he immediately recognized Clark as a Kryptonian upon seeing he wields the Crystal of El, and was able to specify that it had no effect on him because he is no "phantom" (wraith). He also was able to deduce that Clark's blood has special properties because of his powers (coincidentally, he was actually right). 

Powers and Abilities

Aldar's super strength.

  • Super Strength - Aldar possessed an extreme level of strength, at least superior to a 19 year old Clark Kent (Static). Thus, he was one of the strongest beings to ever appear on the show, but it remains unknown if he could match Doomsday in strength who was evidently stronger than a 22 year old Clark Kent (Doomsday). Aldar could snap and break peoples' bones effortlessly and was easily able to overwhelm an adolescence Clark Kent in hand-to-hand combat. Aldar could casually catch a punch from Clark and throw him into a crane with tremendous force. Clark was shocked, terrified and completely helpless when Aldar held him in a firm grip and was about break his back and devour his corpse, mainly by ripping out his spine and feed on his bone marrow. The Martian Manhunter rescued Clark just in time with a powerful energy blast that killed Aldar instantly. He later remarked that Clark's life was in danger at the docks, confirming that Aldar's strength was high enough to kill a Kryptonian with his bare hands easily, which takes an incalculable amount of raw strength. 
  • Super Speed - Aldar was able to move at exceptionally high velocities, though it is unclear exactly how fast he was in compare to Kryptonians. He was able to easily sneak up to people he targeted as food, as well as to get to Clark within the mere seconds it took him to turn around and to disappear from the scene within the several seconds it took Clark to jump out from a crane. He also possessed sufficient reflexes to match a 19 year old Clark Kent.
  • Super Stamina - Aldar possessed an enhanced stamina. His was at levels far greater than any human and as such, could fight other beings for long periods without getting weak or tired while doing so.
  • Super Durability - Aldar survived a fall from the sky and was able to immediately overwhelm a ship filled with people and was able to catch a punch from Clark without his arm exploding. He seemed almost impervious to sheer physical damage, however his resistance to energy based attacks was highly unimpressive in comparison to his strength. The Martian Manhunter was able to kill him with a single energy blast. Since Aldar couldn't fly or resist powerful energy-based attacks he's was no real threat to a fully-powered Kryptonian or a Martian since both species could easily kill him from afar with heat/energy-based attacks. Had he however possessed a degree of durability or invulnerability matching his amazing strength, he would have been close to unstoppable, much like Doomsday.


Despite his strength and durability against impact, Aldar was apparently vulnerable to at least some attacks. The Martian Manhunter was easily able to kill Aldar by hitting him with a single energy based attack.

Early life

Aldar likely commited crimes similar to those on Earth which got him imprisoned in the Phantom Zone until he was accidentally released when Clark opened the gateway.

Season Six

Aldar about to kill a man.

Aldar fell out of the sky in Seattle, Washington and consumed the entire crew of a ship docked at the harbor. Aldar would rip his victims open, tear out all the bones and suck out the bone marrow. He was later encountered by Clark who he utterly overwhelmed strength-wise.

Aldar is killed by John Jones.

Aldar threw Clark into a crane and then disappeared. Aldar was once again encountered by Clark, this time in the city, Clark asked him why he was killing people, Aldar resonded by simply saying "Hey, a man's got to eat." Clark attempted to fight the monster but Aldar easily caught his punch, lifted him over his head and attempted to snap Clark in half, not before being blasted in the back by an unknown assailant, killing Aldar instantly. The assailant turned out to be the Martian Manhunter.

Season Eleven

Aldar being sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

While talking about his past to Batman, Martian Manhunter recalled his activities as a bounty hunter. This included capturing Aldar, and turning him over to Jor-El, before Aldar was sentenced to the Phantom Zone.


  • Aldar is portrayed by actor and former WWE superstar Dave Bautista, known professionally by his ring name Batista. One maneuver that Aldar demonstrated was a backbreaker.