The Lanes are a family of military brat daughters named Lois and Lucy raised by General Sam Lane after the death of his wife Ella Lane. [picture needed]

Known Members

  • Samuel "Sam" Lane is the father of Lois and Lucy. He is a General in the US Army.
  • Ella Lane was Sam's wife and Lois and Lucy's mother. She died in 1996.
  • Moira Sullivan is Ella's sister. She was married to Gabe Sullivan and they have a daughter together, Chloe. Moira first left her family when Chloe was five, eventually divorcing Gabe. Moira voluntarily committed herself in order to protect Chloe from her metahuman powers. She is currently in a catatonic state.
  • Lois Lane is the oldest daughter of Sam and Ella and Lucy's sister. She is a renowned reporter working for the Daily Planet and Clark Kent's wife.
  • Lucy Lane is Lois' younger sister.
  • Chloe Sullivan-Queen is the only child of Gabe and Moira and Lois and Lucy's cousin.
  • Jonathan Sullivan-Queen is Chloe's son.

Alternate Realities

Season Ten (Earth-2)

  • Lois Lane-Queen was an alternate version of Lois from another Earth. She was married to Oliver Queen and later she became his widow. She presumably was killed when the Monitors destroyed her world.
  • Chloe Sullivan was an alternate version of Chloe from another Earth. She had an affair with her cousin's fiance. She was killed by a Monitor, after she escaped in another world.

Season Eleven

Chaos (Earth-Majestic)

Early History

Ss4e2 (177)

A young Lois with her mother and father.

General Sam Lane married Ella Lane and had two daughters: Lois and Lucy. Lois was born around 1985 and Lucy a couple of years later. Lois spent her formative years as an army brat, following her career military father around the world. Her mother died from cancer when Lois and Lucy were both very young: Lois was six at the time. Later, Sam sent Lucy to boarding school in Switzerland, while Lois traveled around with him during her youth where she developed a lot of useful skills and abilities that would help her greatly in her life as the best investigative reporter for the Daily Planet.

The family reunited for Thanksgiving at the Kent Farm.

Ella had a sister, Moira who married Gabe Sullivan and had a daughter: Chloe Sullivan.


In the Comics

In the Silver Age, Sam Lane was married to Elinore "Ella" Lane and they had two daughters; Lois and Lucy. Sam had an unnamed brother and from him he had a nephew, Louis Lane.

On Earth-2, Sam Lane was married to Elayne having once again their two daughters. Lois was married to Clark Kent and Lucy was married to George Tompkins with whom she had a daughter, Susan "Suzie" Tompkins.

Pre-Flashpoint, Lois was married to Clark Kent and they had adopted a son, Christopher Kent. Lucy was also married to Ron Troupe and they had a son, Sam Troupe.

There have not been any connections made between Lois Lane's family and the large family of Michael Lane (Azrael).

Gallery of family members


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