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1989 is a significant year on the planet Earth and also for many Kryptonians.

Kryptonian events

  • Kal-El's ship arrives in Earth's trajectory along with parts of the planet Krypton which disguised his ship's descent. His ship lands in Miller's Field where he is found by and Martha Kent. They found Kal-El and wrapped him in a blanket and find a nearby truck and place his ship on the back.
Doomsday who was attached as genetic matter to the ship evolved into a human boy to camouflage his Kryptonian nature and wandered off from the ship before the Kents could see him. (Source: Pilot, Bloodline, Eternal)
  • also arrives on Earth but her ship crashlands in the river near Reeves Dam jamming her ship and leaving her in suspended animation underwater. (Kara)
  • Clark displays his Super strength for the first time by lifting a 500 pound flatbed above Jonathan's head. (Vortex)

Earthly events

  • Lionel Luthor arranges for Robert Queen and his wife Laura Queen to be murdered by planting a bomb aboard their private jet where they crash and die on an island in the pacific ocean. He sends a team to salvage the wreckage for Robert's Veritas Key. (Source: Traveler, Veritas)
  • Lionel takes his son Lex Luthor aboard a helicopter to the town of Smallville where he plans to buy the Ross creame corn factory. When they land, a
meteor shower rains from the sky with Lex who was playing in a nearby crop field, caught when a meteor lands in the same field. When Lionel finds him, he is completely bald losing all of his red flowing hair. He finds a road where Jonathan and Martha Kent along with baby Kal-El pick him up and give him a lift to the hospital. (Source: Pilot, Lineage)
  • Lewis Lang and wife Laura Lang are killed by a falling meteor in front of the eyes of 3 year old daughter Lana Lang.
  • Jonathan asks Lionel to help him get fake adoption papers so that he and Martha can adopt Kal-El who they name Clark. Lionel agrees if Jonathan persuades the Ross' to sell their factory to Lionel for his company LuthorCorp. (Source: Lineage)
Doomsday adapts to earth and forms a camouflage of a young boy who is captured by Lionel Luthor's team searching for the Traveler. (Source: Eternal)
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