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1986 is a significant year in the history of the planet Krypton. It is when the planet Krypton was destroyed after a renegade scientist named Zor-El ignited the planet's unstable core in order to fulfill Rao's prophecy.

1986 is also the birth year of Kal-El and when the unstoppable creature known as Doomsday was created by General Zod and Faora.

Kryptonian Events

  • Lara-El travels to Earth to find out where her son is going to be sent if Jor-El cannot save Krypton. Her niece Kara follows her to see what Earth is like and her father Zor-El follows to bring her back to Kandor and also to propose to Lara that they rule Earth as a family and reveals he tried to kill Jor-El for taking Lara away from him. Zor-El then erases his daughter's memory of that day. (Lara)
  • Baby Kal-El is born on Krypton after many years of trying, Jor-El and his wife Lara-El manage to have a child. (Pilot)
  • Renegade Kryptonians General Zod and his wife Faora use some of their own DNA to create their own "ultimate son" after they were unable to have children. They combine their DNA with that of Krypton's strongest and most violent life forms and create the ultimate destroyer. They plan to send it to Earth to destroy the humans so that they can rule the planet and create their own paradise. They give their son (actually genetic matter) to Brainiac who attached it to baby Kal-El's ship before it was sent to Earth. (Bloodline, Legion)
  • General Zod and his wife Faora are captured by the Science Council and are sentenced to life imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. They are both stripped of their physical bodies and will forever be Phantom wraiths. (Vessel)
  • Zor-El plans to destroy Krypton and travel to earth with his daughter Kara and rule over humanity. He began igniting the planets unstable core but his daughter found out about his association with General Zod and his disciples and she told her aunt Lara to give baby Kal-El a chance off of the planet before Zor-El wiped Kara's mind after she pushed him onto a crystal console meaning he was unable to travel to earth. He instead gave her a blue crystal that will create clones of himself and Lara-El unknowing to Kara and told her that it was to be used after rescuing baby Kal-El. (Lara, Blue, Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton)
  • Brainiac attempts to kill baby Kal-El by travelling back in time so that he won't be sent to earth and foil his plans. Kara who was forced to travel back with him tries to stop him but without her powers can do little. Kal-El from the future arrives and the two manage to get Kal-El's ship off to earth along with Doomsday attached. (Source: Apocalypse, Bloodline)
  • Krypton is destroyed after Zor-El successfully ignited Krypton's core using Brainiac to override a lockdown that was placed on him by the Science Council. (Rosetta, Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton)

Earthly events