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Clark time.

Clark time is when Clark Kent's perspective is shown when he's using his super speed ability. This ability is never referred to in the series through dialogue, but was confirmed in DVD commentary for the second episode of the series, Metamorphosis.

Physical Appearance

Clark time as shown in Jinx.

When Clark is in super speed mode, everything and everyone is slowed or frozen. As Clark moves, he makes a zooming sound and generates sonic pulses by breaking the sound barrier.

Powers and Abilities

Solo Clark time

Clark time as shown in Shield.

When Clark is operating at super speed, somehow he is able to see the world as it would normally be seen except moving very slow or not at all. Other speedsters also experience this (such as Emily Dinsmore, Bart Allen, and other superpowered Kryptonians such as Zod), meaning this seems to be common among all speedsters.

Clark can see the world in slow motion even while standing still, as seen in Heat, Accelerate, and Forsaken when he used his super speed and heat vision together while in Clark time. He also triggered Clark time when he dodged a bullet for the first time and when he was shot at by Lex. This suggests that Clark time can only be achieved through concentration.

Shared Clark time

Bart saving Clark's dad, moving even faster than Clark.

When two speedsters are both moving at super speed, they can share Clark time together; this means that they are able to perceive one-another's super fast movements while the rest of the world appears as if it is moving slowly or not at all. During encounters with Bart Allen, it is shown that if one speedster is faster than another, it may be difficult for the slower speedster to track their movements (Accelerate, Run).


"Activating" Clark time requires some amount of concentration, and is therefore not an automatic effect for speedsters.

When Brainiac disguised himself as the "spirit" of Jonathan, he vanished into thin air, but Clark didn't notice he used super speed. (Oracle)

The first time was when solar flares were messing with his powers in Perry, and the second was when he had lost his memory and did not have any control over his speed Blank.

Clark was first forcibly removed from Clark time in Stiletto, when he runs into a cloud of kryptonite counterfeit banknotes. He remains in normal speed while the banknotes gradually moves quicker before they are restored to normal speed.

In Fortune, when hungover after drinking enchanted alcohol, Clark discovered his powers were weakened. When he attempted to super speed for the first time while hungover, he seemed to accidentally smash into a wall mid-run, though he was not hurt.

Known Examples

Clark has shared "Clark time" with several other super speedsters:

Emily trying to run away at super speed from Clark.

Other metahumans can also enter into a shared "Clark time" moment. Examples include:

Raya confronts Baern.


  • Clark time shows that when Clark uses his super speed, it is as if time itself has frozen or greatly slowed down.
  • Clark time, both in concept and in name, is never referred to in dialogue.
  • Clark time is first displayed in the second episode of the series, Metamorphosis, when Clark saves Jonathan from what could have been a fatal fall. According to the commentary of that very episode, this is referred to by the Smallville crew as "Clark time".
  • Throughout the series, Clark time was used as an indicator of Clark's top-speed. As he got faster and faster, other people slowed down and even stopped moving entirely.
  • Logic would dictate, that Bart Allen, Maxima, Davis Bloome, John Jones, Emily Dinsmore, Kryptonians and Atlanteans (only while underwater) are the only canonical ones who could perceive this.
  • Clark time is first described in the series by Lana Lang in Wrath, who has temporarily gained kryptonian abilities. According to her, "I was moving, and everything else was frozen".


Clark's feet releasing his speed aura

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