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The 31st century, also called the Future, is a time zone which is located in some other, unknown realm, which can be accessed by Legion rings. But they aren't that well protected, as many people (like the Persuader and Booster Gold) have stolen some.

In the future, as described by the Legion themselves, there are observatories and museums one of which contains Clark Kent's Smallville High football-jacket and some others contain Legion rings.[Citation needed]

The Legion of Super-Heroes, consisting of Garth Ranzz, Imra Ardeen and Rokk Krinn, is a team of super-heroes that work here. Rokk explains that in the future, Clark can fly, wears a red cape, and he inspires a lot of people, including the Legion, but others like the Persuader, despise him.


  • A future Chloe is heard in "Thirst".
  • Brainiac gets reprogrammed into Brainiac 5 by the Legion.
  • Rokk travels back to the 21st century, where he reveals to Clark that in the future, he is now dead, although such a comment most likely alluded to the point when he completely embraced his Kryptonian training with Jor-El after Jimmy's death saying, "Clark Kent is dead".
  • A future Chloe is seen reading to her son in "Finale, Part 1".
  • Martha (and Pete and Chloe) dies sometime in the future, which is foreshadowed by her marked grave in "Hourglass".
  • In Cassandra's vision, she premonitions a future where its raining blood and Lex has destroyed all life on earth. (Hourglass)
  • Jordan Cross has a vision that Lana dies of old age in her sleep with her clear kryptonite necklace. (Hereafter)

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