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Adrianna is the curator of the Metropolis Museum. She had extensive knowledge of the goddess Isis.


Adrianna is a charismatic and audacious woman. She has a great knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Season Ten

Adrianna was guiding Oliver Queen around the Metropolis Museum and they discussed Green Arrow's big entrance. She told him some of her ideas until Tess Mercer arrived and interrupted them. After that a man called her and she left.

Minutes later Adrianna informed Oliver and Tess that the amulet of Isis was missing from the show's pieces: she also told them that the amulet was cursed and whoever possessed it was doomed to spend eternity in the underworld.

When Oliver arrives at the Watchtower he told Clark he canceled the gala and that Adrianna had not been thrilled to hear that news.


In the Comics

Adrianna Tomaz a.k.a. Isis as she appears in the comics.

Adrianna Tomaz, a beautiful refugee of Kahndaq who was enslaved by Intergang. Representatives of Intergang initially offered her as a bribe to Black Adam, along with $2,000,000 in pure gold, in exchange for allowing the organization to use the country as a base of operations. He killed them all with his bare hands as a sign of his displeasure and allowed Adrianna to go free. Instead, she followed and verbally admonished him for his hard-line policies and oversights. Adam comes to trust her and decides to grant her the same powers he possesses. He brings her to the tomb of his wife and children to retrieve the amulet of Isis. Adam asked Captain Marvel to confer the powers upon Adrianna. By repeating the words "I am Isis", she transformed into her new form.

Adrianna held as a slave by Intergang.

She and Adam travel across Kahndaq freeing enslaved children as well as searching for her lost brother Amon. They slowly fall in love and Adam eventually proposes to her with a jewel given to Cleopatra. She happily accepts: they are married in Week Sixteen by the authority of Captain Marvel despite Intergang sending a suicide bomber to the wedding. They eventually find Amon tortured and crippled in an underground basement. Amon is saved although even Isis' powers cannot repair his destroyed nervous system. Her despair is short-lived as Black Adam mercifully imbues Amon with a portion of his own power, allowing him to transform into Osiris. By her brother's insistence Isis convinces her husband to go on a world tour to change their public image. They publicly reveal their human identities while visiting the United States. However, they are attacked by a revamped Suicide Squad. Isis is nearly killed by Persuader until Osiris flies through him by accident.

Isis is killed by Pestilence when the Four Horsemen of Apokolips ambush her and Black Adam. Embittered by disappointment and anger, Adrianna implores Adam to seek vengeance for herself and her dead brother. After finding the body Black Adam manages to temporarily resurrect Adrianna using a Lazarus Pit. Now crueler and convinced that the Earth is contaminated with evil, she and Adam journey to the Rock of Eternity. There they depose of Captain Marvel, who had taken Shazam's place as the Keeper of the Rock. She recruits Mary Marvel into her plan to wipe evil from the planet and battles the Justice Society when they travel to the Rock, throwing Jay Garrick into the mists surrounding it. The battles rages into Kahndaq, where Isis murders several innocent bystanders who had arrived to witness the return of their leader. Black Adam reluctantly agreed to use his own power to bring Shazam back with the hope that he will be able to cure Isis of her madness. Instead, an enraged Shazam strips their powers and turns them both into statues. Soon after, a mysterious figure appears before the statues claiming them as his "champions". During Brightest Day, a resurrected Osiris carries the statues back to Kahndaq but is unable to reverse their condition. According to the Entity Osiris was brought back to rescue Adrianna. Currently they are located within Deathstroke's stronghold. Osiris decides that he must kill in order that she can live again, but once she comes back to life she chastises him for doing so. Isis is back but the fact that Osiris used death to bring back his sister has caused her to be possessed by an evil. Osiris tries to plead with his sister but to no avail. Osiris leaves her to check on an alert from Kahndaq but when he gets back to Isis she has tunneled away.

The Black Marvel Family

He tracks her down in Philadelphia where she has destroyed most of downtown. She begs for her brother to kill her, but when Osiris refuses she flies into the sky ans begs Anubis to do it. Just a lighting bolt is about to kill Isis, Osiris grabs her and the two are hit. When to the two wake up Isis is back to her old self but she senses great darkness in Osiris but she hopes she can fix him.

It was later revealed by the Entity that Isis was brought back to life because she's the one that will aid the Swamp Thing.

Later, Isis aids her brother Osiris in stopping the Quraci soldiers who are attacking Khandaq. Isis learns that Osiris has become more violent, killing the soldiers. When the Justice League attacks Deathstroke's Titans, they were stopped by Isis, who forced them to leave Khandaq at once. She declared her rulership of Khandaq and withdrew the country from the United Nations, stating that they will outlaw outsiders and recognize no power but their own and that any intrusion will incite World War III. Isis then tells Osiris that he is not welcome in Khandaq, because of his bloodlust.

In the New 52, Adrianna is part of a group of peaceful protesters who use social media and broadcast their videos to their masses opposing the regime in her country, the small nation of Kahndaq. Adrianna is not pleased when she learns that her brother, Amon has joined the terrorist group known as the Sons of Adam. During one of the protests, Adrianna learns that the military has located the Sons of Adam and being afraid for her brother's life she walks away and goes to warn him. When she arrives she finds Amon casting a spell to bring back from the dead the mythical protector Kahndaq, Black Adam. Unfortunately before he is able to finish the spell Amon gets shot as the military has mistakenly though he is the terrorists' leader. Adrianna tries to get help but Amon insists that she has to help him finish the spell. The soldiers find them and thinking that they are both terrorists decide to kill both of them, but suddenly a desperate Adrianna shouts the word "SHAZAM", finishing the spell.Black Adam returns to life and saves both of them but unfortunately it is too late for Amon as he has already passed away from his wound shot so Adrianna grabs a gun and goes to avenge her brother.

Other faces of Adrianna Tomaz