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The first meteor shower in 1989.

The 1989 meteor shower was a shower of green, red and blue meteor rocks from the exploded planet Krypton that devastated Smallville in 1989. The meteor shower hid the arrival of at least two Kryptonian spaceships: Kara's and Kal-El's ships.

The 1989 meteor shower contained various forms of kryptonite, including green, red, blue and gold kryptonite.

The green form had extraterrestrial mutagenic effects, turning some Smallville residents into "meteor freaks".

Physical Appearance

The 1989 meteor shower was made up of several forms of kryptonite, which fell and hit several locations in the Smallville area.

Green kryptonite
  • Crater Lake – The lake full of meteor rock fragments in which Sean Kelvin fell and froze to death. The lake has since been cleaned of meteor rocks.
  • Riley Field – Where a young Lex Luthor wandered away and thus, caused him to go bald.
  • Creekside Foundry is a building no longer used and with a high meteor rock content. Greg Arkin lived close to it and had a tree house in which he, Clark Kent and Pete Ross would play when they were in grade school. As freshmen, Clark Kent fought a meteor-infected Greg in the foundry and Greg was crushed under machinery.
  • Lemaris Pond – The pond surrounding the Smallville Retirement Home in which Harry Volk fell and reversed the aging process.
  • Carlton GorgeDawn Stiles crashed her car here, and was able to transfer her spirit to others. Described as having the greatest abundance of meteor rock in Smallville.
  • Shuster's Gorge - The deepest meteor strike in Smallville and the place where Sasha Woodman was stung by over a thousand bees.
  • The Melville Family Nursery, which grew organic plants.
Red kryptonite
Blue kryptonite
  • Meeker Springs – When the 1989 meteor shower rained on the Smallville area, the meteors not only reached the outskirts of Smallville, but also the town of Meeker Springs where it destroyed the village and killed Esther leaving blue kryptonite all over.
Unknown kryptonite
  • Main Street suffered a direct hit, and the water tower was destroyed.

Early History

The first meteor shower brings baby Clark to Earth.

The first meteor shower struck Smallville on October 7, 1989. In addition to causing much damage to Smallville and resulting in many deaths, the meteor shower also disguised the spaceships that brought Kal-El, Davis Bloome and Kara to Earth.

At least three people are known to have seen Kal-El's ship come down in Miller's Field.[1] It is unknown if anyone saw Kara's ship crash in the reservoir in front of Reeves Dam; her ship was undiscovered for 18 years, while Kara remained in suspended animation.

After the shower, Smallville renamed itself "The Meteor Capital of the World."

Known Victims

Known deaths of the first meteor shower include:

Others affected by the shower include:

  • Eddie Cole, whose crop-dusting plane almost crashed
  • Lex Luthor, who suffered an almost direct hit. Lex subsequently lost his hair but gained a superhuman immune system, curing his asthma.
  • Lilia Sanchez, who was thrown into the air when a tiny meteorite stuck near her location. She developed mind-reading abilities as a result.

Kryptonian Beacon

In 1985, Dr. Virgil Swann theorized that ionized meteor particles were being sent from Smallville using meteor burst communication (MBC), acting as a beacon to guide extraterrestrial items to Earth.[2] This would explain why two separate sets of meteor showers and Kryptonian spaceships hit the same small town.

Clark theorized that his biological father Jor-El had "chosen" the Kents to adopt his son when he visited Smallville in 1961 and met Hiram Kent. (Relic) It is possible that this Kryptonian beacon was the mechanism through which Jor-El ensured that Clark's ship was guided to Smallville.


Jonathan Kent of Earth-2: (to Clark) You see, nobody has any idea what fell out of that meteor shower, but me... gold. I found a chunk of it once.
Season Ten, Kent

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  2. From the diaries of Genevieve Teague.
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