Alan Scott / Green Lantern
Family Molly (wife); Todd (son); Jennifer Lynn (daughter);
Occupation CEO of Scott Communication, Super-Hero (Justice Society of America)
Powers and
Power ring
Played By Doug Pinton
Status Alive

Alan Scott is a formerly retired super-hero, who was active in the 1970s, under the alias "Green Lantern" and was a founding member of the world's first team of super-heroes.

Early life


Green Lantern in the JSA Portrait.

Very little is known about Alan's early life. After having gained possession of a power ring, Alan became the masked mystery man, known as the Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice Society of America. During this time, Alan was a CEO of his own broadcasting company.


Alan behind bars.

Alan was later framed by a government agency and was arrested for embezzlement. Just like the rest of his friends, Alan tried to take the blame and exonerate the others. Eventually, due to lack of evidence, missing witnesses and evidence of jury tampering, Alan was released along with rest of his teammates.

Season Nine


Alan's mask, ring and power battery on display.

Black and white footage of Alan was found by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan, along with Alan's criminal record, in 2010. Later, Alan's power ring, lantern battery and domino mask was shown in a display case at the JSA Brownstone. Following the defeat of Icicle, Carter Hall mentioned that he'd tracked down and contacted Alan.

Season Eleven

When the Justice League meets the current Green Lantern of Earth, John Stewart, he mentions that he doesn't know how Alan managed to acquire a power ring and what loophole he exploited, meaning that he was not a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Later, Lex Luthor visits the JSA Brownstone and asks Abigail Hunkel, wishing to learn more about the Green Lanterns.

In the Comics

84091-alan-scott 400

Alan Scott as he appears in the comics.

Alan was a founding member of the Justice Society and was instrumental in many wartime battles. After the war, as a broadcast executive in the late forties, Alan Scott had a flirtatious relationship with the costumed villainess the Harlequin (who unbeknownst to Alan, was secretly his secretary, Molly Maynne). Molly even admitted that her career as a "criminal" was just a ruse to get close to Green Lantern. The Harlequin eventually turned over a new leaf, becoming an undercover agent for the FBI. She left Alan's life without confessing her true identity or her real feelings. He currently is part of the JSA leading new heroes in the right path.

Molly Maynne

Alan Scott and Molly Maynne as they appears in the comics.

Alan had a relationship with Rose Canton AKA the Thorn (a Golden Age supervillain and enemy of fellow JSA:er the Flash which resulted in the birth of two children. Jade, who like her father has the ability to create green energy constructs and also has green skin. Obsidian who is able to become a living shadow and manipulate shadows and darkness. Both children also draw their energy from the starheart, however Obsidian also draws power from the Shadowlands, whose energy caused the JSA:ers aging process to slow down considerably.

After an estranged marriage ended with Rose Canton's death, Molly Maynne came back into his life and are now happily married. Soon Alan was approached by the spy organization Checkmate, which was reorganizing under U.N. control. They invited Alan to become their White King, which he accepted. His time with Checkmate was brief.

Scott soon found himself in a moral conflict with Checkmate's Black Knight Sasha Bordeaux over the violent nature of Checkmate, particularly after Bordeaux and her team slaughtered dozens of Kobra operatives during a raid on a facility. Bordeaux contended that the ends justified the means, while Scott adhered to the principle that heroes should not kill unless absolutely necessary: Bordeaux responded to this by suggesting that Scott should resign. Concurrent with this internal conflict, Scott and "White Queen" Amanda Waller attempted to keep the organization from being discontinued by political forces.

Another JSA member, Mr. Terrific, succeeded him in the post.

Meanwhile, Alan was urged by the Justice League to re-establish the JSA as an organization that cares for the legacy of its heroes. When his time with Checkmate came to an end, Alan resumed an active role in the JSA.

During The Blackest Night, Alan and the rest of the JSA appear in specifically battling the reanimated Kal-L and Black Lantern versions of dead Justice Society members. After Jakeem Thunder is knocked out, Alan is one of the heroes who combines his powers into a "Black Lantern Bomb" designed to mimic Jakeem's Thunderbolt abilities, destroying all of the Black Lanterns in New York. In the final battle of the event, his daughter Jade is resurrected by the power of white light.

Following DC's September 2011 reboot of its fictional universe, Alan was introduced in issue 1 of Earth 2, which takes place on a parallel world within the DC Multiverse. Alan Scott is now a young media mogul of modern times and has no children. He dedicates his work to the heroes who gave their lives three years prior. He was in a relationship with a young man named Sam. He was on a business trip in China and was about to propose to Sam when the train they were riding on crashed, Killing Sam in the accident.

Green Lantern Alan Scott tumblr m7ah7kfRiC1qdiewr

Earth 2 Green Lantern in the New 52.

After the crash, the Green Flame appeared before Alan Scott and told him that he was chosen to be Earth's new defender of which he accepted.

The Green Flame is the embodiment of the Earth's energy. Alan thought that the Green Flame cause the accident it was actually the Green Flame which saved him. The Green Flame healed Alan but was unable to bring back from the dead Alan's lover Sam.

After accepting the role as Earth's defender, parts of the Earth began dying and his counterpart, Grundy appeared in Washington, D.C. As Alan represents life, Grundy represents death.

Green Lantern, upon seeing the destruction caused by Grundy, went to confront Grundy, joining Atom, Hawkgirl and Flash. During the battle, Green Lantern knows that the best way to defeat Grundy was to confront the Grey. Green Lantern sent his essence to confront the Grey but the Grey used the image of his dead lover, Sam, to tempt him but he failed. Going back to his body, GL defeated Grundy by bringing Grundy to the moon. However, having been disconnected from the Earth and after exerting additional powers to throw 3 nuclear missiles into outer space, GL came crashing down towards the Earth but was saved by Hawkgirl.


  • According to his police records, Alan Scott was 40 years old, at the time of his arrest.
  • According to the Daily Planet Commemorative issue (included in the Smallville: The Complete Series DVD box set), Alan is married to Molly and father of Todd and Jennifer Lynn.
  • In the comics, the Icicle, Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy, were among Alan's rogues gallery.
  • In Smallville: Lantern, during John Stewart's conversation with Tess Mercer, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, it is implied that somehow Alan got hold of a Green Lantern Corps' ring which is what led him to become Green Lantern. This is very similar to the origin of Alan Scott in Young Justice where he found a damaged and malfunctioning power ring and became a Green Lantern, albeit never affiliated with the Green Lantern Corps.

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