Al pratt
Al Pratt
Occupation Physics Professor, retired super-hero (Justice Society of America),
Played By Glenn Hoffmann
Status Unknown

Albert "Al" Pratt is a retired super-hero known as The Atom and a member of the super hero team, the Justice Society of America.

Early life


'The Atom' in the JSA painting


Al's rap sheet.

As a child, Pratt was bullied at school, because of his height. As a result, Pratt began to train himself into fighting condition. He later became the mystery man, known as "the Atom" and a founding member of the Justice Society of America. At some point in his heroic career, he developed metahuman abilities. In his personal life, Al Pratt was a physics professor at Calvin College. Pratt's heroic career ended, when he was framed by a government agency. He was at a student protest supporting his charges though masked (most likely so he wouldn't be fired) and when it went out of control because of Checkmate staging a crime to catch him and Wesley Dodds (who was also there), he was puzzled then out the blue falsely arrested him for assault on a police officer. Pratt was sent to jail, and tried to take the blame so the others could go free but they were never convicted and was later released. Whatever happened to him and if he retained his position as a University professor, remains unknown.

Season Nine

Black and white footage of Pratt was found, together with his criminal record, by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan in 2010. Carter Hall later mentioned that he's made contact with the surviving members of the JSA. However, it's currently unknown if Al Pratt's still alive.

In the Comics

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The Atom as he appears in the comics

Instead of going into a career in boxing, Al Pratt decided to become a super-hero and took the name Atom. He became one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America and later joined the All-Star Squadron. He was present when the JSA battled Ian Karkull. As a result of the battle, Atom was one of those who was bathed in mystical energy which kept him young for decades. In another battle alongside the All-Star Squadron, Al Pratt fought the reluctant villain known as Cyclotron. Energy released in that battle caused Al Pratt to develop super-powers by the late-1940s. In the early 50s, Atom retired along with most of the JSA.

Years later, Atom came out of retirement to rejoin the JSA. He and the rest of the JSA teamed up with the JLA for the first time to battle a group known as the Crime Champions. During this adventure, Atom met Ray Palmer, the modern Atom. Atom continued battling evil alongside the JSA and struck up a friendship with fellow member Wildcat. Atom's bravery inspired Albert Rothstein, the grandson of Cyclotron, to use his powers for good as the superhero known as Nuklon.

Atom joined the JSA and other heroes in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Al Pratt was killed battling the villain Extant. His son Grant Emerson continued to carry on his legacy as a hero named Damage until he too was killed in battle during the Blackest Night.

In the New 52, Al is a native of Earth-2 and an U.S. Sergeant in charge of a squad carrying an atomic bomb meant to neutralize an Apokoliptian tower responsible for transporting Parademons to Earth. His squad however is attacked while en route to the tower and the bomb is detonated. Al is later found unharmed in the center of a giant hand print in the ground.

Five years later, Al has become a captain in the World Army and is operating as a superhero codenamed "the Atom", wearing a costume similar to his son Damage while possessing the atomic energy powers of his original counterpart and the size-changing powers of his godson Atom Smasher. Al is deployed as the Atom to take down Grundy who is rampaging across Washington DC. After dropping mid air from his transport, Al enlarges and lands on Grundy, ordering the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl to stand down.

Other faces of Al Pratt


  • Kent Nelson whispered "The Atom is split" so it is possible that Al is dead.
  • The Atom is interpreted by Brandon Routh with Ray Palmer's name in Arrow and its spin-offs The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The Atom is interpreted by Matthew Yang King as the voice of Ryan Choi in Injustice 2.