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"Abandoned" is the eighth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 12, 2010.


Tess has a nightmare involving herself as a child and a music box. Upon awakening, she finds the music box in Luthor Mansion and sets out to find out who planted it there. Clark accompanies her to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness who may not have the young girls' best intentions in mind. One of the young women finds Clark snooping around and decides to take matters into her own very sharp hands. Meanwhile, Lois finds a video made for her by her mother before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark that takes her to the Fortress.


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Tess receives a mysterious gift

Tess is having a nightmare. In this nightmare, she's a very frightened little girl in a bare room. She listens to the song "Sugar Plum Fairy" from the 'nutcracker' on a musical toy before hastily stuffing it into a bag to stifle the song. She has been frightened by someone passing her door. There is a brief pause, but the shadow disappears and the light is turned off. Young Tess slides off the bed, careful to not make a sound, lifts up the floor boards and takes out a key. She unlocks the door and runs to the front door. It's locked. Someone has heard her and she's being chased, so she hides in an armoire. The door is wrenched open and an old woman with a sinister smile finds her and drags her out of the armoire. Young Tess' fingers grasp at the side of the wardrobe, making deep scratch marks in the wood; to no avail. She is dragged screaming down the hallway. Tess wakes up and hears the song from the 'Nutcracker' playing. Following the sound, Tess finds the music box from her nightmare with a note stuck to the bottom.


Lois and Clark go through a box of Lois' mother's belongings

Lois is standing in the kitchen of the Kent house in the middle of the night. She's staring at a box, seeming very reluctant to open it. Clark comes down, joking that if she'd admit she'd moved into the farmhouse, she wouldn't have to unpack in the middle of the night. Lois reveals that her father had sent her this box that has been sitting at the back of her closet for the past 15 years, since her mother died. The box contains keepsakes that her mother gave to her. In the box, she finds videotapes that her mother had made for her while she was in the hospital. Lois tells Clark that she never visited her mother in the hospital. She tells Clark that she doesn't know if she can face the memories and pain that would come with watching the tapes. Clark says that she shouldn't feel guilty for opening up old wounds. When Lois asks him if he's felt like something is missing since he cut ties with his father Jor-El, Clark brushes the question off. Jor-El isn't a real human being, but rather a computer, after all.


Tess and Clark talk about Tess' dream

Clark visits Tess after getting a call. Tess tells Clark about her dreams, and how a box with a sticker under it came to her. Clark peels the sticker that says "Happy Birthday", and finds another label underneath that leads him to discover St. Louise's Orphanage, run by Granny Goodness.


Granny prepares to remove an orphan's memories

At the orphanage, Granny tells a scared young girl named Haley, who is strapped to a wheelchair, that she will soon leave her past behind. The child insists that she doesn't want to forget, but Granny says she'll soon accept the truth and thank her. Granny begins the process as Haley screams.


Lois' mother, Ella Lane, in a video

The next morning, Lois plays the tape from her mother, Ella. Ella explains that she had her husband keep the girls away from the hospital so they would have only happy memories of her. Ella then talks of how losing a parent can create a hole in a person's heart, and that she knows one day Lois will fall in love with someone, and that she can't let someone leaving her stop her future with someone else. She tells Lois to watch the other tapes, and assures her that she will always love her.


Clark and Tess meet Granny Goodness at her orphanage

Tess and Clark go to Saint Louise's, claiming to be doing a story for the Daily Planet. Granny Goodness greets them and has the girls sing, but Clark hears something with his super-hearing and makes up an excuse to head back to the car to get his notebook. He super-speeds into the orphanage and finds another young girl named Natasha, bound and gagged. She tells Clark that Granny tied her up and plans to make her forget her parents who just died in a car crash. Clark starts to get her out, but hears the sound of metal clashing. Natasha, in reference, says that's what Granny will turn her into. He hides Natasha and goes to investigate and finds several women fighting. As he approaches them, Clark starts to weaken and realizes they're forging kryptonite weapons. The women quickly subdue him and one of them, Harriet, tells him that no one there needs saving, except Clark.


Tess talks with Granny about the orphanage

Granny takes Tess inside and says she recognizes her as an abandoned soul. They talk about the girls at the orphanage, and Granny admits that many of them spend their entire childhoods there. She explains that she's been training her girls to conquer society and shows Tess photos of her many wards that have moved out into the world into positions of power. Tess sees the wardrobe from her dream and approaches it, while Granny says that she knows her girls will never abandon her. Granny then says that she left the music box in the hopes that it would bring Tess back, and reveals that one of the photos is of Tess.


Lois finds the key

At the Kent Farm, Lois reads Dr. Swann's journal, and explains to Shelby that she can't move forward with Clark until he deals with the absence of his parents. She sees a picture of the Kryptonian teleport disk and gets an idea. She finds the map of the Kawatche Caves, and realizes that it's the door to the Fortress. She searches for the key, the Kryptonian teleport disk, and finds it hidden behind the book shelves.


Granny tells Tess about her childhood at the orphanage

Granny explains that she had Tess for the first five years of her life, and then her birth parents took their daughter back and put her into a good home. They were powerful, and would have closed down the orphanage if Granny had fought back. However, she explains that she never stopped watching over Tess. Granny went to the hospital and saved Tess, taking her to Cadmus Labs. She explains that Tess was always the strongest of her girls, and she doesn't need to remember her true parents. Now lines will be drawn, and Tess will want Granny on her side. She then tells Tess that her girls will take care of Clark. Alarmed, Tess goes off to find him, but Granny waves her hand and smashes her across the floor through force of will. Tess runs to the phone and tries to call out, but Granny makes the phone fly out of her hands. Tess flees into a room, but Granny seals the windows and says that Tess will be her most valuable soldier in the coming war - whether she wants to be or not. Granny leaves, sealing Tess into her old room.


Clark is captured by Granny's Furies

The orphan girls chain Clark up, and he offers to rescue them. Harriet insists that no one loves them like Granny, and that she'll never leave them. Clark insists that someone who loves you doesn't make you forget where you've come from. Granny arrives and says that she will bury Clark's memories, and his life will be much better without his painful past.

Tess finds her makeshift key from when she was a child, and uses it to escape. She runs down the hallway and Harriet confronts her. The two fight and Tess knocks her out, but another girl uses a whip to choke her unconscious.


Jor-El speaks to Lois

Lois makes her way to the Fortress and calls out to Jor-El, saying that it must have been hard to send Clark away to protect him. She insists that Clark needs a father who believes in him, but gets no response. Frustrated, Lois then yells, saying that Clark is lucky to be rid of Jor-El. A force lifts her up into the air.


Granny tries to remove Clark's memories

Granny straps Clark into a chair and prepares to remove his memories. Clark insists that he has no painful memories, but Granny says that she will remove his disappointment over his parents' rejection. He tells her that he wouldn't be who he is without his memories, but Granny says that she's the most compassionate one of all. Clark uses his superbreath to freeze a chain holding a ventilator hood above the kryptonite forge. As Granny starts to wipe his memories, the hood falls and banks the flames. Granny disappears and Clark super-speeds to find Tess. He saves her from hanging and knocks out the girl responsible, and Tess thanks him for his help. She admits that she's used to looking after herself, but Clark assures her that he wasn't going to abandon a teammate.


Jor-El and Lara's final message to Kal-El

Clark returns to the farm and realizes what Lois has done. He goes to the Fortress and warns Jor-El that if he harms Lois, he will have failed all of Clark's expectations. Lois calls out to Jor-El, calling on him to come out. Clark says he's fine with Jor-El ignoring him, but Lois asks him to try to reconcile one more time. Images of Jor-El and Lara appear, and they express their love for him. They say that they can see themselves within him, and that they wish him a full and wonderful life, born of a great love. Jor-El promises never to lose faith in Clark, and assures him that they believe he will become Earth's greatest savior.


The three minions of Darkseid

Granny meets with Desaad and Gordon Godfrey, Darkseid's two other minions. The unholy trinity is now complete: together they can form an army to serve their dark lord.


Clark's surprise for Lois

At the farm, Clark talks to Lois about Ella. Lois figures that part of Jor-El is human, and Clark realizes that his father blames himself for the destruction of his home. He's glad that Lois got to meet his parents, and she says that he should thank Ella. She then gives Clark her toothbrush and says that she's moving in. He offers to take her out to the Ace of Clubs and goes to get their coats. Lois goes through the box and finds a note from her mother, saying it's for her wedding day. When Clark comes back, Lois hides the note. As she goes out, Clark checks on the engagement ring he has bought for the occasion.


Tess' true origins are revealed

At the manor, Tess finds her birth certificate from the orphanage and remembers her past when her father left her at the orphanage: she is the daughter of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins (also making her Lex's half-sister). The birth certificate gives her real name as Lutessa Lena Luthor, and Tess goes to the window and wishes herself (Lutessa) a happy birthday.



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  • Abandoned means to give up or discontinue any further interest in something; to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly. Also withdraw one's support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility.
  • The title refers to various characters in the episode who have been or feel abandoned:
    • Clark Kent feels abandoned by his artificial father Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude that has disowned him.
    • Lois Lane feels abandoned because she lost her mother Ella Lane 15 years prior and didn't get to say goodbye properly.
    • Tess Mercer was abandoned by her true father Lionel Luthor and put into Granny Goodness' orphanage.
    • The Female Furies have been abandoned because they are all orphans and have no relatives.
    • Clark tells Tess, after saving her from Granny's Furies, that he wasn't going to abandon her.



Erica Durance homaging Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane from Lois & Clark.

  • Antagonists: Granny Goodness, Desaad, Mad Harriet, Gordon Godfrey.
  • Lindsay Hartley (Justin Hartley's then real-life wife) appears in this episode as one of Granny Goodness' Female Furies known as Mad Harriet. Lindsay also costarred with Justin on the NBC soap opera, Passions.
  • Clark uses the most variety of powers in this episode: super strength, super speed, super hearing, heat vision, and Arctic breath.
  • Although it is obvious that the episode is Tess-centric like Season Eight's Injustice and Season Nine's Checkmate, Clark has the most screen time.
  • Oliver Queen does not appear in this episode. This is the fifth time only 3 main characters have appeared in an episode: Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Tess Mercer, similar to Season Ten's Harvest.
  • This is the first time this season that Chloe Sullivan has not been mentioned since her departure in the Season Ten premiere.
  • Teri Hatcher is the seventh Lois & Clark alumnus to appear on the show behind George Murdock (Harry Volk), Richard Gant (Terrence Reynolds), Patrick Cassidy (Henry Small), Rob LaBelle (Dr. Frederick Walden), Michael McKean (Perry White), and Dean Cain (Curtis Knox).
  • In Honor of Teri Hatcher's guest appearance in this episode, Erica Durance participated in a marketing photo shoot in which she is draped in nothing but Superman's cape. This was an homage to an earlier photo shoot done by Teri in the 90's for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The photo was featured in November's issue of TV Guide Magazine.
  • A deleted scene revealed that Haley and Natasha escaped their fates. Together with the other orphans, they are sent to a new orphanage owned by Queen Industries.
  • Teri Hatcher's appearance on the show completes the second set of former Loises and Clarks to appear on Smallville behind Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder (the Superman movies) and Dean Cain and herself (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman). Interestingly none of these actors have shared scenes together on the show. Although in the instance of Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, their characters on Smallville did know each other and had a romantic history together.
  • This would be the first time Lois will visit the Fortress of Solitude (while not passed out) and learn about Clark's birth parents. When she does she would be the fifth main female regular to have visited the fortress after Chloe in Arrival, Solitude, Traveler and Beast, Martha in Zod, Kara in Blue, and Tess in Salvation. This is also the first trip she makes to the fortress with Clark. If you include the alternate future where Clark proposes to Lana at the Fortress in Reckoning, then she is technically the sixth, and last female lead, but when Clark turned back time, she was never brought to the Fortress and has never visited it On-Screen, or maybe at all.
  • Helen Slater reprised her role as Lara-El since her last appearance in Season Seven's Lara.
  • Julian Sands reprised his role as Jor-El since his last appearance in Season Nine's Kandor.
  • This is the second time that Jor-El and Lara appear on screen together (after Season Three's Memoria where a glimpse shows the hands of Jor-El and Lara placing the baby Kal-El in his ship before Krypton exploded).
  • This is the first time that all of Darkseid's major minions would appear in the same episode.
  • Green kryptonite makes its first appearance this season in this episode.
  • Ella Lane makes her first (and only) appearance in this episode via pre-recorded video message; played by former Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher.[1]
  • In Tess' room at Granny's orphanage on the wall she wrote the Smallville theme song "[Somebody] Save Me".
  • Lois has moved back onto the farm with Clark.
  • Clark has an engagement ring to give to Lois.
  • This episode reveals Tess' birth date is November 12 and her birth name is Lutessa Lena Luthor, being the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Luthor.
    • On Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, November 12 was the birthday of Jaxon Xavier, an illegitimate son of Lex Luthor. Incidentally, Jaxon's mind was separated from his body (and trapped within the virtual world). A fate not too dissimilar from what happens to Tess Mercer in season 11.
  • Shelby makes his first appearance in this season after a long absence. It is also his last on the series.
  • This is the first episode to mention "the darkness" by its true name: Darkseid.
  • Smallville has continued the pattern that originated in Superman: The Movie of former actresses who have portrayed Lois Lane to return as Ella Lane in a different media. Noel Neill portrayed Ella in Superman: The Movie, Phyllis Coates portrayed an older Ella in the first season of the 1990s television series Lois and Clark. And now Teri Hatcher has taken up the torch in Smallville.
  • The song that is played in the music box is called "Sugar Plum Fairy" from The Nutcracker ballet.
  • The engagement ring Clark has for Lois bears a striking resemblance to the wedding ring Lois is seen wearing in Season Nine's Salvation during the dream sequence.
  • This episode reveals that Dr. Virgil Swann knew much more about Krypton and its history than he originally told Clark. His journal reveals sketches of the Fortress of Solitude, Clark's ship, and the detailed picture of the portal in the Kawatche Caves along with the key. However, it is possible that Clark himself added these images to the journal after Patricia Swann gave it to him.
  • This episode also shows that Clark has become a competent artist, as he has made a highly detailed map of the Kawatche Caves, and possibly other sketches in Swann's journal.
  • This is the first time since Season Seven that the Luthor shield appears without the Veritas insignia on it.
  • The building used for St. Louise's Orphanage is the same one used for the Excelsior Academy in Season Six's Reunion and Black Creek in Season Eight's Odyssey. Moreover, the staircase where Tess fights the furies is the same set of stairs that Lex and Duncan are seen walking down in Reunion and where Clark was shot through the chest by Oliver in Odyssey.
  • Though the reason is left open to speculation, Jor-El's entrapping of Lois in an energy field could have been to prepare her mind and body for an eventual temporary use of Clark's abilities (which happens later in the season), knowing the physical damage done to Jonathan Kent, in addition to the mental skewing in the likes of Eric Summers and Lana Lang.
  • Harriet's glove with razor-sharp claws, with which she cut Clark's body, is similar to the one Freddy Krueger had in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • When Clark and Tess arrive at the orphanage, the orphans start to sing "Amazing Grace". In the comics, Amazing Grace is a red-headed woman from Apokolips, who is a loyal servant of Darkseid and the sister of Glorious Godfrey.
  • While talking to Tess, Granny Goodness claims that Tess has power (super-power?). This subject was never touched upon again.


Homage To Previous Seasons[]

  • Lois found a map of the Kawatche Caves indicating the entrance and the location of the altar which teleports to the Fortress. The Kawatches Caves were featured prominently during Season Two, Season Three and Season Four.
  • Lois' confrontation with Jor-El at the Fortress is very similar to Jonathan's meeting with Jor-El in Season Three's Exile, Martha's confrontation in Season Six's Zod, and Chloe's in Season Seven's Traveler.
  • Ella's video tape message to Lois is similar to Jonathan's farewell tape from Season Five's Vengeance as well as Lana's from Season Seven's Arctic. There are notable differences however. Jonathan's tape was just a normal home video taken when Clark was a small boy, and was simply waving goodbye to the camera as he drove off. Lana's tape was a farewell tape because she was leaving Clark, not because she was dying.
  • The blue energy cylinder in which Lois has a private discussion is similar to the cylinder Clark began his training in Season Five's Arrival and the white cylinder when Jor-El restores Kara's memory and powers in Season Seven's Traveler.
  • Clark is held captive by the Female Furies and is weakened by the kryptonite radiation with Harriet using her razor sharp claws infused with kryptonite making her able to penetrate Clark's skin causing him to bleed. This is similar to when Clark is powerless due to magic and is held captive by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her accomplices Brianna Withridge and Madelyn Hibbins who dig their nails into Clark's body causing him to bleed in Season Four's Spell.



Clark: I'm here to help you.
Harriet: No one here needs saving except you.

Granny Goodness: Do you know, I've been always been able to tell an abandoned soul when I see one. It's a gift.
Tess: Do the girls come here as -- as babies?
Granny Goodness: Unfortunately, tragedy strikes as it pleases. They come at any age.
Tess: It must be difficult to find the older ones permanent homes.
Granny Goodness: Well, the truth is, by the time I get my hands on the lost souls, they no longer have that cute baby scent childless couples yearn for.
Tess: The children don't spend their entire childhood here, do they?
Granny Goodness: Oh, mercy me. You make it sound like punishment.

Granny Goodness: I've been training my girls for decades not to blend into society -- but to conquer it. Here...and around the world. My girls know I'll always be here for them. And I know they'll never desert me.

Granny Goodness: (to Tess) I do hope you enjoyed the birthday present. That music box brought such comfort to you when you were young. And I knew it would draw you back to me.

Lois: (to Shelby) Come on, I'm Watson to his Holmes, Cher to his Sonny? Just like you're Scooby to his Shaggy.

Tess: (to Harriet) Move it or lose it, sister.

Lois: Hello. Mister...El? I'm here to talk about your son, Clark. Kal-El. Look, I know as a parent, you had to make the hardest decision ever to save your son and send him here alone. When my Mom was dying, she tried to protect me, too. And I love her, but she was wrong. I will never get to hold her again. But you -- you can still be there for Clark -- I mean, Kal-El. Your son needs a father who believes in him. I-I wish I knowing that I loved him was enough. But Clark Kent can't fully hear it with the ghost of your disappointment haunting him. You're stopping him from fulfilling his potential. He's an amazing man. He's a hero. (waits for a response from Jor-El, nothing) Really? Nothing? You know, you may not care about anybody else but yourself, but Clark does. And you're not 1/10 the Kryptonian he is. He's lucky to be rid of you!

Lara: My son, I only had the joy for knowing you a few weeks. I wish I could be with you always to guide you and protect you.
Jor-El: We don’t have much time.
Lara: My dearest Kal-El, our love will always be with you. I can already see you carry within your father's independent spirit.
Jor-El: But, more importantly, your mother’s never ending bravery and her compassionate heart.
Lara: Your father tells me that the new world you are journeying to, Earth, is full of complicated beings capable of great emotion. My wish is for you to live a full and wonderful life, but I need you to know that you were born of a great love. And, your brilliant father has devised a way for you to carry on that love without us.
Jor-El: The ship that I designed to carry you to your destiny can only hold one Kryptonian, one who has so much potential, so unlike your father.
Lara: No.
Jor-El: Your mother and I cannot come with you, to do so would burden your innocent soul with our frailties and our failures. But you have within you, the best of both of us, and I am sending you with all of my knowledge and none of my ego or regrets. They will die with me here on Krypton. Whatever trials I put you through, I will never lose faith in you.
Lara: (Whispers to Jor-El.) Quickly, before it's too late. We may not have been able to save our planet...
Jor-El: But we are confident you will become Earth's greatest savior. And never doubt that, just as you're a part of us, we will always be a part of you. Farewell, my son.

Desaad: Godfrey has been chosen. Our Dark Lord has anointed him... made him like us -- a prophet. He is Darkseid's third minion.
Gordon Godfrey: So I do have a higher purpose.
Desaad: Yes, Godfrey. Your golden voice is broadcast around the world.
Granny Goodness: Not impressed. And you -- I see you're enjoying your clubs. They seem more popular than ever.
Desaad: Our unholy trinity is complete. I bind their bodies, Godfrey breaks their spirit, and you, my beloved friend, you clear their minds, preparing the way for Lord Darkseid.

Clark: Why don't you let me take you out? It's power-ballad night at the Ace of Clubs.
Lois: Clark Kent and karaoke. Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

Tess: (to herself) Happy Birthday, Lutessa.


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