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Alfredo "Al" Septien was a writer of Smallville. He wrote the following episodes:

Season Five

  • Vengeance (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Jeannot Szwarc) - Clark discovers the new intern at the Daily Planet—a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Andrea Rojas—is actually a masked avenger who fights crime at night. Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him.
  • Fade (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Terrence O'Hara) - While in Metropolis, Clark saves the life of a stranger named Graham, who vows to repay Clark for his kindness. Unfortunately, Graham happens to be a hit man with the ability to cloak himself, and he decides killing Lex would be the best gift he could give Clark. Meanwhile, Clark confronts Lana about her relationship with Lex.

Season Six

  • Labyrinth (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Whitney Ransick) - Clark is attacked and wakes up in a mental asylum where the attending physician, Dr. Hudson, tells him he has been there for five years due to his elaborate fantasy that he has alien superpowers. In this new world, Martha Kent is married to Lionel Luthor, Chloe is deemed insane, and Lana chose Clark over Lex. Only one person, another patient named John believes Clark and urges him to fight.
  • Combat (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by James Marshall) - Clark and Chloe discover Titan, a Zoner, who is the star of a secret underground fight club whose bloody battles to the death are broadcast on the internet. Lois needs a story and decides to investigate the fight club by herself but is captured and forced to participate in the fights with Athena as her first opponent. Lana has pregnancy pain and is rushed to the hospital, and it is revealed that she miscarried the baby.

Season Seven

  • Cure (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Rick Rosenthal) - Dr. Curtis Knox says he can "cure" someone from being a "meteor freak," changing their lives. Chloe takes an interest in this, but Dr. Knox may have another secret.
  • Apocalypse (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Tom Welling) - Clark is torn because he thinks the world would be better off if he had never arrived in Smallville. Jor-El arranges for him to see what life would have been like if Clark hadn't existed.

Season Eight

  • Instinct (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by James Conway) - Tess and her team perform tests on Clark's crystal that she had retrieved from the Arctic, causing it to send a beam of light into the universe. This triggers the arrival of Maxima, a queen from the planet Almerac, who is searching for her soulmate, who she believes sent the signal. Unfortunately, Maxima's power is too great for mortal men and her kiss kills them. The seductive Maxima arrives in Metropolis and begins her search, starting with Jimmy.
  • Bride (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Jeannot Szwarc) - Chloe is excited that she's marrying Jimmy. Meanwhile, Oliver tells Clark he thinks he's discovered where Lex is hiding and takes off to Cuba to confront him. However, when he arrives, Oliver is shocked to find Lana instead. Clark and Lois grow closer but chaos ensues when Doomsday crashes the wedding and tries to kidnap Chloe.
  • Turbulence (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Kevin Fair) - Tess invites Clark to a press conference in New York but when an explosion rocks the private jet they are on, Clark must figure out how to save them without Tess learning his secret. Unbeknownst to Clark, Tess orchestrated the explosion to get Clark to reveal his powers. Meanwhile, Davis discovers a surprising way to control the monster within.
  • Injustice (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Tom Welling) - Chloe returns and begs Clark to kill Davis, claiming that Davis can no longer keep the beast under control. Tess has assembled a team of meteor freaks, including Plastique, to track down Davis so Clark can kill him. However, things get out of hand once Tess’ team discovers she is double-crossing them.

Season Nine

  • Kandor (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Jeannot Szwarc) - Jor-El mysteriously arrives at the Kent Farm and meets Chloe. Convinced the Blur is Jor-El, Zod enlists Tess's help in finding him to force him to reveal the secret to his powers so he can kill him. Clark realizes Jor-El is alive and on Earth and races to find him before Zod does.
  • Conspiracy (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Turi Meyer) - A doctor, who was resurrected during experiments by the Kandorians in efforts to find their powers, kidnaps three Kandorians to prove that Earth is being invaded by aliens. Clark and Zod cross paths as they both investigate the disappearances, to surprising results.
  • Salvation (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Greg Beeman) - Zod unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois he is The Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark. Torn between Clark and The Blur, Lois asks Clark to come clean with her about everything but he refuses. Chloe and Oliver attempt to reconnect Watchtower's satellite system in order to fight the Kandorians but to Chloe's horror, Oliver gets caught on site and disappears. Tess attempts to stop Zod but he leaves her clinging to life. Clark and Zod battle for control of Earth.

Season Ten

  • Harvest (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Turi Meyer) - Clark is concerned about Lois' safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registration Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess searches for a cure for Alexander, who is rapidly aging.
  • Scion (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Al Septien) - Lionel and Tess go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess' latest present to them.
  • Finale, Part 1 (co-written with Turi Meyer, directed by Kevin Fair)


  • Al was a Story Editor for all 22 episodes of Season Five.
  • Al Septien wrote all eight of his episodes with his writing partner, Turi Meyer.
  • Al's first seven episodes were all directed by different directors.
  • Turi worked twice with director Jeannot Szwarc.
  • Al and Turi wrote the story of Fracture and Traveler whose teleplay was written by Caroline Dries and Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson respectively.
  • After Smallville ended, Al and Turi moved over to fellow CW Series, The Vampire Diaries, which starred Paul Wesley who portrayed Lucas Luthor.

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