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The second meteor shower does extensive damage on the town.

The 2005 meteor shower was the second shower of meteor rocks from the exploded planet Krypton that devastated Smallville. The meteor shower hid the arrival of Brainiac's spaceship, which held Brainiac and the Disciples of Zod. According to Gabriel Duncan, this meteor shower was filled with more Kryptonite than the one that came before it and was responsible for causing more meteor infections.

Known Victims

Known casualties of the second meteor shower total at least 23 people (according to a news report seen by Clark and Chloe in the hospital, which was likely well before a final tally could be made), including:

Others injured include Lana Lang, Martha Kent, Linda Lake, and Jed McNally.

Season Four

A second meteor shower occurred on Wednesday, May 18, 2005. As explained by Jor-El, Clark Kent's failure to reunite the Stones of Power set into motion the arrival of the Black Ship containing the Disciples of Zod and Brainiac. By the time Clark realized what had happened, it was too late to prevent the meteor shower.

Unlike in 1989, the residents of Smallville had several hours notice and the military conducted an evacuation, interrupting the Smallville High School Class of 2005 commencement exercises. Many vehicles of the evacuees were destroyed.



  • There are no reported cases of non-green Kryptonite landing during the 2005 meteor shower.
    • Several metahumans, including Bronson and Jed McNally, became ones as a result of being exposed to the 2005 meteor shower, indicating the quantity of the green Kryptonite inside the meteors of the 2005 shower was similar to the quantity that was inside the meteors of the 1989 shower.
  • The date of the 2005 meteor shower wasn't given in Commencement, but Lex gave it later as May 18, 2005. (Wrath)
  • The part where the meteor rocks are falling is shown in the opening sequence that appeared in the show's final six seasons
  • The 2005 Meteor Shower was one of Clark's trials, it was in the sequences of events that culminated in his confrontation with Darkseid. (Finale, Part 2)


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